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This Is What Happened When My Astrologer Told Me I’m Psychic

I was chosen to pay for bad karma from a curse laid upon my ancestor hundreds of years ago

By Life LessonPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
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“I’m psychic?” I was stunned.

I only knew that I had a vivid nightmare when I was about 7 years old. I dreamed of zombies jumping out one by one from a paper door into a procession. Their stone faces without expressions foretold my merciless emotional hardships.

Besides that, I also had a genuine experience of a weird ‘illusion’. One day during my sleep, suddenly my room turned into being in a desert storm! All the sands were flying around me forcefully till my eyes could hardly open. It jolted me up from my sleep.

It felt so real!

Strangely, my mom also had a similar dream. I was the one closest to her in her golden years till her passing. It was not an easy time because of her hard-to-please character. Despite that, her unexpected and painful passing from Covid-19 caused me the greatest pain in my life.

I love her way much more than I thought!

I used to think that this pain was one of the karmas I need to pay in this lifetime.

I was told by a psychic that I was the chosen one to pay for this bad karma from a curse laid upon my ancestor hundreds or thousands of years ago.

I’m an old soul.

Thousands of years of accumulative negative karma have made me very hard to shake off my negative energy!

My mom and I have the same birthmark. Mine is on my left thigh and hers is on her stomach. I’m her mini-me, especially in terms of character, albeit I am the improved version of her.

If I do not change, I could see that I’ll also walk down the same life path as her — being lonely.

My late father could be a psychic as well. He used to tell each of us about our future when we were just kids. All this came true even though I didn’t believe it initially!

Maybe I inherited this mystical power from him.

Since my resignation from that promising career mainly because of my boyfriend cum boss’s betrayal, I have been having dreams that foretell some of the future events in my life. This includes his betrayal, my mom’s sickness that resulted in her staying in the care center, and her passing later on.

All these are the concerns deep in my heart that caused me great pain until it almost broke my soul.

* * *

After a string of unbelievable misfortunes, I started looking for answers.

I read a lot of self-help articles including astrology. Astrology has predicted the events rather accurately, so it becomes my habit to read them on a weekly basis to get a glimpse of my near future so that I can deal better with the unexpected.

During one of my lowest points in life, I consulted a clairvoyant through email. There was this lady who has been diligently following up on my case and generously given me free general predictions of my life for the past 6 years. She attracted my interest in her accuracy over the years.

Later on, I was into tarot card reading on YouTube, and I found it even more accurate than astrology. I have been using these two as my free healing therapist for my emotional healing.

When she told me I possess this psychic power and asked me to practice certain techniques to bring it out further, I was very doubtful. As I don’t feel I have any special power to foresee anything at all.

However, this changed after my shocking resignation till my mom’s passing.

I had always felt that I’m unable to see the many truths, so I tried to open my Third Eye hoping it can help me deal better in this world.

Time passed as normal without much difference after my Third Eye-opening session, till one day I saw some white flashlight on my forehead when I closed my eyes. It has been happening to me frequently lately especially from 3 am-5 am.

There was a time I saw a purple color flashlight that woke me up. After googling, it said that I was experiencing an awakening.

I had tried sending the healing energy to my mom while she was in the Covid designated hospital when I stumbled upon a YouTube video on this. I listened to the healing music and closed my eyes to focus on healing her, hoping that she could recover miraculously from stage 5 of Covid-19. After half an hour, I felt that my Third Eye was feeling tired. This further reinforced my belief my Third Eye indeed had opened.

I also saw that the ‘heaven’(I believed so) shone bright rays of light down on my mom. I thought heaven was helping me to heal my mom.

Apparently, that was not the case!

I got a phone call from the hospital informing me of my mom’s passing shortly after that. Heaven was opening the door to take my mom instead…

I had dreamed of my mom several times after her passing. My late father was with her, together with my deceased brother-in-law. They drove in a car heading to a destination.

In another dream, she told me it was very painful in her last moments in the hospital(we weren’t allowed to visit her). Now I know why the doctor told me she tried to pull off the oxygen tank tube from her face!

On the night before my mom’s passing, she smiled at me lovingly in my dream.

There was another time she called out my name. It was so vivid! When I was about to open my eyes, my clock on the bedside table dropped on the floor! This couldn’t be just a coincidence… I think my mom didn’t want to frighten me by seeing her spirit.

Now I believe maybe I do possess some psychic power…

* * *

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