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chased by a maniac

the night that changed everything

By Maria Ostasevici Published 3 years ago 7 min read

This should have been the most beautiful summer of my life. We just finished high school, and at the beginning of June, together with my best friend, we moved to the big city to work all summer. I wouldn't say we needed money, but more of a work experience, that's how we wanted to prepare for adult life.

An acquaintance found us a job in a market in Buiucani (in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova ). I worked from 8-23, I tried to stay close every night and when I was free, I changed colleagues from other departments.

I don't know if I would endure such a tiring regime now, but then it seemed to me that I could do anything.

We lived in a small old dorm room. It had no bathroom or kitchen of its own. Instead, it had a balcony, I read there, and my friend usually smoked while discussing a freshly read book.

The conditions were really far from perfect, but it was pretty nice because it was always tidy. Plus, it was very close to work, just 10-15 minutes to the market, and for us that was a priority.

July 10th is my birthday. Even so, I worked until 11 pm, and when I got home the girls were waiting for me, preparing a nice surprise with a lot of flowers and champagne. We were all tired, but after a while of wine, we decided to go to town to smoke a hookah. My exhausted body from work was probably turned upside down when I drank and smoked (as if it wasn't enough that I worked 15 hours a day). In the morning I woke up at 7:45. I was panicking, because our administrator loved very much punctuality, just like me. As I was speeding to work, a boy approached me. He looked pretty serious, dressed in a shirt (unlike me who didn't even wash the face well). He asked me the direction to a bench next to my workplace, and out of fatigue and haste I said I would show him immediately, anyway it's in the direction I need it. 7:57, I was already near the market, I directed him to the bank that was right in the front and I said goodbye.

He insisted on thanking me with a coffee, but it's clear I didn't have time for that. Then he asked for my number, and in a hurry and dizziness the night before, I offered it to him, hoping he wouldn't use it. At noon I received a message from him. It was saying "I hope I have a chance to have coffee together tonight." I didn't answer, I talked to my friend first and she advised me to get out of the house. In fact, I was free, I always worked and only the two of us went out sometimes. Why not? I make friends after all, I thought. I replied after a few hours that I gladly accept. We had to see each other right in front of my workplace, so I decided to come see my friends and to show them how nice I am.

He was about 10 minutes late. I hate when people are late. I wanted to be upset , but he had a good reason.

He saw a girl on the road being chased by a boy and called the police. He even showed me a video of that man being taken by a police officer. From his words, they told the girl to go home, and then they gave this maniac freedom too because they were friends and he just wanted to talk.

OK. It sounds stupid now that I think about it, but let's not forget that I was very tired physically and mentally, and to think about mysterious things I didn't have much mood or energy.

Finally, he apologized and then we met up with his friends to eat.

We stayed with them for an hour, and then I wanted to go home. He talk about his business. Not that I wasn't too interested in what he was doing, but he was saying something about trade in other countries. Boastful. I hate people like that. I told him to drop me off at the market. I wasn't going to go out with him anymore and I decided it would be good if he didn't know my address. It was around 1 o'clock I think.

The roads were deserted and no one could be seen around. I headed home and decided to check my cell phone. I was walking on a path between blocks, and my phone had only 3% battery. Sad, I say, I can't even see what's new on Instagram.

I raised my head and saw him. I get stuck every time I think of him. It was the same guy in the video, chasing after that girl. Tall, in a black T-shirt, with long dark hair. He was walking very slowly and as if on one side, he gave the impression of a drug addict who would have a crisis. The eyes. That's what made me remember him so well. Hunted under the eyes, with large dark pupils as dark as night.

When I watched that particular video, his eyes scared me, his gaze cold.

I called that boy right away, and in the meantime I was trying to look confident. He did not answer the phone. But let's be serious, not even 5 minutes have passed since he left me. Why didn't he answer? I passed this frightening figure with the phone to my ear, although the operator was already telling me for the second time "this number is unavailable". I hung up, and when I turned my head I saw him turn toward me. I tried to go faster. I don't know how it was possible, but he also started to have speed.

Instinctively my legs picked up crazy speed, and unfortunately I wasn't paranoid, because this maniac was running after me. What he didn't know, of course, was that that year I finished 6th in the Republic at the physical education Olympics, so running was one of my best qualities even if I was in heels. I took through the blocks on the shortcut and bumped into some neighbors. They went to the club, but they were very kind and took me home. On the way I told them what happened and what the guy looked like, so they could be careful.

When I got to the apartment, I told my friend, who started crying with me and hugged me tightly. My phone rang, it was the boy I went out with. I felt a little stressed, but I told him everything too. I asked him to send me on Instagram that video in which he was filming the guy. He agreed, I was going to go to the police the next day.

I didn't sleep much, and so exhausted I went to work. I waited until noon but he didn't send me any videos. I wrote to him again that I needed a video to show the police what he looked like.

He told me to leave this, that he was doing better and I didn't need to have that video. Strange, is not it? A few days of discussions followed, I insisted that I needed proof, and he refused or simply ignored the messages.

I didn't understand right away, but they knew each other. My mother then explained to me that there are people who steal girls like this.

When he spoke of trade, he was not talking about clothes, but about girls. I don't know exactly where and how he sold them, but I'm very glad I didn't find out.

By the way, why did he refuse to be able to show the police what that maniac looked like? Why didn't he go to the police? When I realized that it was useless to pray to him, I blocked him. In fact, he didn't even call or write, as if he felt guilty about something (the fact that he failed to sell me too). Why didn't I report them both to the police? Fear probably. I wanted to forget everything and that nightmare would disappear from my life as soon as possible.

I never went from work alone again. I always asked someone to walk with me right to the door, because I was too scared.

I didn't think it could be serious, but I was traumatized.

While I was in college, I tried to walk alone to the student dorm. I went to the store with the girls, and they decided to go to MC quickly. I was waiting for them in front of the store and I decided that I could go a little alone. We had 5 minutes to walk through the blocks to the dormitory. When I was halfway through, I got stuck. I was out of breath, it looked like there was someone behind me following me, I burst into tears and started running. I ran to the room, got into bed quickly, and stayed there until the girls came.

That's when I realized it would never be the same again. Trauma. This is what has happened to me and what is following me so far.

Every time I go out at night I run out of air. It doesn't matter if I'm alone or with my husband, if there are a lot of people on the road or it's deserted. Every time I'm out at night I relive that night again and it will probably stay that way forever.

This story is fully true, based on my experience and i would like if all the girls who read this will take care of them better than me.


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Maria Ostasevici

Communication and public relations student, Moldova

Instagram profile: maria.ostasevici;

mother of two awesome Dobermans.


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