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At the age of 18, she decided to become a monk, fighting to the death. The parents couldn't resist her and finally agreed.

By pomfret wisePublished 2 years ago 6 min read

She comes from a famous family, beautiful, and proficient in writing, her parents like the apple of their eyes. The world does not know why the girl so determined to give up the world of mortals.

For reasons only she knows.

On that day, gong and drum clamor, suona sound, on the embroidery tower, she saw a long wedding team. The groom in front of the sedan chair, it's him! Suddenly, she felt the world spinning, tears like broken beads. Tears whirling, she recalled the year of the Yuanxiao. Under the moon, the red plum blossom, the very bright vermilion color, this moment pierced her heart bleeding more than...

Meet him, is not the fate of the past life? That Yuanxiao, she and the maid together to see the light, she took a plum flower, but many people, a squeeze, plum missed the ground. Leave the LIGHT MARKET, go to the lights dim place, he chased up: "YOUNG lady, your plum blossom!" He returned the clubs to her. She thanked him with some shyness and some reserve. I looked up and saw a handsome face. In that eye, is a kind of love, joy, surprise interwoven light. They looked at each other so affectionately as if they had been friends in a previous life. Her heart beat, her face warmed, and then she smiled and shyly left. After coming back, the night is quiet, the full moon in the day, the shadow floating in my heart, she toss and turn. After that, no person, she will smell the plum blossom and smell, dark fragrance ecstasy.

The second year Yuanxiao, she was holding a plum flower, is still to meet last year. She prayed to God to see him again. Sure enough, there was a figure under the willow tree. It was him! Four eyes relative, full of lovesickness comfort. That day he asked her her name and her home and told her his name. Originally, he is the poem name of Duan Sheng. In the boudoir she had copied and recited his poems. She thought Duan Sheng was an old master. She's been looking forward to it ever since she got back. The full moon is missing, missing the circle, the person who proposed to break the threshold, she is not looking forward to him to propose the news. The third year of Yuanxiao, she did not meet him. Now she saw him married to someone else.

"Tears don't learn Jun grace broken, thousands of lines million lines also for you." However, just the encounter of Yizhi Meihua, how to talk about kindness and justice? She was trapped in a cocoon of her own. How many boudoir sorrow, infinite worry, but no one can talk. Daughter's heart is so small, so small that he can only hold a person. Daughter's heart is proud, proud to the acacia can only chew the bitter fruit alone. As she grew older and older, her parents urged her again and again, she set her teeth and insisted on becoming a monk, for the reason that she believed in Zen Buddhism and wished to practice for a lifetime. In fact, she is not to break this trouble root!Since then, outside the city of Baiyun Nunnery, more than a young woman, daily copy sutra, meditation. Words such as plum blossom strength show, people such as plum blossom Xian Xian. Romantic wit, float wave disciples have sought, finally bitterly and returned. Not only because of the modesty of the nun, but also her family specially assigned family members to guard around the nunnery. Every year when the plum blossom will open, she will wear miscanthus shoes, holding a bowl, wandering around, visiting Buddhist monks. Plum fall, just back to nunnery. At this time, there is always a father and brother arranged for her servant in the dark.

Inner-city Duan Sheng, soon in the middle. Good husband and wife, long children. I do not know which year, the section of the house before and after the planting of plum blossom. Later, he bought a piece of land next to Baiyun Temple and planted plum all over. When she goes out, she always takes a detour to avoid Duan Jia plum Garden.

To Duan Sheng, she does not know whether hate or miss. What reason did she have to hate? That month, he just asked her name, her home, did not give any indication. He and she, just two sides of the fate. It is the edge of the two sides, so that she can not get rid of the heart of a lifetime, just as it can not get rid of his poetry. Years of meditation, she couldn't let go of her demons. When plum blossom opens, sweet fragrance floats, make her heart jing shake, she can't zen any more. "With no intention of tying the knot and planting a thousand flowers?" 'she said to herself. This is the reason why she travels everywhere every year when the plum blossom will open.

Gradually she reached an age where she did not need servants to follow her. Moreover, miscanthus broken bowl, comb wind soak up rain, she became a real foot Ni. She visited many temples and saw many Buddhist masters in order to achieve enlightenment. She was getting a sense of herself and getting rid of her troubles. She came back that year when the plum blossoms were in full bloom. It was raining cats and dogs. Instead of taking a detour, she passed through Duan Jia Plum Garden. She felt relieved.

Shelter from the rain, to a small pavilion in the plum garden. At this time, there is a man in the pavilion in green clothes, standing alone, somewhat lonely, somewhat vicissitudes of life. Turn around, two people unexpectedly froze. He is Dan Sheng, there is not a little fat on his face, but a little gaunt. In the rain, they silently looked at each other, decades of time, concentrated in this moment.

"Why did the young lady become a monk?

"Why should the donor ask again?"

Duan Sheng told her that Zeng Yang's father had asked a matchmaker to come to the house, but the couple was not suitable, so he flatly refused. Besides, he really didn't know what she wanted. After hearing that she became a monk, I am not sure whether it is because of him. After she became a monk, he had read many of her Zen poems and was particularly fond of them. This plum garden was planted for her. How many Yuanxiao, he is wandering in this plum garden......

Outside the pavilion, the rain poured down, locking everything, white, nothing to see. In the Pavilion, he looked at her, as if to repay her the love of his life. She was overjoyed, but her eyes were full of tears.

When the rain stopped, he folded a plum flower and gave it to her. She gently sniffed, dark fragrance ecstasic, so, account for a must: "every day to find spring do not see spring, sandals go all over Longtou cloud. Return to smile plum smell, spring in the branches has been very." "Good poem! This is the best plum blossom poem I have ever heard. Write it down as soon as you and I get back." He was heartily impressed.

"Ode to the Plum Blossom" soon spread. The world says this is her enlightenment poem. She searched for enlightenment. So she got the name "plum plum". Since Yuan, this poem spread through the ages, thousands of people read.

After Duan Sheng died, he was buried in Plum Garden. Before long, the plum nun melted. When sitting, her mouth title plum, lip Angle has a slight smile.


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