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In My Spare Time I Find Dead Bodies

by Lisa A Lachapelle 8 months ago in Humanity · updated 8 months ago
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Let Me Clarify

Photo by kira schwarz from Pexels

With a title like that yes, let me clarify. I do a lot of things in my "spare time," outside of my home business when there is any time left over which is usually in the wee hours of the morning or in the evening. I do contract work as a Writer, work on my next books, plan my next art exhibit, do some Life Coaching (I am also a Rec Therapist), while I also do Readings. Not as in the kind at a book launch thought there will be those in the future but the the kind on the intuitive level, for the lack of a better work "psychic readings." I can feel the eye rolling already. It's not my preferred word and though my work at this is fairly low-key it won't always be.

Allow me to justify my pursuit, beginning with a brief explanation. People have a variety of perceptions when it comes to this work - that psychics are magical (we are not), imbued with perfection (we are not), that we can read anything about you (we do not, nor do we want to) or that we are all sharks using a sort of calculated logic under the pretence of intuition (most emphatically do not). Etched in people's minds are the sensationalised stories in the media about a psychic who took someone's life savings and was wrong in their readings. Worse yet that it is criminal (it really isn't). Now unless your having sex with or scamming with a said psychic then morals don't really fit the story so set that argument aside. If someone wants to pay a psychic 30,000 over the course of a year for readings then I would expect that the psychic must have been pretty darn accurate for a length of time for that. However, even in a perfect world a reading can be wrong or events of a person's life can change to that extent making it so. I mean, there should be some common sense. Most readings are in the range of 50 - 100 for an hour or in some high end areas 500 is not unheard of. There is never any guarantee of full accuracy for anyone, however most with a price on their readings are fairly accurate. Many on social media don't charge money or ask 1$ for one question. Fair enough. It is the same as any other type of consultation, the fee is for time.

Really, money has nothing to do with it. To do readings, religions aside, is a spiritual calling. If you read something important, why would you keep it to yourself? Not opinions but genuine ability to "receive" an answer for someone. It's not imagination, it is spiritual work. Very real mental, emotional work.

I would like to emphasise I don't charge a fee. I will accept a donation but that is entirely voluntary.

I also don't call myself generally, a "psychic," because the word or name has gained some negative connotations in this decade thought it never did before. I am a Seer, a clairvoyant to be specific. I do free lives or videos on Facebook with the sincerest intentions of helping people. Usually readings consist of: "am I with the right life partner, my soulmate; will we be married, how many children, what will the children be when they grow up, will they get the job they are wanting?" Or at times the queries are of a spiritual nature: what was the person in a past-life, do they have spirit-guides, how do they develop their gift? Occasionally requests for Medium-ship readings which involves spirit contact. Which I rarely do simply because for me, it takes more time and I find it draining. If for example, the deceased person a loved one wants to contact passed away from a head trauma in a car accident, I might very really feel that head pain during the reading. Believe it or not.

I was not one of those, a "psychic-child." I did not have early experiences that introduced me to the topic. In fact I was raised Catholic and this never entered into my upbringing. In my 20's I kept journals. I had precognitive, lucid dreams that would be accurate. I was later told by several that I had psychic ability. No divination methods or tools as in tarot cards, pendulums, ouija boards, none of that. For a few years I practised with tarot for fun, out of curiosity. The gift evolved personally for me as it does with anyone. Later in life I experienced a spiritual awakening which enhanced the skills and this topic is in my books. For the purpose here I will say an "awakening," is not what it is purported to be in many ways. It is not a weekend workshop, it does not occur after having a reading, it is not a mental health prerogative, it is not a crisis. It is a state of spiritual wonder and a process of spiritual learning. Defining new meaning to living. That's it.

Back to the Missing or Deemed Dead

I went on social media for the purpose of promoting my books. I toyed the idea for a few years of having a page devoted to readings for raising awareness and to help others. I didn't know where to start. How to bring spiritual enlightenment to social media while navigating debates, opinions, dick pics, men using it as a dating app, while trying to sell books, was mind boggling. So I put up a "business" page about the spiritual and for doing Readings and it sat there with no posts for about a year. Someone said to me once, are you going to actually predict anything on there or what?

