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Ray Mirra early Life As A Pharmacist

by Ray Mirra Online 5 months ago in Humanity
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With a humble beginning, Ray Mirra Jr went on to create his own pharmacy chain collaborating with Merck. He also raised $100 from numerous venture capitalists and private investors.

Today, Ray Mirra is one of the most renowned pharmacy business professionals in Philadelphia. After his 1978 employment at the Hahnemann Hospital, the young pharmacy graduate began laying a solid foundation for his future. Working at different pharmacies in Philadelphia served as invaluable platform for Ray Mirra Jr for getting familiar with the real issues and intricacies that had to be addressed in order to build a successful business. After being introduced to the world of pharmacy business by Mr. Charles Carré, Raymond began working as an employee at Mr. Carré’s West Oak Lane drugstore East Oak Lane in May 1979. His 7 years of dedicated service here was recognized by his employer who bought out Raymond Mirra’s ownership and named him partner in the business in 1986.

The confident and industrious attitude of Raymond Mirra earned him more responsibilities and responsibilities at this company, which he later transformed into ‘Mirra Drugs’. Raymond Mirra Jr. is a businessman and entrepreneur, who has successfully established the Urgent Care Centers Network in Chester, PA. Routinely known for years as the “Uncle Ray”, he has started his first pharmacy venture in Philadelphia by opening a National Association of Boards Certified Pharmacy Technician (NABTC-certified) store in 1989. The Ray Mirra Pharmacy, as it is commonly known, was formed by Raymond Mirra with an aim to offer pharmaceutical services at an affordable cost to people suffering from chronic illnesses or acute physical ailments.

It was in the year 1977, when he started his pharmacy career by joining Hahnemann Hospital of Philadelphia as a Pharmacy Technician. Raymond Mirra worked there as a technician till 1979, however his craze towards learning new things encouraged him to take up an amazing job opportunity at a community pharmacy named Save U Rite in Cherry Hill. He resigned from Hahnemann Hospital some days later and joined Save U Rite. Raymond Mirra’s dedication and devotion towards his profession turned out to be quite fruitful for him. For example, he learned to make the perfect cup of coffee at Save U Rite, where he worked as a pharmacist on weekends and during the days he had classes.

Graduation in Pharmacy

Ray Mirra, a graduate in pharmacy from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, founded ‘Raymond’s Pharmacy. Established in 1981, this pharmacy and ice-cream parlor received great response from the patrons and soon became a commercial success. Ray Mirra Jr, who is also known as Raymond Mirra, is the founder and CEO of the Rite Aid, a pharmacy located in Pennsylvania. He founded this pharmacy in 1962 when he was just 21 years old. After growing up at a very early age and becoming financially independent, this man was able to take care of his family by working several part-time jobs such as being a soda jerk at his uncle’s Pharmacy along with working as a food porter and a furniture mover for two years.

Ray Mirra is a Managing Partner of Prowellness Advisory Group, LLC. He teamed up with other pharmacy executives to establish the partnership in Philadelphia in March of 2010. With affordable pricing, the company has managed to create strong relationships with its clients, based on trust and quality service levels. Their incredible commitment towards community and above-and-beyond customer service has made Ray Mirra a reputable figure among his customers and peers.

Back in 1977, Ray Mirra opened his own pharmacy in a neighbourhood of Philadelphia. He named it Mirra’s Pharmacy. This was because Ray wanted the new business to succeed and become profitable, but also to serve the local community as a tribute to his father who had passed away a few years earlier. He has since worked in various pharmacy-related institutions, from hospital pharmacies to retail chains to independent practices. In keeping with his strong passion for education and community, Ray Mirra was one of the founding members of the CPhA Foundation.

Comprehensive Pharmacy Services

The same year, he became a Philadelphia delegate and attended the Phi Rho Sigma conference. In 1980, Ray Mirra partnered with Inez DeStefano to found Pharmacists Comprehensive Pharmacy Services, a company that caters prescription services and pharmaceutical supplies. Again in 1985, Raymond Mirra joined forces with Michael Garagiola and Bob Grodsky to begin HHR Pharmacy Supplies.

Ray Mirra Jr. is known for his commitment to the American pharmaceutical industry as well as his tireless efforts in the local community. As the founder and owner of Burlington County-based Raymond Mirra, Inc. he is a respected business figure in Greater Philadelphia Area. Raymond Mirra was born on November 24, 1955 in Philadelphia. His parents were immigrants from Calabria, Italy who came to the United States in search of a better future. His father got jobs doing various odd jobs to pay for food, clothing and school supplies for his children. Among Raymond's siblings were two sisters and several step-siblings from his father's side.


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