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More Ramblings About My Writing On Vocal

And Vague Observations On Others

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 months ago 3 min read


Every so often I feel I am running out of things to write about, although I have ideas for four pieces to write, but my inherent laziness is preventing me from doing this, so instead, I am going to write (once more) about how I manage to continue writing.

I feel that might writing has no identity like my accent, but then people on the North American landmass all seem to love my non-accent, and I suppose my name on the Vocal Story is a draw for some, and toxic rubbish for others to avoid.

I started this on Saturday morning and then I decided to can it because it is just me talking about me, and who would be seriously interested in that?

Writing So Much

I always think that I should write something different, and that means that people really don't know what is going to come next from me, and to be quite honest I never know what is going to come next. This means that people may be put off by the uncertainty of my writing.

My biggest Vocal Communities are Beat (where I am at the time that this is being written, a Top Creator) and Poets although I have posted in every community, and I am not sure if any other Vocal Creator has done that.

The thing is I complain about the number of Haiku poems being published that I cannot take them in because there are so many being submitted and posted, but I now feel that is how people must see my writing, just too much, and that scares people off from reading my work. That is my own paranoia and I do tell people that I don’t expect everyone to read every story that I publish.

Observations On Others

I do see some writers who seem to focus on one or two communities of subjects and if that brings them in reads then that is good. Concentrating properly on a single area can hone your skills and make your work much more readable, and usually, these people get far more reads than I do,

I also know that they plan their work far better than I do (though seriously I don’t plan) so they should have a head start on me)

But Am I That Different?

I am probably unskilled even in my main subject areas. I have only started writing poetry properly since joining Vocal, and given that there is a one hundred word limit for poems, in theory, it should be much quicker to publish a poem rather than a piece of prose. Actually, my main forms of poetry are villanelle and sonnet and they can sometimes take a lot of hard work to put together to my own satisfaction, so three hours is usually the average time.

I seem to be blessed with a large vocabulary so that does help in creating any form of writing including this one.

I try to vary my writing, but rather than being planned and controlled it is more of a scattergun approach. So I have this, then three music pieces, then a poem or two, and really I should produce some new fiction, but only the music pieces have any semblance of planning to them, the poetry and fiction are as much a mystery to me as they are to you.


So that's just some of my incoherent ramblings on how I put together my Vocal stories, or rather why I put together those stories. I hope it has not disturbed you too much.


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  • HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)2 months ago

    You always have Great work❤️👍🎯💯🥰Im here for it Mike💯🙏

  • KJ Aartila2 months ago

    Why would this disturb me? 🤷‍♀️ My only point is that good poetry is often hard, no matter how many words.

  • I am going to touch 9n two points you made here. On Haikus. I enjoy them and I read some - but I'm going to be honest here - I usually skip over them. I do because I want to put my focus on reading people's full length poems, informational articles and short stories. I want to put the time in to reading the works that people actually put a few hours of time into. Yes you do publish quite a bit each day. And because of the fact that I do try to read something by everybody in this group I will be honest I don't read everything you publish but I try to read at least two of your Works a day everyday. I try to be consistent in reading your works daily. Hopefully, I am one of your top fans.

  • Alfiya2 months ago

    I think your ramblings are well done because you seem to still put some type of order to them, whereas, if I rambled, it would be all over the place with no structure. Enjoyed!

  • I like reading about you! You have a knack for writing Villanelles and Sonnets, two things that I'm very afraid to try. Always believe in yourself, you're a brilliant writer!

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