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My Grandpa Dad

by Mariann Carroll 6 months ago in Family · updated 6 months ago
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My mom’s Dad

My Grandpa Dad
Photo by Eric Muhr on Unsplash

My grandparents played a parental role in my life, due to my mom

having pregnancy complication with my youngest brother. My mom

had to be bed ridden, when she fell down carrying the laundry down the


My grandparents was in their 50’s. My grandparents flew my middle

brother and I to their country . Let’s get to the reason I am telling this


I choice my grandfather Marcus as my paternal influencer.

I was force to learn his mother tongue. He would not talk to

me in English. Maybe he did not know how to speak English in

the firstplace? My grandfather was a high school graduate.

He was from a poor family and he used to tell me, he would go

walk to school barefooted.

My grandfather ended owning apartment complex built from his

own hands. Once I was able to understand and speak his language.

I enjoy the fascinating story of his life. You see my grandfather was

born in 1906. He experienced 2 world wars in his life time.

There were a time the Japanese occupied his country. He was almost

killed in a mass shooting. I think my grandparents survive those wars

because my grandmother prayered a lot.

What makes my grandfather my most respected person in my life.

He do anything for his family. He definitely a good hard working

provider. He worked till he died at 89 years old.

He was such a strong man and he was not not tall at all.

He was not scared of anything or anyone. He walk with his head held

high. People respect him where ever he goes. When he talk people

listen. He was very honest in his dealing. He does not over price the

rental apartments. He base the rent on what the tenants can afford


One time, I came home from school with a black eye. He was very

angry about that he went to my school and made a big fuss about it.

That’s the first time , I saw my grandfather cried. He really cared about

me. He did not like to see me get hurt. Don’t get me wrong, my grandfather

was very strict but in a good way. He spoiled my brother. My brother

used fallow my grandpa wherever he went. He was my grandpa’s little


What I liked most about my grandfather, how he treats my grandmother.

He made sure she was well taken cared of. He did not like to see her upset

in anyway. He used to sing to make my grandmother to smile

again. My Grandfather singing sound more like someone reciting a poem. I

think my Grandfather was tone deaf?

Every Sunday we all go to church and he would treat us to eat afterwards.

There would be vendors selling things outside the church and if my brother

wanted anything , he would asked my grandmother to buy it for him.

He let my grandmother manage the money. It’s amazing how they both

work together as a team. You can see their deep love and respect my

grandparents had for each other.

My grandfather had pigs . He would wake up in the middle of the night

and make sure the mother pig don’t lay down on her piglets. He would

asked and pick up neighbors leftover food to feed to the pigs . He would

add and cook molasses with the leftover food. That’s why his pigs are so

healthy. I don’t know how he live on 5 hours of sleep at night.

We always had to eat breakfast and dinner together as a family.

It is one of the same rule , I implemented with my own family.

It’s like family bonding time. We share our day with each other.

My grandfather was a hardworking and loving father figure in my

Life. I truly miss him. I spend more time with my grandfather

than I did with my father. My grandpa never miss my graduations.

He was always there. I was lucky to have a grandfather like mine.

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Mariann Carroll

Proactive for positive change.Born in the City of Chicago ,Illinois.

Multi race .Studied in a foreign country .Fluent in several languages .

fascinated by diversity.A Romantic and a dreamer.Interest in healthy living

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