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A Confession Of Emma Izu

His Encounter With the Darkness Before Jesus part

By lsquarePublished 22 days ago 19 min read

Emma Izu, an evangelist, testimony of his encounter with Jesus Christ. He was previously a prominent member of the devil's Kingdom, holding a high position in the court. Known by his cultist name "Bag of Wickedness" given by Satan, he was a powerful figure. Authorities struggled to keep him in prison as he could make himself invisible and escape at will. During one encounter with soldiers led by a major, Emma boldly stated his past deeds, claiming to have killed more men than they had ever seen. Despite being fired upon with AK-47s, he handed the bullets back to them.

It was the intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ that saved Emma. Jesus appeared to him, changing his name to Emmanuel, signifying "Son of King Jesus" in the Yoruba language of Nigeria.

Evangelist Emmanuel Omo: Narrate his Encounter With Jesus Christ

One fateful day, while I was seated in the comfort of my own home, I suddenly heard a series of loud knocks resonating from my front door. Irritation filled my being as I pondered who could possibly have the audacity to disturb my peace in such a manner. With a mix of curiosity and annoyance, I cautiously opened the door, only to be greeted by the presence of a Christian woman. It dawned on me that she was the sole tenant residing in our house, as it belonged to my mother.

As my eyes met hers, an inexplicable sensation coursed through my body. Every strand of hair on my head stood on end, and a peculiar itch seemed to encompass my entire being. My eyes grew red with a surge of anger, and it felt as though I had the power to instantly eliminate this woman or make her disappear into thin air.

The reason behind my strict prohibition of anyone knocking on my door stemmed from a previous encounter. I had delved into the realm of dark magic, crafting a deadly charm that instilled fear and kept unwanted visitors at bay.

I purchased a charm for my room, with the intention of prohibiting anyone from knocking on the door where it was placed. Once I obtained the charm, I promptly gathered all the residents of the house, including the woman who had previously knocked on my door. I sternly warned them all to never disturb me by knocking on my door again. Additionally, I contacted my friends from the occultic Society and issued them the same strong warning.

As the English adage goes, "to be forewarned is to be forearmed." Since then, a considerable amount of time has passed without anyone violating my strict order.

However, on this fateful day, that woman did something that nobody had ever done before.

Since receiving that warning, she has persistently knocked on my door despite my explicit instructions not to. As a result, I have come to the conclusion that her actions were a deliberate attempt to provoke me into a confrontation.

When I opened the door and saw her rebellious face, she hastily threw a folded piece of paper into my room before swiftly departing. It seemed as though she was afraid or intimidated by the expression on my face. However, once she was gone, I angrily slammed the door and decided to seek revenge on her using my traditional remedies, which I referred to as a "remote control" at that time. My intention was to teach her a lesson she would never forget. In fact, I had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to confront this Christian woman in our household prior to this incident. It was as if I wanted to subject her to intense scrutiny and retribution.

Consume her and she had applied butter on her skin to warm herself by my heart. It is a gentle metaphor. She had unknowingly offended me twice, but I kept those incidents in my thoughts and heart. The offenses were minor. There was another lady, a small-scale merchant, selling bananas at the nearby market.

I purchased bananas from her for medicinal purposes, as per the medicine's requirements. It is customary for me to request a little extra as a gift from the seller. In Yoruba, this extra is called "funmi nieni," meaning "give me some extra." Whether I received the extra or not is not the issue, but I must make the request. When I asked the woman for some extra, she accused me of being a thief.

I pleaded with her and left her, but I was determined in my heart to seek revenge. To punish her, I decided to create a charm using her name, which I then hung in the fireplace of my house. Through this charm, I had cursed her, ensuring that if she ever became pregnant, her womb and stomach would become unbearably hot, leading to the termination of the pregnancy.

As a result, she desperately sought help from various hospitals and native doctors, but all her efforts were in vain. I took pleasure in mocking her and her futile attempts to break free from the curse that I had placed upon her. Unaware that I was the cause of her suffering, she even came to me for help on several occasions.

