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Happy 50th Birthday

by Mariann Carroll 6 months ago in Humanity
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celebrating my 50th stories on Vocal

Happy 50th Birthday
Photo by NIPYATA! on Unsplash

Today is my 50th Birthday!!!!

I am also celebrating my 50th Vocal story.

How cool is that??

I have been on this earth for a half a century.

I have not celebrated my birthday in 30 years.

I had my only child when I was thirty years old.

I got my divorce when I was 38 years old.

I figure if I stop, then I will feel young about my age

and I will stop keeping track. My friends and family

won't let me but that's ok. It means, I am important

enough to be remembered. This year, I plan to spend it

with my daughter. I am sure I will get private messages

on my facebook's messenger from most people I know.

I don't make a big fuss on my birthday.

I am just happy; I am spending it with my daughter.

What was my happier days?

Every day is a happy day. I may have cried but

I always have something to be grateful for.

I plan on cooking my daughter's favorites. Eggroll shanghai , it

is a must. My daughter and I make it together. My daughter can now make

it on her own. Its fun celebrating it together. Its our family tradition.

My daughter and I had fun taking photos together today.

Yes, I get that a lot. You look so young . It does not help, I have a kid ‘s

voice. People are surprise when I am out in about with my daughter. They

think my daughter is just my friend. I was a late bloomer. When I was 20

years old, I looked 12 years old. That’s why I don’t show my present photos

,until now.

My 50th birthday celebration with my daughter

I am used to getting stares or people coming up to me. I do have 50 year

old health issues , believe me. I think it’s my Asian genes but maybe ,

multi- vitamins, I take everyday. I did use Oley on my face since I was in

my late twenties. My mom looked young for her age , when she was alive.

My father looks 50 and he is in his late 70’s.

I never thought of myself as beautiful. I try to blend in but people stop

and stare. I wear a cap / hat when I am out and about.

My ex husband was not happy about it. He was always angry when we

got home from all the attention. I started staying home . People always

want to know what’s my nationality. I would say, American. They did not

like that answer. I just say, I am a mutt.

I could never understand, why people are curious about me.

I try not to get closed up pictures. I said to myself what the heck ,

I am 50 years old . It’s worst when I don’t have my make up on.

The make up helps make me look a little older.

My photo taken on my 50th birthday by my daughter

I wear glasses in public . It’s my smoke screen. I am not sure if the glasses

help? I have fun hanging around family because they accept me for me.

I do have some gray hair they are just a few.

What do I like to do? I like to do volunteer work in my community. I love

having fun with kids. I love talking to God. I love to read. I am very curious

about everything. No matter how shy, I am in public, I do make friends

easily. I am approachable. I like helping others out. I am not saint , I do

have a mischievous side of me. I love to dance and sing. I don’t have talent

in that but I have fun dancing. I love American and Foreign movies.

My favorite Chocolate is Reese pieces but my daughter buys me my other

favorite Chocolate on my birthdays.

My favorite birthday gift 🎁

I love chips. When I get depressed, I eat chips. I can eat spaghetti everyday.

My favorite fruit is watermelon 🌹💕🥳. I can marry a watermelon.

Today, I cook spaghetti. My daughter loves it too. My daughter’s favorite is

Mac Cheese. I love playing tennis and badminton .

I love dogs, cats, rabbits , fish and birds. That’s because I grow up with

pets in the household. I love going to the zoo and farms. I love horseback

riding with friends and family. I love people, they interest me the most.

I guess that’s why , I read so much. I still trying to fulfill my life dreams.

Thank God, I made it to my 50th birthday with a few hitches ,lol.

I hope the next century will be better and easy-peasy.

Thanks to all my Vocal friends who greeted me on my birthday. Hugs 🤗 and kisses 💋.

Thank you,VOCAL for fulfilling my dream of getting my stories published.

Your Challenges inspired me to write and I met a lot of stories , I would not

normally read and stories I love to read about. ❤️🌹


About the author

Mariann Carroll

Proactive for positive change.Born in the City of Chicago ,Illinois.

Multi race .Studied in a foreign country .Fluent in several languages .

fascinated by diversity.A Romantic and a dreamer.Interest in healthy living

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  • Cathy holmes5 months ago

    very nice. Happy belated birthday.

  • Such a beautiful poem by a beautiful person who has a beautiful soul 💖

  • C.Z.5 months ago

    Happy Birthday!

  • Babs Iverson6 months ago


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