Then one day I checked my email and saw on a home page an article about a teenage girl who had gone missing and the story about how an intruder had murdered her parents and abducted her. I was so struck by the horror of this story I froze and started to pray for her. I prayed hard that she be found because I felt she was alive.

I live in Canada, this crime happened nowhere near me. As soon as I completed my prayer the reading started flowing and it did not stop. The first thing I read was the direction the man drove when he left with her. That he was headed in a diagonal direction away from town to a smaller town. Also, a general description of him, husky, dark haired. I sat down at the computer and looked up the city on the map for the direction I had read to get an idea of the surrounding areas. The more I did this, more came through to me. That the man was living on property owned by his family in the country, that he was youngish, 20's to 30's, that he lived alone. A reservation he drove by. That he wanted her for himself, whatever that meant. So there was my first post: a call out to truckers to look for a vehicle headed in that direction.

The reading flowed for two weeks. I started to compare with other psychics readings online. It seemed like everyone was reading this and had a different answer, they all thought she was dead or in the hands of sex traffickers. I dreamt of the girl's mother telling me that she was alive and would be at home watching tv again. I mentioned this to two other psychics who flat out told me I was wrong but I held on to that truth. For a while I got stuck on what car he had and an answer came through but not to my question, something about a box or boxes, that she was being kept in something box shaped. So I thought the answer was a box shaped car, or similar name, then I gravitated to juke box (?) I also dreamed of a bedroom with debris scattered along the walls of it and it's approximate size. The fact that it was empty meant to me she would be found. I naively sent this reading to the FBI because I was so certain of it's validity. No one got back to me. I later read on their website they require specific names and locations as leads.

Then the reading stopped just like that. A few months later there was a news update. She had been found after escaping her abductor. The description of the room her captor had kept her in was as I had read. He had kept her behind boxes under the bed. She was alive and at home and well, or at least as well as she could be. That story was about: Jayme Closs. That is one example.

I was not trying to specialise in any way about missing persons or crimes. I know absolutely nothing about law enforcement. My rationale is that maybe something I read could help families. Many times people might recognise something about the reading that could be helpful. They might know something that fits, that I don't know.

Another story about a tragic ending to a woman's life where the man was already caught and in jail but police didn't know what he did with the body. For that one I read clues. I could see him in my mind, walking past a row of trees, a little forest area on his right hand side. Then a symbolic word about frogs, the locals call it the "frog ponds," retaining ponds, something like that. Then I saw a hole in the ground that was already giving way. He had buried her there.

On a rare occasion the reading is night-marish. This is because deranged murderers are one foot in the ground themselves with hell ready to meet them. That is part of the reading and there is no way around it. With, for example the story of Gannon Stauch, also pulled on the heart strings for the bright, beautiful little boy that he was. But there are other pieces of the puzzle surrounding what happened to him that I didn't put together fully. Ultimately the culprit was charged and in jail. Thankfully, the after life is real and he has a bright new life on the other side and remembers nothing.

Once I saw a post where a woman was murdered, on her sister's page. Immediately the criminal's name came to me and that is rare. So I told her, explaining carefully that I could be wrong. She later got back to me confirming that a detective had said that person was a person of interest.

Occasionally there will be something in my feed about a missing person and I will read it. For example, a teenage boy was missing for 24 hours and I read that he was down the road at his friend's house and the name of the friend so I put it in the comments. Two hours later the post was taken down and he was found. Another one, an adolescent girl did not come home after school. She had gone to her friends after being bullied. That story also taken down shortly after being found. Those are good stories to a good reading.

Doing readings like these is a thankless task. Unless you are directly involved, no one cares. Even LE because they deal only with facts. I like to keep life light and happy and to also impart spiritual advice that helps others. But yes, in my spare time sometimes I find dead bodies.

You can read more about my Readings here on this page. The Live videos are pretty tame, some even a little boring but there is always a pearl of wisdom for someone. Most of the Missing Persons Readings and there are more than a few, are way down on the page. Hope you like this: page.

Peace and good tidings, always.

By Lisa Lachapelle, Writer, Author. More of her work here and here.

Photo by Vlada Karpovitch From Pexels


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