I made sure to exploit her financially until her business was ruined and she could no longer continue. She carried the burden of sorrow in her life for approximately seven years before she encountered a Christian woman, who happened to be our tenant. This Christian woman began preaching to her, sharing the message of faith and telling her that Jesus is the solution to all life's problems and the only way to God.

Frequently, I observe a particular woman entering our residence to visit another lady who used to live with us. Additionally, the banana seller would also come into our house to visit this same lady. Initially, I pretended not to notice either of them and even mocked their interactions, focusing on my own affairs. However, over time, they developed a strong bond. The lady who had a problem started attending the woman's Fellowship meetings at the Church of this Christian woman. Their friendship flourished rapidly, and for approximately three months, they regularly attended Church Fellowship and prayers together. Apart from their usual Fellowship in the church, these two women would often arrange meetings in our house and engage in overnight prayers.

Personally, I thought to myself, let them continue with their activities as they please, as they do not comprehend the consequences of their actions and are merely jesting. However, to my surprise, after they had prayed in this manner for some time, I discovered that red ants, which are commonly found in the Yoruba language in Nigeria, had gathered on the charms I had created to harm that woman. This indicated that the charms had been rendered ineffective and no longer had any impact on her.

I was filled with anger. I expressed my frustration about these women invoking the name of Jesus in our house every night, believing that it had ruined my charm. I vowed that they would face consequences for their actions. Subsequently, I created a more powerful charm and buried it in a banana plantation deep within a jungle on the outskirts of Ibadan, the largest city in West Africa located in Nigeria. This charm was designed to render any woman barren as long as bananas were harvested worldwide each year. However, I later discovered that the jungle was cleared by a bulldozer, uprooting all the bananas and my charms. It was revealed to me that this was a divine intervention to free the woman from the bondage I had placed her in. This incident made me realize that God works in mysterious ways. Let us turn to Romans 13:1 in the Bible for further insight.

In the 13th chapter of the book of Romans, the first verse emphasizes the importance of every soul being subject to higher powers. It states that all power comes from God and those in power are ordained by Him. Anyone who resists these powers is resisting God's ordinance and will face damnation.

I want to reiterate the significance of submitting to higher powers. It is crucial to understand that all authority comes from God alone. The individuals in positions of power have been appointed by God Himself. Therefore, resisting these powers is equivalent to resisting God's divine plan. Those who choose to resist will face the consequences of their actions.

I would like to clarify that my intention is for every soul to willingly submit to the higher powers. However, it is important to note that there is no power except that which originates from God. The powers that exist have been established by God Himself.

In light of a particular incident, I came to the conclusion that it was the Christian woman tenant who influenced the other woman to pray in the manner they did. As a result, I held her accountable for ruining my plans on those two occasions and vowed that she would face severe consequences for her actions. It is important to note that these decisions were made without their knowledge. Neither of the ladies were aware that I had decided to punish them both.

I told myself that I had successfully restrained someone, but this Christian woman, through her prayers, set her free from bondage. I made a mental note to seek revenge on her someday. This is how the tenant woman offended me.

Therefore, on that fateful day when she aggressively knocked on my door, I saw it as the long-awaited opportunity to take action. At that moment, I possessed a native charm, a medicine infused with demonic power, created using the blood of 201 black cats. It was a waistband known as "onde" or "olande" in the Yoruba language. With this charm, I had the ability to harm anyone without even having to meet them in person.

I possess the ability to inflict illness upon others without any physical contact whatsoever. This power can be utilized in various scenarios, such as during conflicts or wars between villages, groups of people, or even nations. By wearing this charm on the war front, one becomes invisible.

