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You look very beautiful with your umbrella

The third fall in love

By pomfret wisePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

He almost broke down. Looking at the cars speeding by on the road, he thought that if he took a sudden step forward, it would all be over!

That rainy evening, he stood alone on a street corner, looking at the traffic, his mind blank. My hair was wet, my clothes were wet, my heart was broken, and it rained all over the world. A world without love is not heaven on earth, but hell on earth.

"Hey, haven't you got your umbrella?" A faint voice came from behind. He looked back and saw her. She is holding an umbrella, slim, a pair of watery eyes.

"Never mind, just once in the rain!" He pretended to be quiet.

He had worked with her for three years, and she had come and gone as quietly as the wind. Had it not been for the encounter on the street corner, he might have been as oblivious to her as before.

Walk a way together, break up when the rain has stopped. She was still holding her umbrella. Her hair is very black and long, her shoulders are cut, and her waist is small. Her legs were long, like cones, and she wore small, delicate shoes. Watching her back with her umbrella, he felt the world suddenly brighten up.He began to pay attention to her. She was always quiet. Walk lightly in the office, see also only shallow smile. She works very hard and always finishes her task with flying colours. Occasionally a wrong shoulder, he will find her cheeks rose two red, shy girls are always the most beautiful!

He was also attracted to the way she held an umbrella. She seems to love holding an umbrella. On rainy days, she plays a small umbrella, sometimes a small orange or red umbrella. When the sun was shining, she took a small white umbrella, sometimes a silver gray umbrella or sky blue umbrella.

He loved to see her with an umbrella and wished he had never noticed her before. They're in the same office building, on the same floor, in the same open studio. There were thirty-six employees, but why had he never noticed her before?

For the past three years, he has been busy chasing love. He gave it his all, and in the end he lost. And all the time she was around him, quiet as a cloud, or a gentle fawn. In fact, she is quite lovely, clear eyes, white skin, occasionally giggles. Her footsteps light like a spring breeze, in your unknowingly rowed past.

There is no scenery near, because people always pay attention to the distance.

One drizzly evening, he summoned up the courage to ask her for tea, and she agreed. Out of the teahouse, she walked beside him like a human, holding a small umbrella of flowers. He said: "You look very beautiful with an umbrella!" She smiled quietly, and two more flushes rose to her cheeks. For a moment he read a gleam of tears in her eyes.

They fell in love. The rest of the journey went smoothly, and six months later they were married.

When the congratulatory guests were gone and the world was left alone, he looked at his bride happily. "Remember? We met on that rainy evening. It was my third failed relationship and I was in a terrible mood. We walked a part of the way together, watching you holding a small umbrella to leave the back, I suddenly feel that the world is still bright and beautiful!"

She nodded. He added: "After that, I began to notice you. I found that you love to open an umbrella, when it rains, when the sun... Why is that?"

She looked at him for a moment with her deep eyes and then said, "Come with me!"

She led him to a wardrobe, which was her dowry. Open the wardrobe, he was surprised, a whole wardrobe is umbrella, flower umbrella, small red umbrella, orange umbrella, sky blue umbrella...... On the outside is a beautiful little flowered umbrella.

"Why do you like umbrellas so much?" He looked at her puzzled, hoping she would give him a reason to convince him.

She said, "Remember? You once said that you look very beautiful with an umbrella!"

"I did." He said, "That drizzling evening, we came out of the teahouse, you holding a small umbrella of flowers."

She shook her head. "No."

"No?" He looked at her quizzically.

"Three years ago, I just graduated from university and came to this company. The unit organized an outing. I accidentally took an umbrella from my colleague and held it. You tell me -- 'You look beautiful with an umbrella! '"

Then it occurred to him that it seemed so.


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