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After the engagement banquet, a woman in Hefei became a "No. 8 technician": it turned out to be a "sex trap"

It's the "sex trap"

By davidPublished 2 years ago 9 min read

Two days ago, Hefei girl Xiaohui (pseudonym) got engaged, which was a big happy event.

Xiaohui happily shared the happy moments of her life on social platforms.

Unexpectedly, this joy quickly turned into a nightmare.

One after another "Technician No. 8" message, swiping in the comments.

At first, Xiaohui didn't care too much, thinking that those who are clear are self-clearing, but her tolerance makes some people more and more unscrupulous.

The good people on the Internet, you say what I say:

"It's number 8 indeed."

"She's very dedicated to her work."

These yin and yang comments made the rumors more and more outrageous, and some people even sent a private message to Xiaohui with foul language.

Some people followed suit and commented on Xiaohui's figure and appearance, maliciously speculating on various lace details.

She was mentally traumatized, and her work and life were greatly affected. Xiaohui chose to call the police.

But in the face of Xiaohui's statement and the police receipt, the online violence and rumors did not seem to stop.

What happened to Xiaohui reminded me of something that happened before.

Two years ago, in the same hot July, Ms. Gu from Hangzhou picked up a package at a courier station in the community.

It took only a few seconds to get in and out, and the whole process was secretly photographed by a man hiding in the corner, Lang.

Then, Ms. Gu's nightmare began.

Lang Mou and his friend He Mou play the courier brother and the "little rich woman" who takes care of the children at home alone.

The two made up a dialogue of "the female owner is lonely and derailed", and attached their own candid photos and sent them to the group of car friends where the two belonged.

Because of Ms. Gu's beautiful appearance, Lang and He arranged it so well that everyone was curious about this "love affair" and forwarded it one after another.

So, the story of "a young woman's affair" and Ms. Gu's photos were copied from one group to another, from the community to Hangzhou, and from Hangzhou to the whole country...

Countless netizens came to scold Ms. Gu, spreading her photos while making extremely filthy words.

Because of the bad influence of this incident, Ms. Gu also received a call from the company to persuade her to quit.

After that, she was afraid to go out, because once she appeared in public, she would be recognized and then photographed.

An ordinary girl "socially died".

During that time, her weight plummeted, and her physical and mental state was extremely poor.

Two months later, Ms. Gu was diagnosed with depression.

After that, Ms. Gu called the police and clarified herself over and over again in the circle of friends and Weibo.

But a group of people were revelling, and no one cared about the mess.

After the administrative detention of Lang and He, they still drank casually in the circle of friends.

Ms. Gu wanted them to record a video to apologize, but they said: "It's too embarrassing, I have to be a man!"

This statement is really shocking. I wonder if they had considered Ms. Gu to be a human when they spread the rumors?

From Ms. Gu to Xiaohui, similar incidents have happened again and again, which is heartbreaking.

Every time we condemn the rumour-mongers, saying that "there is a dragon spring on the tongue, and there is no blood to kill".

Or sympathize with the victims, "make a rumor and break a leg".

Or expect "the rumours to stop with the wise".

But why after experiencing face slaps again and again, some people are still obsessed and convinced?

Here, I would like to share 3 doubts with you.

First, why is it so easy to create "yellow rumors"?

Let's look at two cases first.

In May last year, a girl from Sun Yat-sen University received a suspicious WeChat message from her classmates.

It was a screenshot of a circle of friends, and the content was a naked "collection of friends by rubbing the edge".

In the screenshot, many people liked it, and many people signed up, leaving unsightly comments.

In the "message girls", information such as the real names and colleges to which they belong, as well as the girls' WeChat avatars, are exposed.

But she didn't know anything about it.

After further investigation, I found out that the girls in the message came from different departments and grades, and did not know each other.

But since February this year, they have been living in the swear words of the whole school.

And the initiator of this incident, Zhao Mouchen, was actually the president of the student union.

He forged a number of chat records and nude photos, which were widely spread in the circle of friends.

And everyone also found that some of the victimized girls had rejected Zhao Mouchen's pursuit or harassment.

When the matter came to light, Zhao Mouchen apologized to the victim at the request of the school.

But after only one and a half minutes of appearance, he hid in the toilet cubicle.

After being caught out, he simply rolled around and messed around.

A similar thing happened in a university in Chengdu.

A student found an iPad, he kindly posted a lost and found notice and left a note for the owner to claim it.

It was originally a good thing to collect money, but because of the bilingual message on the note and the beautiful handwriting, a "frivolous girl" who "worships foreigners" was coined to life.

As a result, it was a boy who picked up gold.

