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Thank you for appearing in my life

Thanksgiving met, Thanksgiving came

By Shao LinPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

In your life, there will at least one time that you forget yourself for someone

If I ask for no company, no ownership nor love, I just ask for meeting in my most beautiful years

You." I don't know how lucky I am to meet you in the vast sea of people. I didn't know you were here, either

Is it a gift or a robbery? But it's always "Thank you, thank you for coming..."

I still remember the first time I met you that stiff appearance, not a lot of words just sat there listening to me keep saying each

Kind of nonsense. Maybe I don't know what I want to say because I'm nervous. All I know is a mess

Yes, and you just listen quietly, interjecting once in a while. Think of yourself also do not know a slow heat even in not

Familiar people in front of the solemn smile I how that day so many words? Later I know that is the inexplicable familiarity you give

Understanding and tolerance!

There is a saying: "people's life will meet two people, an amazing time, a gentle age


Amazing the time of the man, is the youth memories of the most gorgeous, the most dazzling existence, do not regret to experience with him

Happy and moved, even if the later wind and waves are he gave, but still want to say to him, the rest of my life,

Glad to meet you.

You have given me too much happiness and moved, too much harvest and accident, there are too many sad and bumpy. Can be

After all, you have come to my life, but also bring me a lot of good and small happiness. I don't know what kind of fate let me

We meet, but I don't want to pursue, because I believe that every kind of encounter, are meaningful, every love

People have memories. Either way, it was lucky, because you brought me some special feelings, so

Every time the aftertaste, feel that life is wonderful.

I still remember that summer when you drove hundreds of miles in the rain to see me in the city I was passing through, only

For a short stop at the station... I also remember in the street because I looked at a variety of rock candy gourd, you wear

The more bustling crowd lined up to bring back the last candy gourd for me, not my sweet tooth that night

The tone of eating the sugar gourd, and you looked at me with a full mouth and red face just spoil smile...... I also

I remember when I said something I didn't even care about and you bought it back, in the car I left

When I left without telling you, the frantic phone calls, the video and the anxious figure in the airport, still holding me in your hand

I don't know when I said something that I know you are the amazing time also gentle I have

Through the years of people.

"The road is long and its repair far, I will go up and down and seek" the road of life is steep and bumpy, give up and get in one thought

Between, I have been full of expectations that all the encounter and separation is for reasons or can be a long separation of reunion. But why, when

Faced with the choice again just know that some encounter is a long life on the road of a robbery, a fate is not done

Has been...

Thank you for coming, thank you for giving me so much, and thank you for giving me those amazing times! Very satisfied with

To have you accompany the time, I miss those days with you. I don't know what to do about the future,

I don't know what's gonna happen? But I won't regret knowing you no matter what, no matter what you bring me

Is the gift or disaster I do not regret, at least I have felt your gentle, have your arms, and you

Ten fingers interlock through a section of road. So, no matter how you are I inadvertently think of and miss


Thank you for coming! Whether you're really happy or not? No matter whether the years are kind to you and me, whether it can always be

Have you brought me a small really lucky, or thank you! Thank you for bringing me luck, thank you for paying for me

All the time and love, and thank you for giving me the years of bland and warmth in...

Without too much modification, I am just glad that you are my "that he". Thank you for stopping by. Thank you

You make me feel that I will not be alone, thank you for your long tenderness, warm my life. You give good, I will

All the treasures, all the hard protection.

After perhaps three miles of wind, three miles of road, step by step wind without you. Can also have no regrets you came! The way of life you

Accompany me a ride, I read your life......

Thank you for coming! Wish you well for the rest of your life! Thanksgiving met, Thanksgiving came


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