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Raymond Mirra CEO Of RAM Group

by Ray Mirra Online 6 months ago in business
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Raymond Mirra Jr. is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and the President of the RAM Consulting Group.

As a famous industrialist and investor, Raymond Mirra Jr. values his investments – both business-wise and financially – highly. He knows better than not to carefully go through them, do the necessary analysis so that he can evaluate the pros and cons, and only then come of a decision. Most importantly, he never lets his emotions get in the way of rational and calculated decision making. And speaking about rational thinking and calculation of investment for return: Just recently, Mr. Raymond Mirra took over a new pet project, RAM Consulting Group LLC. Raymond Mirra and RAM Consulting Group focus on the acquisition, development, and growth of various firms. From early-stage to middle-aged business enterprises, Mr. Mirra has vast experience in a number of fields. His management know how and expertise in different management areas give him the capability to assess and analyze an industry's potential for appreciation.

Involved in the broad and complex industry of finance, Mr. Raymond Mirra Jr. – RAM Consultants Group member and leader, has considerable experience in investment management, working with Fortune 500 & 2000 companies to create and manage wealth. RAM Consulting Group is a well-reputed, full service advisory firm with offices around the central and western United States. It was established in 1995 by Raymond Mirra Jr., who serves as its president, chairman, and founder to provide relevant consulting services to entrepreneurs as well as corporations.

Raymond Mirra Jr. is a passionate and driven business leader who has been dedicated to developing, growing, and successfully operating companies in multiple industries. His achievements have made it possible for him to bring his customers and companies to the highest levels of success in the markets he serves. A combination of expert management and financial skills have enabled him to streamline operations, improve the performance of businesses in which he's involved, and enhance long-term growth strategies.

RAM Consulting Group.

His primary function is to manage operations, design strategies, and coordinate partnerships, programs, activities and campaigns in all industries that are aligned with his vision.  Turning the working day around for any business is not an easy job and requires a lot of time to come up with effective solutions. Managing multiple companies that are at their best when working in concert is almost impossible if you have no experience of your own. Ray Mirra Jr. is passionate about what he does, and has the ambition to be the best in it. If you want to give yourself a chance and make sure that your company can go ahead then you should try out the services provided by RAM Consulting Group.

The company has contributed massively to the growing success of the entrepreneur, having been dynamically involved in many businesses for over two decades. This has propelled him to become industry leaders in different industries, including healthcare services, fashion, sports, biotechnology, cinema, and real estate. Mr. Raymond Mirra Jr. is an industry ruler with over 25 years of management experience. He has been financing numerous businesses, healthcare services, sports, cinema and fashion industries.

I am Raymond Mirra Jr. a prominent investor and entrepreneur born in the United States. I was born into a wealthy family with a history rooted in the investment business. It was normal that my career path was to become a known business leader and entrepreneur in an industry of my choice. I have more than two decades of wealth creation experience as an investor, economist, and an entrepreneur. My goal as the leader of this organization is to inform you of its diversity and success, while giving you an inside look at how we help companies in their continual upswing without slowing down at all.

Industry Leader

The company was founded in 2005 and has since then become a global leader in providing professional services within the fields of healthcare, automotive, sports entertainment, real estate management, industrial manufacturing, healthcare engineering, biotechnology and many others. Raymond Mirra Jr. is a self-made business tycoon who has mastered the art of wealth creation, turning his dreams into reality. Although he spent most of his childhood in New York, he is a Valley boy at heart who never forgets his Las Vegas roots. While the world knows him as an industry leader and business mogul, very few people know that for the past ten years he has hosted his own financial talk show on LexisNexis Radio.

He also serves as CEO of Lyrical Publishing which produces four magazines including Lyrical Life Magazine. Raymond Mirra has been practicing as a licensed accountant since 1997. Mirra specializes in business restructuring, connecting financial figures to real life applications. Don't be fooled by the name, for Raymond Mirra is no mirage. This man is a forerunner in his field and I am just one of the many multi-industry leaders he has helped.


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