Because there are international students in the school, and the iPad is an English system, he uses bilingualism out of courtesy and thoughtfulness.

In the sound of abuse and attack, the boy came forward to clarify.

There were a few "misunderstandings, big brother" from the crowd, and then they dispersed.

The turmoil seems to have come to an abrupt end, but if the protagonist of the above story is really a girl, will she get away so easily?

There is a psychological phenomenon called the "sex trap".

It means that when faced with the opposite sex, a certain type of people will think that they are oppressed and owed sexually weak because of failure in pursuit or acquisition.

Once this kind of psychology occurs, what they do subconsciously is not how to improve themselves, or even resent the "snatchers", but hate the choice of the opposite sex.

This is why there are always people who believe "yellow rumors".

It is not so much that they believe in rumors, it is better to say that they are just to satisfy their own "revenge" pleasure.

Second, why would anyone become unlimited on the web?

There is a detail in Xiaohui's story.

Before calling the police, she had found a rumormonger and negotiated earnestly with the other party.

The other side said:

"Little joke, just kidding. It's too easy for netizens to get on the bus this time."

A "joke", as if nothing happened.

When the "rhythm" is in full swing, and the victim comes to the door, it means that the responsibility lies entirely with the netizens.

A similar situation happened in Ms. Gu's case.

A reporter found the convenience store of the rumor maker, Lang Mou, and wanted to interview the person involved.

Unexpectedly, Lang's father was full of grievances, saying that his son was innocent:

"We are also very annoying. It's not against her, or it's a joke for the children."

He even said that the main responsibility lies with the communicator, and that his son was "quite wronged."

Ruining other people's lives, no compensation, no apology, always stressed that it is "joking".

Refuse to admit, evade responsibility.

Why does this happen?

First of all, in the mechanism of network communication, the culprit often fades in layers of information, or even disappears.

Xiaohui and Ms. Gu can at least find the initiator to confront each other.

More rumors are often accompanied by deletion of comments and cancellation of accounts the moment they appear.

Spreading rumors has never been easier, and sometimes trying to fight back is like a punch on cotton.

Second, we have never had enough awareness of rights protection.

Get used to more things than less things.

Therefore, there are so many people on the Internet without any scruples.

Third, why are we entering the "post-truth" era?

Remember the "teenage hero Han Xingbo drowned" incident?

17-year-old Han Xingbo died heroically in order to rescue three girls who fell into the water.

Afterwards, the three rescued girls were criticized.

Some said they were indifferent after being rescued and did not recognize the boy's life-saving grace.

Another said: "The boy could actually survive, but he was trampled on the head by the last girl and couldn't come up."

The one with the most likes turned out to be:

"The three women don't have serious jobs, and their biggest hobbies are going to nightclubs to drink and dance..."

But in fact, what was said above is all in vain.

As early as the beginning of the rumors, the three girls have tried their best to clarify on the Internet.

But people don't care about the truth, they only care about whether the story is "ups and downs" and whether the content is "flavorful and bizarre".

The overwhelming cyber violence even overwhelmed the girls' psychological defenses for a time, making their redeemed lives almost fall into the deep sea again.

Source: Beijing News

"The Crowd" says:

We think we are rational, and we think our actions are justified. But in fact, the vast majority of our daily behavior is the result of some hidden motives that we have no way of knowing.

Because of the speed and breadth of network dissemination, this motivation is often infinitely amplified.

As a result, the "information cocoon room" intensified:

"In the dissemination of information, people use their own interests as a guide, simplify their thinking, and label their cognitions, leading to prejudice, arrogance, and gangsterism."

Such people don't care about the truth, they just want to satisfy their "curiosity" and "competitiveness".

As a result, fake news is flying all over the sky, and everyone is forced to enter the "post-truth" era, whether you mean it or not:

"One thing 'supposedly' happened, the emotions are in place, I'm going to vent, the spree is over."

So in the face of all this, are we helpless?

In fact, Xiaohui and Ms. Gu gave us a good demonstration.

This is the second half of Xiaohui's statement after calling the police:

After seeing the power of "Internet trolls", not only did she not back down, but she actively defended her rights and took up legal weapons to declare war on the other side.

There is also Ms. Gu. After the other party refused to apologize, she directly filed a criminal private prosecution with the Hangzhou Yuhang District People's Court, requesting that Lang and He be held criminally responsible for the crime of defamation.

In the end, Lang and He were sentenced to 1 year in prison, suspended for 2 years.

From Xiaohui and Ms. Gu, I see a kind of power:

We will be hurt, but never give in.

Because every retreat will make those who hide in the shadows more unscrupulous.


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