There are specific incantations and enchantments that can be recited to activate the charm's invisibility. Once in close proximity to the enemy's territory, striking the ground with the charm three times while uttering the appropriate incantations will cause an abundance of bananas, plants, and trees to sprout out of nowhere, all bearing ripe fruits. However, consuming any of these fruits will prove to be fatal for anyone from the enemy camp, as they are laced with a deadly poison. There are numerous other ways in which this charm or medicine can be utilized. Personally, I have found the most effective method to be using four nails.

These nails are arranged vertically downwards on a wall, with the topmost nail positioned approximately 13 inches away from the nearest of the other three nails. The remaining three nails are spaced apart by two shutter gaps. If I wish to cause body aches to someone, I would hang the charm on the top nail and then lower it to hang on the left of the three nails beneath.

To induce frequent fainting, the charm would be drawn to the second nail. However, if my intention is to cause instant death, I would draw the charm down to the last nail, which is the fourth one in the row. Initially, I contemplated directly harming the woman with this charm. However, upon further consideration, I concluded that it would inflict greater pain upon her if I were to indirectly attack one of her children. Therefore, after calling the name of the little boy, the youngest of her children, I connected him to the charm.

The appropriate spells and enchantments allowed me to fasten the waistband to the first nail. Immediately, the child cried out to his mother for assistance. The weeping mother, upon noticing the change in her child's condition, also cried out for help. Adjacent to her house lived a witch doctor. He hurried inside and retrieved a liquid medicine for the woman to utilize. However, the woman firmly declined the medicine, stating that she could not use it because Jesus Christ was sufficient for her. The witch doctor then questioned why she cried out for help if Jesus Christ was enough for her. The woman responded that she cried out to Jesus, not to a man. This made the witch doctor feel ashamed, as the woman made it clear that Jesus Christ was sufficient for her.

Meanwhile, I observed this woman through a magical crystal ball in my room, hearing all their conversations and discussions. They were unaware of my presence. I then decided to approach the woman, carrying a powerful medicine known as "agbo" in the Yoruba language. I informed her that I heard her cry for help and had come to assist her. I suggested using the medicine to save her dying child. I knew that if her son consumed the medicine, he would be healed, as I was the one who bound him. However, the same medicine would also cause him to contract incurable tuberculosis. Despite this, the woman adamantly refused to use the medicine for her son. She responded with a Yoruba proverb, stating that one cannot chase after two bushrats simultaneously without killing either of them.

She explained that she could not have Jesus and rely on charms at the same time. At that moment, I began to curse her with a charm, declaring that her son would surely die because she rejected my medicine. The woman confidently replied,

I confined someone in my room and they are invoking the name of Jesus to set them free in their own room. Who is this Jesus that can release the person I have restrained?

Today, I will witness if Jesus dares to come and release the individual I have bound. Little did I know that I was prophesying on that day when I declared that I would see Jesus. Unbeknownst to me, as I observed them through my crystal ball, I also kept a vigilant eye on my protective charm hanging on the wall.

When their prayers intensified, I looked up and was surprised to see the lower nail, to which I had fastened the restraints, gradually coming loose. I promptly took a hammer and secured it back into the wall. I returned to my seat to continue observing them through my magical ball.

To my astonishment, as soon as I sat down, the nail was forcefully ejected from the wall, disappearing without a trace. This infuriated me even more. I then transferred the charm to the second nail, and after invoking the child's name with incantations, the child fainted. They did not waver in their prayers, and no one even opened their eyes to check on the child's condition.

They simply continued calling out to Jesus repeatedly. The intensity of their prayers grew louder and louder. The second nail also dislodged from the wall, causing a locally made magic mirror hanging on the opposite wall to shatter. I obtained this mirror from the occult body society known as Egbiawal, which is referred to as Igbo mobile saroki Ali lanug in Yoruba land and Western tribes in Nigeria.

This mirror serves no purpose other than to cause harm and death to people. When you summon someone into the mirror through incantations and enchantments, they must appear regardless of any protective charms or powers they possess. If the person turns their back to you in the mirror, it signifies that you cannot harm or kill them. However, if the person appears facing you directly and you communicate with them using incantations, they will undoubtedly...

