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Quit Thinking About Stuff

by Everyday Junglist 5 months ago in Humanity
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Brought To You By the Creator of Quit Trying to Remember Stuff

We need a lot less of this sort of thing happening. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

No doubt about it that taken as a whole American’s simply think way too much. From our top level executive leadership right down to the average man on the street, people are spending way too much time deep in thought. Instead of acting decisively with little regard for the consequences like a real American would, they are wasting their time contemplating, considering, and analyzing situations to try and determine an optimal course of action that would have the most benefit overall while at the same time minimizing the negative consequences. Sounds like socialism to me, maybe even communism. Certainly a slippery slope to one of those two. I, myself, have made the case that we should quit trying to remember stuff, but I didn’t have the guts to go as far as I should have, and to suggest a reduction or perhaps even elimination of all thought. We need more bold thinking like this on the pages of this very website. Oops, I said thinking when I should have said acting. Obviously very little thought was put into this piece which is exactly as it should be. Poorly thought through but executed boldly and decisively. Now if we could just get this sort of leadership in the oval office we might be on to something. Instead we have a bunch of smarty pants thinking about everything all the time instead of what they should be doing, which is doing stuff. Doing stuff without thinking, like I do. Constantly. Sort of like how I am writing this without thinking about it, not even at all. I just sit at the keyboard and do it. No thinking, just typing, typing, click, clack, click….what was I talking about again? Oh yeah, doing stuff is hard. The worst thing you can do with things that are hard is think about them too much. The worst. Just start doing them. So go do some stuff right now and you will find yourself as popular as that guy or gal who did that thing you like, and most importantly you will feel whole inside at last. You can finally tell your parents who never really loved you like they loved your brother/sister to go to hell then drive off to Malibu in the sunset with your one true love and live in the desert. I guess. See how easy that was. Stuff done, brain non engaged, mission accomplished. lol!


And now yet another <600 word count minimum bonus story brought to you by the good people of There is no guarantee of quality writing like a minimum word count. After all, how could anything of value possibly come in at <600 words.

Future Black Slime in Refrigerator Crisper Purchased at Local Grocery

The future black slime looks very pretty now. Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Future black slime in refrigerator crisper, currently known as green onions, were purchased at a local grocery today by neighborhood resident Ted Stephens. “I’m making Pad Thai for my girlfriend for dinner tonight and need the green onions for a garnish and to give a little color to the dish” he said when asked about his decision to purchase the future pile of oozing black mush at the bottom of his refrigerator vegetable crisper. Despite a very poor track record of using any green vegetable purchased for any meal Mr. Stephens suggested this time would be differing saying “look, I know I don’t exactly have a reputation as the biggest vegetable fan, and I have, on occasion, left a head of broccoli or lettuce in the crisper for over a month, throwing them away only when the smell from the slowly putrifying sludge like black mass became too much to bear. But, this time is going to be different. I swear. Besides, onions aren’t really a vegetable. Right? Are they a fruit then? You know I don’t actually know.”


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Practicing mage of the natural sciences (Ph.D. micro/molecular biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday Junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, No tie shoelace user, Humorist, Argan oil aficionado.

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