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A King's Disturbance

by Darius Cherry 9 months ago in Childhood

By Darius Cherry

"Success is the best Revenge"

As humans we tend to have a thought process of everything is going to be alright which it will be, but not how we want it to be. We get ahead of ourselves when we see something that others owned that we wanted. Well I am one of those people and I am also and over thinker. It isn't good to let people know your weakness, but recently I decided to just get up. Not out of emotion, but out of disturbance. My peace was finally broken after releasing coast to coast and things started clicking. So the saying stay down till you come up only applies to the normal people reading this, for reasons being since I have been five years old my plan has been working. I just had to really grow into Darius, let me explain that better. The name Darius has been around before you guys even thought about becoming successful or the idea of changing the world, basically any idea before the world actually started to expanded on goods,services and social media. I am moving in the right direction and explaining living a few years away from my thirty's is where I want to be. There a lot of hidden talents but hard work always beats talent and that is why I still work so much. I work so much I push people out of my life because I never sleep and that's because a King sits on his throne and waits to make his moves. As a King I have been waiting to make my move since Kindergarten, because the King discovered his purpose at that age, but since I was a prince and my Dad was sailing around the world, he was learning his story. So yes the name and the story is real, this isn't dramatized either you guys just talk too much you can't see that I've been getting mine. Like I said I have hidden talents, I quit the chess club at the age of six. I know how to play its just better when the world is your chess board. I can't remember exactly what age but I know I got invited to this studio to audition for Disney Channel and my mom all of sudden forgot all the delinquent activities I did. I ended up getting in but we turned it down because its still a business and everyone is required at least a year of acting school. I had no agent either so I just took the skill and started using it to lay low til my thrown is ready.

For awhile I had to accept who I was and stay with cars even growing up and being socially awkward was just the perfect tool to lay low. I said I don't lay low though I had to find away to rise as a King for you to become successful you have to go through trial and tribulation. Did someone tell me that or am I still motivating you? I think Darius told both of us I will give you benefit of the doubt, the name Darius has been around since 550 B.C. That is why I know how things are going to play out its nothing new to me I don't overthink I just observe. I know my success is going to play out like I said I have the necessary tools to put up with you pawns. As a child being prepared into a king is always practicing for warfare, instead of my Dad teaching me physical capabilities he taught me the best weapon is your mind. Wait didn't I say my Dad and Mom misunderstood me no they knew what I wanted, but they understand to be a king you have to make your own decisions so eventually I was going to come around. My dad had purchased me a racing game for the PC back in early 2000's, for me to play that game I had to install software myself on my laptop or put together the desktop together to play it. I did both because the desktop was in the basement and my laptop was in the kitchen so I couldn't play it before bed. I would eat and play the game in the kitchen and I discovered 2 of my kings chariots. The MCLAREN F1 and the Ferrari F50.

Now when those vehicles came out I showed my dad ,his response was "I have seen those cars before." This guy has traveled so many places it didn't surprise me. This man worked out with the San Francisco Forty-Niners when he was stationed at the San Diego Navy Station, but he did something different then boast about it because he kn8ew I wanted to achieve the real thing. He showed me a Forbes magazine and Jay Leno at the time as just purchased the Mclaren F1 in the 1990's when it was fresh from the factory. Now here is when I would advise you to keep your hustle ideas to yourself. Because I had the idea of chasing things out of my price range but remember life is a game of chess and when you are a King you have to move quietly and just wait. Average wealth that is worth millions takes years, I was most worried about what happened if people started giving me advice I already knew. I usually give myself up or think I destroyed myself by making mistakes but in all honesty my mind is programmed for success so I guess you can call that "Trial,Error and Dedication". Now that we have properly met I would think twice about suggesting an idea or business to me, instead just support writers and people who are aren't scared to speak up and express themselves. Trust me think twice if you read this and I wrote about my past in my other articles, I usually don't do this unless someone needs to be corrected or I need to move 2 spaces forward. Most of you are your own destruction so I will sit here and continue to be that Phoenix in Arizona rising. Yeah I know Mythology and Archaeology, people only don't want me to live in the past, because they know I will awake The King Darius and show you how it is done. I don't do that I said "most of you destroy yourselves", but I will go back to being humble because I still am just a writer and a car enthusiast working 2 jobs. Just know my real soldiers are with me they are just hiding to because they support me but they also work and express who they are, but they are also Kings. I guess you can say everything is what it seems to be.


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