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Brevard County Resident Claims He Was Mistreated At Local High School in 2018!

An Autistic Adult Comes Forward About Eau Gallie High School Staff Mistreatment.

By ZoonibroPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Eau Gallie High School Brevard County, FL

Anthony Stewart a 25-year-old Brevard County former student, Comes forward about mistreatment from his local high school and school board. Here is his full story from 2018.

In the quiet halls of Eau Gallie High School, Anthony, a 18-year-old with autism, found himself facing a silent battle that no student should endure – bullying from the very people meant to protect and nurture him: the school staff. In a courageous move, Anthony has decided to break the silence surrounding the mistreatment he experienced, shedding light on an alarming issue that demands immediate attention.

Autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder, often makes individuals more susceptible to bullying due to differences in communication and social interaction. While many schools strive to create inclusive environments, Anthony's case at Eau Gallie High School highlights the harsh reality that some students with special needs still face discrimination within educational institutions.

Anthony's journey began like any other student's – eager to learn, make friends, and embrace high school life. However, as time passed, he found himself the target of subtle but hurtful actions from some members of the school staff. It wasn't the typical bullying one might expect from peers, but rather a breach of trust and a violation of the safe space that should be a school.

The first signs of trouble emerged when Anthony noticed that his contributions in class were consistently dismissed or ignored. Teachers, instead of fostering an inclusive learning environment, were undermining his self-esteem. Anthony, who had a passion for science, found himself reluctant to participate in class discussions or ask questions, fearing the ridicule he might face.

Beyond the classroom, Anthony faced isolation during lunch breaks and extracurricular activities. School staff, who should have been vigilant in promoting a sense of belonging, instead turned a blind eye to the exclusion he experienced. This isolation took a toll on Anthony's mental well-being, exacerbating the challenges that come with autism.

As the mistreatment persisted, Anthony's parents noticed a decline in their son's enthusiasm for learning. They decided to intervene, reaching out to the school administration to address their concerns. Unfortunately, their pleas fell on deaf ears, and the mistreatment continued.

Frustrated and determined to make a change, Anthony decided to share his experiences with the public. With the support of his parents, he approached local media outlets to bring attention to the issue. The courage displayed by Anthony in coming forward serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience that individuals with autism can demonstrate when faced with adversity.

Anthony's bravery in confronting the bullying he faced has ignited a broader conversation about the importance of creating truly inclusive environments within educational institutions. It serves as a wake-up call for schools nationwide to reevaluate their practices, implement comprehensive training programs, and foster a culture of acceptance and understanding.

While Anthony's journey has been marked by adversity, it has also become a catalyst for positive change. His courage has not only brought justice for himself but has paved the way for a more inclusive and compassionate educational system for students with special needs. The hope now is that Anthony's story will inspire other individuals facing similar challenges to speak up, knowing that their voices have the power to bring about meaningful change.

"All I wanted was to get help with my grades and make friends along the way. I was bullied by several of the students here and nobody did anything but take their side and expell me twice because they did not like me. I gave school here my honest abillity and it was hard having special needs. This school was of no help whatsoever. Everyday here was an uphill battle and I was forced to chose the losing side every time." Anthony Stated.

Anthony claims he was expelled twice. Once for a threat he actually mad out of a reaction to the bullying and the second time was found unjustified after a student's wprd was taken over the prinicpal looking for evidence to the claim. This places this school on the top of our P.O.O.P. list!

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