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My Inspiration Is Gone

And Creation Is Not That Easy

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 months ago 3 min read


Last week I was on holiday in Alnwick and that directly inspired me to write six stories and they set me up to write other unrelated stories but I received inspiration and that made my words flow. One of those turned out to be an unexpected Vocal Top Story. Now I am back home, it is snowing and I am shattered. I can hardly think, let alone put together an idea and write.

What Happened to Inspiration?

My biggest inspirations come from chatting to people, we chat and then something happens and the words start to flow. Today however I have been so tired and worn down in mind and body that the inspiration is just not there. The devil inside me tells me no one wants me to write, but I know that the truth is different.

It is late at night and I have thought of a few things to mention. Alnwick is full of Antique Shops and Galleries and I picked up vinyl copies of Focus III for the Jethro Tull-like instrumental “House of The King” and a seven-inch single of “Lamplight” by David Essex. That and “Rock On” are two of the most out-there original singles that you will ever hear, shockingly good for someone I saw as just a bubble pop singer.

I will share videos for these three pieces in this post, just because I can.

I was considering writing a poem but my last post was a poem and the Top Story was a poem so I can’t do a poem, but I just need to write about not having inspiration.

But Seriously

I can honestly write about anything but today I have felt just so tired and worn out that I did not think that the words would come. They are doing now, and I hope tomorrow that I will be back to my normal self.

At the moment I feel that I have lots to do, but I don’t know what I need to do, though I know it will come to me.

Writing this is something I have to do, just to satisfy myself that I am still able to write.

A Weird Return

In the taxi coming from Newcastle Station I almost felt that I was in a foreign country. I had become so used to Alnwick and the people I met there (check out my stories on my profile) and wandering through the alleyways in the town centre and the castle and surrounds, that suddenly I felt dropped into a big city (though Newcastle is a very small city, stand at Grey’s Monument and everything you need is in walking distance).

I suppose you could analogise it to the difference between the shallow end and the deep end in a swimming pool.

When I got home I couldn't remember where the cups were kept, so it's probably no surprise I did not feel able to write, but I am glad to have picked it up in this rambling mindwander. I remembered the cup cupboard after bout five seconds but it was still a little disconcerting.

As Usual, I Went Off The Beaten Track So In Conclusion

Although I have written this with little inspiration I have managed to plack a few things out of the ether today and share three amazing pieces of music with you, the David Essex singles are still stunning in my opinion, you have to take a listen to all the music I have shared in this piece.

With that, I will wrap up my ramblings and hope I have given you a little entertainment.

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  • Leslie Writes3 months ago

    Good insights. Some others have said it in their comments below and I agree, you deserve a break every now and then. I hope you are taking it easy.

  • Donna Fox3 months ago

    This was an intriguing, relatable, heartfelt and inspiring piece! I love the music but most importantly I love that are able to humanize yourself for the sake of your readers, especially those of us that look up to you. Or look to you as an inspiration!

  • Cathy holmes3 months ago

    I hear ya, bud. Sometimes you just don't have it in ya. I still haven't written anything for the Tall Tales challenge, expect that one about Abigail. I figured I easily write 3 - 4 about talking animals, but I got nothing! Speaking of vacation, have you ever gone back to work after a long weekend, and couldn't remember your password to turn on the computer? Ugh, empty brain syndrome. I had to ask my co-worker for help.

  • Heather Hubler3 months ago

    Vacation transition is so weird. I've felt like that before, like you know you're home but it feels off. I don't like that feeling at all. But so glad you had a wonderful trip and you found something to write about after all! Loved the music for this one. Please keep writing! I get caught up eventually...hahaha.

  • Gina C.3 months ago

    Hi Mike, I just want to throw out there that I always enjoy reading your work, as do many other people! It's understandable if you need a break - coming back from a big trip can be a let down, and it takes time to recover. Your feelings are always very relatable. I know you've been on vacation, but I've felt an absence of your posts in the groups lately - and I've missed them! ❤️ I hope you feel better soon. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lori Melton3 months ago

    Hi Mike! You are one of the hardest, most productive writers out here. I’ve been feeling this huge pressure that right now, I don’t have time to read other creators’ work like I want. And I’m frustrated I didn’t finish my wall challenge entry. Really hoping to get my tall tails entry done and I find the more I stress over it, the more it blocks me from writing. It’s a vicious cycle in my head. I have so many goals and story ideas and I’ve done nothing to reach them and it makes me sad. March 1 marked 3 years since my dad passed and I’m missing my parents so much. Your kindness to me as I’m trying to get back to writing has sparked my heart and you continually inspire me. You are also awesome in the feedback you give to others. I hope you feel better. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I know it’s easier said than done but you have so much to be proud of my friend!!! ❤️💕🤗

  • Quincy.V3 months ago

    I appreciate the author's candid reflection on their writing process and their ability to find inspiration in unexpected places, as well as their willingness to share their music recommendations with readers.🤟🤟💗

  • Hey, whenever you feel worn out, always take a break. Don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes the inspiration you need might just come from a well deserved break!

  • C. H. Richard3 months ago

    Coming back from a trip whether vacation or something else can be exhausting in itself. I agree with Mariann, get some rest. Some inspiration did happen as you wrote this piece. Your beautiful poetry needs time to rejuvenate and then the words will return ❤️

  • You may not have been inspired but I still enjoyed reading what you managed to cobble out.

  • Loryne Andawey3 months ago

    You are a writer when you write when you want to. It's when you write when you don't want to that you become a professional. You, Mike, are a professional writer and why you continue to be an example for many of us on this platform. Thank you for dragging yourself to the page and reminding me that I have to do the same. 👍

  • Holly Pheni3 months ago

    Awww, Mike this is really relatable. Anyone who says differently is lying. Especially after a let down like ending a fun trip, it's normal to feel a bit low.

  • J. S. Wade3 months ago

    Reflections of a writer is writing. Your transparency is highly respected by this reader. Your trip was extremely stimulating and it’s okay, kind sir, to rest a moment. 🥰

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