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By Ditra GravesPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Have you ever met someone that challenges your mind to another level? A person that makes you think... "I haven't been living life?" I can remember growing up with little but desiring much. It was not until 12 years ago that I began to see more. I'm not just speaking of material things. But many times, we cannot grow beyond our surroundings. I recall my parents having their dreams for me, what they thought I should do with my life. Truthfully, it was a fight even when I conceded to do what they thought I should do with my life. I'm sure many can understand the influence our surroundings have on us. I recently learned that we gain 92% of our knowledge between the ages of 1-5. Research tells us that, what have we been taught during our early childhood years that we are now living out. It's okay to have the best and to be the best version of you. Your environment does not limit you to what and who you can become. Your trauma or life experiences are to be used to shape you to be more and to do more. Your experiences aren't just for you as an individual, it's for the next person you will help. I'm almost 40 years old and just beginning to tap into a greater level of me. Can I encourage you, that anything is possible, but you have to put the work in. You are worth it! You desire the best and so does your family. Please know my first step in my journey is knowing and loving yourself first. You will never find your true identity in another human being. Born to be great! Ride with it.

How many times can you count on both hands someone in your family or friends have tried to rush the process that you have been destined for. I can tell you for me personally too many times to count. When you come to a place where you know the direction that you supposed to go the little comments, pushes, and tugs really don't matter like it did before. I want to encourage you to focus on you first. Focus on building your mind, your credit, your bonds with your immediate family, building your vision, etc.

The most interesting thing is more than likely the people that are trying to push you into a place that you aren't ready for will not be in position to pick up and help to put the pieces back together. My confession to you is that I'm happy in the place I am as a single young lady. The second part of the confession is that didn't happen overnight, it came with the retraining of my mind. Society would have us to believe that it's something wrong with a person because you are dating or in an intimate with every single person that you meet. Will I be married one day, absolutely! Do I make sure that I put myself out there so the right man will know that I'm available, yes! If you find yourself in the place that I'm currently in, it will take time. The biggest thing is to make sure you are being kind to people when you meet him or her even if that person isn't your type.

If you find yourself in a place of not knowing what direction you want to go in life or really know what you have to bring in a relationship, take time to know you. Learn, grow and love you. Regardless of what is said or shown on social media a confident individual that is always trying to strengthen their personal walk will always be for the win.


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