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Gratitudes, Wishes and Blessings

We all can use them sometimes

By Michelle DevonPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Gratitudes, Wishes and Blessings
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I can handle, though it is killing me inside, that other people in my life do not always understand, or friends who turn away from me in anger because I cannot be who they became used to me being.

I can even handle the pain, though I must admit, it is excruciatingly painful right now, and I do mean, excruciatingly painful.

What I cannot handle, what is getting to me the most, what is making me cry all the time and get pissy at the same time is not being able to be me right now.

I can't do the simple little things for myself.

I cannot clean my house, vacuum the living room floor, wash the dishes, cook for my family, or even stand long enough to take a hot shower, and I love long, hot showers. I can't even stand by myself right now.

So, there's Michy's pity party.

I'm asking the only thing I know how to do anymore, turning to you, my friends, and I'm asking for your positive energy, healing energy, and prayers - whatever it is you believe in, I ask for that for healing.

Michy finally got scared enough, you know? Yes, I'm finally scared. In return, I want to take a moment to say a few things this morning...

To the man who is struggling with a decision that might change the lives of those he truly does love and doesn't want to hurt, I pray and hope for wisdom and compassion for you, so that you can make your decisions and move forward in the most loving way possible.

To the man who feels he is very misunderstood by his friends, and is confused and sad because he is often taken the wrong way when his intentions truly were the very best, I wish and pray for you to be seen by others you love in the manner in which you intended your caring.

To the woman who feels disconnected from her daughter, and is struggling with doing and saying the right thing and being a part of her grandchildren's lives in a positive and uplifting manner in a time of much confusion and turmoil, I pray and wish for guidance, strength and courage for you.

To the woman whose husband is gone more than he is home, fighting a war that is not of his making, doing is duty to his country for those like me who could never do what he does, I wish and pray for you for strength, courage, and perseverance. Know this, when you want it bad enough, love truly does conquer all.

To her husband, I send my undying love and gratitude and my eternal thanks for doing that which I cannot do, for people who will never truly understand what you do.

To the woman whose baby is struggling to come back from that place his mind took him when someone who had no right took who he was from him, I pray that each day brings him back to you more and more. I have cried tears over your story and prayers for you and yours.

To a friend who is feeling very unloved and lonely, I offer you understanding and companionship, and pray for you to love yourself as much as those who see your light love you, and hope you will find that which you seek once you learn that love.

To anyone who is holding on to a wrong done to them, forgive and let go of the resentment inside of you. To anyone who is holding on to a wrong they have done, sincerely apologize and forgive yourself and then let go.

Love, light and energy... positive thoughts and prayers going up and out this morning to anyone who has ever:

Felt alone...

Cried alone...

Felt pain...

Been hurt...

Been betrayed...

Felt unworthy...

Felt unloved...

Felt unlovable...

Felt misunderstood...

And love and light and everything bright going out to anyone who:





And believes...

And in particular today, to anyone who has ever been scared, or is scared now.

I am so grateful for my life. I wake every day happy to have one more day to laugh, love, share, care... be. I also wake every day knowing how very fragile and precious life is, and how easily it can be taken from us, which only makes me all that more grateful for the life I do have.

So... today, with grateful tears that I have this place to even say these words and ask for help, I leave it in your hands my friends... and I, the one who has a hard time asking for help, is now asking you for your help... your thoughts... your energy... and your prayers for healing. If, in turn, you need your own prayers or positive energy, please let me return the favor.

"There is more than enough to spare, more than enough to share."


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Michelle Devon

An award-winning author and professional dreamer....Michelle Devon lives on the southern Gulf Coast of Texas with five amazing parrots, and a very tolerant cat.

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