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I have a dream

ever felt inflamed?

By ChantelPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
I have a dream
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Suddenly I feel inflamed and lit with a match that I can't explain.

Suddenly I feel freed in a way I haven't predicted I could feel...

I am enriched with the opportunities I could be in.

For once I am saying- let's forget the corporations and their world.

Here are my ideas

-what if I can stay in my remote job alongside my exploration for another more exciting and fulfilling role?

I have found an organization that I would work in for free- and if I can obtain that job alongside with my remote role, I would be EXTREMELY delighted!

Over this past weekend I had learned from a woman at graduation that her daughter was able to accept two full-time roles as an Executive Assistant.

With both roles paying 100,000.

She is left with a 200,000k salary. Literal INSANITY!

What if that could be me? What if I could keep my 40,000k a year remote job and obtain my new 50,000k job as well? That would be a dream. I would be making 90,000k a year.

1 year out of college. 90k and I studied Communications PR.


After taxes that is 71k a year. That could do me so much good in saving for my retirement, not even including the odd jobs I could do along the way!

5,916 a MONTH! that is INSANITY.

And if I still do 3 odd jobs a month?

6k a month. CAN YOU IMAGINE?

I would love to save for retirement doing a job I absolutely love!

The opportunities do not end there

-I want to work abroad at some point.

Either when I am 23 or 24 in year 2023/2024.

I want a fulfilling life. I desire it, I want to manifest it, and it will one day be mine!

Maybe I will decide to go back for schooling as a family marriage therapist.

Maybe I will be a dance teacher at some point. For Zumba or bachata!

Maybe I will be a tour guide in some foreign country.

The point is- I don't want an average life.

I genuinely want and desire to manifest a life of endless adventures

Maybe one day I will start a youtube channel. Or a podcast. Detailing my adventures.

Maybe one day I will become a motivational coach! The listings are ENDLESS!

I would love to own homes an airbnb them as a business. Or maybe just house hack.

Maybe I will join the peace corp or JVC when it is open for internationals...

I just want to have an endless supplies of stories. It is what I am about and it is where I feel most fulfilled.

As much as I care for money, I desire a life of fulfillment more.

I will want a family eventually, most likely in my 30s. And I hope I can raise an adventurous bunch and have a loving husband.

I don't ever fully know what the future holds for you, partially because you are so wild and unpredictable but I am excited to feel all of it.

Side note- my dating life- a mess.

The one thing I was upset about with my quarantine boo was when they didn't call or text me first. The one thing I wanted from them was to have spontaneous phone calls. To tell me how they were feeling. To be honest with their feelings and expressive.

The universe gave me everything I asked for with the new guys that I have been going on dates with. Yet I still don't appreciate it.

Instead my mind goes "why are they calling me...ignore"

Is that not messed up? On my end?

I'm not focused on dating when they are interested. When they don't make an effort, those are the ones I have typically wanted. Is there something wrong with me?

Do I subconsciously or purposefully always chose unavailable men because I wouldn't know what to do if I actually could safely be in a relationship with them?

That has to be it.

Chasing after unavailable men and dropping the ones who are interested in me is my own self-defense.


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