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Gone heart

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By Chimaoge OsuohaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Gone heart
Photo by Nick Herasimenka on Unsplash

They say Love is a complex and powerful emotion that has been a source of inspiration, joy, and pain for humanity throughout history. It's a feeling that transcends boundaries, cultures, and time, making it a universal human experience.

That love is a deep and profound connection between individuals. It comes in many forms, from the love between family members, the affection between friends, to the romantic love shared between partners. Each type of love carries its unique characteristics and significance.

Everyone wishes to experience that beautiful love of Romeo and juillet but not the dying part.

But what about A broken heart? No one explains anything about getting a broken heart when you are expecting to be loved.

A broken heart is more than just a metaphor; it's a profound emotional experience that can leave a person feeling shattered and lost. It's the ache in your chest when love turns to pain, the tears that seem never-ending, and the emptiness that fills your soul.

It started like a joke. Fail in love with a charming and gentle guy or so I thought. Three months in pregnancy, I became his worst enemy.

It all started like a film trick till I knew it was real. Sometimes I asked what and where I got it all wrong. So many memories that I wish I could just wash them all away.

Broken heart! It's the memories that haunt your every thought, the "what ifs" that torment your mind, and the longing for a love that once was. It's the feeling of betrayal, of promises broken, and of dreams left unfulfilled.

I was madly in love and I forgot all about myself. Every breath I took was a problem to him. I became a shadow of myself, lost my friends and stayed away from my family because that was all he wanted. I never knew how far I had lost myself in seven years until I was called a witch.. (laughing).. That night, I felt so dirty and using water, soap and sponge was not doing any justices to my body. I laughed like I have never done in a long time for no reason at all. I felt like lost. My heart was messed up that minute. I could fell it all going away. I began asking myself why? Why have a stayed all these years? Why did I let him abuse me emotionally and verbally? Why did I let him control me? Why do I even love him more than myself?

A broken heart can make you question everything you thought you knew about love and vulnerability. It can leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed, as if you've been stripped of your emotional armor. Yet, it's also a testament to your capacity to love deeply, to invest your heart and soul in another person.

But, over time, they say a broken heart can heal. The pieces may never fit back together exactly as they once did, but they can form a mosaic of resilience and strength. It's in the process of healing that we often our own inner fortitude, our ability to survive the most devastating of emotional .

I wish I knew all of about getting hurt instead of love. I wish I prepared myself for the end that came or even let people in so I could be helped. I wish I had walked away sooner , may I would have been healed right now.

At home with a bottle of wine and junks in the early morning of 3am , laughing and watching a movie.



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