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By Ditra GravesPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash

Relationships are so important the most important relationship is the first relationship, that we established at the time of creation.

We were a spirit before we became flesh but in that our first relationship was with our Heavenly Father. Many times, we do not have our primary relationships in order but when think our intimate relationships will work themselves out. One of the greatest things that I have learned is our natural relationships are a reflection of our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Are you walking around in fear of what could happen?

I can remember a life-changing trip that I took with a group of close friends. We visited the mountains of Tennessee, a van full of single people desiring to be the best versions of themselves. A van full of potential but so many of us were dealing with past hurt and insecurity. I was one of those in fear of the unknown, wanting to foresee every turn in the road. So, let me ask you, are you walking in fear? Have you become so consumed with what happened that you are blinded to what is in front of you? Wounds are real, hurt happenings but the question is when the wound happens how do you tend to the injury? Do you pick at the wound, or do you render aid?

Life has obstacles, that's the truth but we are building something greater. What are you surrounding yourself with? Or let's phrase it differently, who are you surrounding yourself with? Who is pushing you towards your given destiny or are they slowing you down. I want to challenge you to release your past hurt. I want to challenge you to allow total healing to take place so you can live your life to the full potential that you were always supposed live.

The first step, check in with creditable people! Let's work in the primary relationship first and watch how things began to shape for you. When your primary relationship is aligned, you will not have to force anything, the right people will find you. Ask me how I know.... lol it can happen.

Walk with me in this prepping season so when the right people come in our lives, we will manage the relationship the right way. First things first! When you began this journey be aware of your triggers and ensure that you aren't taking this journey on your own. Also, be aware that everyone is on a different timeline. Never base your pace on those that are around you. Whatever has happened, it happened and I'm here to say your feelings are valid but now its time to let it go. I'm excited for you just as if you where on the trip with us. The singles begin to share their thoughts, feelings and emotions on that trip. Once you open up but the hurt, let's find out what works for you personally, a counselor, writing a leader, having group sessions. You will be suprised at the strength and power you will gain just after taken the first step. Just remember you aren't along. You are not the first to experience it, but you will be able to help the next person by sharing your experience.

The end result from the trip was many left with a better understand of how we can be a better person but also how to be a better single while we wait. We determined that we were working while hurting and regardless of if we believed it or not, we were giving off that aroma to others. It's time to pinpoint what happened and make a commitment to make the needed changes once you do.


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