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I see things


By ThembaPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
I see things
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It was the year 2004.I had just given my 9th class exams.

Two days had passes we decided to go visit the St. Francis church

in old Goa It was so massive and i remember seeing it in pictures.

We took a taxi and went to Anjuna Beach. I don't know from which

route he took us, the route was really scary. With empty houses anddeserted churches(or so it looked like that at night).

I was really scared and commented that this must be a haunted place!!!The driver told me a story about the church which has been going on till ages.

So here goes the story -

There was a widow once and had a newborn baby with her. Her

husband died of some disease and she was all alone. She was poor and was unable to feed herself and the baby. Her baby got ill and caught some serious disease. She tried showing to the doctors but they were charging high and she couldn't get the money. So helpless one night her baby started coughing and crying badly and his health had become more serious!!!

She went out at night to find some help but no one was willing to help her. Then she saw a light coming from the church and decided to ask for help from the priest. She went inside and the priest was reciting some prayers inside. She immediately bowed down and touching the priest's feet she pleaded for help. The priest was helpless but decided to help. He told her to wait outside and took the baby in a room. The room was

small with candles and it had a glass window on the door through which one could peep in and see what was going on inside the room. She waited outside and after 5-10 minutes the crying stopped. She felt a sigh of relief and asked the priest if she could come inside and see the baby. The priest shook his head saying no. She waited and thought that maybe her baby will take more time to fully recover. While she was waiting she could hear some noise. She looked around but no one was there. It was just her, the priest and her baby. The noise didn't stop and continued. She got scared thinking it must be some animal making the noise. So she peeped inside the room and the priest had his back

to the lady. He was just sitting there with the baby. Thinking the baby must be fine by now and by the fear of the animal she decided to go inside and have look. When she faced the priest the sight just scared her to death and horrified her!!!

The priest was munching on the baby and eating it. The noise was coming from the room itself. Without thinking she just ran away from the room and ran screaming for help. Luckily there were people coming to there house after a party or dinner and she ran to them. She shouted "The priest in that church is eating my baby!!!Please help!!!"

They looked at the direction she was pointing and were shell shocked!!! They asked her about his description and when she told them they were horrified too!!!They told her that it's impossible because the priest who was there had died 5 days back and they had closed the church for some reason!!!Anyway they went to that church and they found it locked and still they bolted the door and saw no one was there. The mother fainted on the spot.Later on that church was closed completely and no one was allowed to go there.When the driver showed us that church i felt Goosebumps on my skin and immediately told my parents to return back home. I couldn't sleep that night and even now when i tell this story i get Goosebumps all over!!!

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