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Hostel Life.

by A B Muhammad 5 months ago in Teenage years


Hostel Life.
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This is the story about two boys staying in the hostel. Now-a-days, people think that students live a freely life in the hostel but this is not always true. Sometimes students wants to live in the hostel to study and built their career which is the main thing in my story

Arshad and Aslam were the studying in the college and sharing the same room in the hostel. Arshad was from Multan whereas Aslam was from Layyah. Both the boys belonged to lower-middle class family whereas mostly boys in their hostel belonged to Upper-middle class and rich families.

One day, the hostel boys decided to go to their homes in winter vacations but both Arshad and Aslam didn’t want to go back to their homes. All the hostel boys were surprised and asked the reason.

Arshad replied “I am from a middle class family. After the expiration of my father in a road accident, my uncle has sent me in the hostel to study and make my career otherwise my uncles and other relatives will try to discontinue my studies and make me earn by myself.One of my uncles wants to make me educated and well settled in my career.
I have to study hard for my future.As there is no facility for study in my hometown and no one is studying in higher secondary classes so I can't study well in my house.So I have to stay in hostel to study well and cannot go home".

After that, Aslam told “I am an orphan child. After the death of my parents and brother, my maternal uncle and aunt are my guardians but they treated me like a burden. As an adult, I am the only legal heir of my parents money and property, so they cannot take anything from me forcefully. That’s why I have no parental house in reality and I don't want to go to my maternal uncle's house.They are very selfish and want to get rid of me.So I have to stay in hostel".

All the boys felt sorry to hear the circumstances which were raised in their life and very necessary for hostel stay for Arshad and Aslam. They decided that they would help them in all circumstances and never let them feel alone in their lives. They also asked them for any financial problems. But both of them refused to get any financial aid from their hostel fellows.

Arshad and Aslam both studied hard and got higher grades in their studies.Both of them are now higher grade officers in public sectors.Now they are married and have children. They have happy families and living very happily.

It said that the students who live far from their homes in hostels often don't pay attention to their studies and waste their time in other activities.They also involve in criminal activities.Some of them become addict to different drugs.Some become smokers,some drink alcohols. They have no concern with their studies and career.They ruin their lives and their future by indulging in wrong activities.

But all the students who live in hostel are not same. Some of them have genuine reason for staying in hostels. Some don't have competitive educational institutions in their areas so they stay at hostels far from their homes to study and to make their future more secure.
Some students don't have an opportunity to study in their homes as no feasible place to study due to joint family issues. So they stay at hostels as there are libraries in hostels where one can study with due ease.

Hostel life is full of stories to tell. Students from different regions of the country reside there and they become good friends. They share their rooms,dresses,and other things in use.
They play different games,study together and help each other in different circumstances.

Teenage years

A B Muhammad

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A B Muhammad
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