I witnessed a man's arrival, his eyebrows resembling the rainbow, his eyes akin to the sunrise, and his attire indescribable, radiating Glory. I stared at him in awe, eventually asking his identity. He responded, "I am the Lord Jesus Christ, who sacrificed for your sins. Believe in me, and you shall be saved." In response, I angrily demanded he leave, threatening him with my power. Despite my threats, he departed. Frustrated, I questioned if he recognized me, warning him of consequences. In a fit of rage, I attempted to harm him with a liquid charm, but it solidified, rendering me helpless. As I struggled, the man in the magic ball mocked me. Enraged, I destroyed the ball and sought answers through Crystal gazing. Once again encountering Jesus Christ, I defied him, claiming authority over my own life. Breaking the Crystal gazing, I realized my folly and decided to neutralize the charm brought by a woman. I chanted incantations to render the medicine powerless, unwrapping the charm and continuing the ritual.

When I was content and unfolded the newspaper, there was no trace of any substance resembling powder. There was no ring or amulet, only the repeated words "Revival Revival Revival." The venue, time, and date were mentioned, followed by the proclamation that the blind can see, the lame can walk, the deaf can hear, and the dead can be raised, with the gospel being preached to the poor.

Upon reading this description, I burst into laughter like a deranged person. I mean, I laughed with contempt. I was filled with wonder and questioned whether this was the reason why I had destroyed all my valuable equipment and possessions. Was this the cause of the immense suffering endured by this woman and her son, to the point of death?

Furthermore, I added that the person who printed this flyer must be a complete fool. Why is he promoting the idea of raising the dead when, in reality, I used to bring the dead back to life during my magical performances? If he truly possesses this ability, why doesn't he enter a hospital and command the mortuary to open, commanding all the deceased to leave?

Then I continued, even criticizing the woman who distributed the leaflet, calling her a fool. She was sent to the dead, blind, deaf, and crippled. So why did she come to me?

However, I failed to realize that anyone living in disbelief is blind to the mysteries of God. Anyone who does not follow the teachings of Jesus Christ is undoubtedly crippled. I told myself that day, "It's okay, it's okay, it's okay." I decided to go to the Revival ground that night, not to hear the message of peace, but to harm the preacher.

This confession serves as a warning to preachers about the evil that awaits them out there. So, if you are a preacher reading this, be cautious.

I must emphasize that the battle must be won on your knees before you go out to proclaim the teachings of Jesus Christ. If you are a Christian who neglects prayer, you will lack power. If you are too occupied to pray, you will also be too occupied to lead a holy life.

I want to reiterate that my intention for attending the Crusade that night was not to hear the gospel, but rather to harm the preacher. However, when the evening arrived, I found myself at the Revival ground. Instead of mingling with the crowd, I chose to stay in a dark and isolated area, away from the congregation. There, I made every effort to disgrace the preacher using evil spirits and Native charms, but all my attempts were in vain.

To begin with, I commanded demonic spirits to stand guard around me, ensuring that no one would pass through that area. I instructed these demons to assist me in walking towards the Evangelist who was preaching. I specifically called upon a demonic spirit known as jehovah-lahim, who is responsible for fire in the kingdom of Satan. This particular demonic spirit is appeased by fire eaters and Shango worshipers in order to perform their magic involving fire. However, it is important to note that the fire from heaven cannot be subdued by any incantation.

Knowing this, I instruted the demon to go into the midst of the people and cause electrical appliances to spark fire or make the live wires of the lighting fixtures touch. I wanted to create a situation where a large fire would break out, causing harm and injury to some individuals. I commanded the demon to move forward, but to my surprise, after taking three steps, it stopped.

Curious, I asked, "What's wrong?"

He responded by stating that he was unable to proceed any further than that. This prompted me to question him, and in response, he called me to come and see for myself. Intrigued, I relied on my inner eyes and moved forward to take a closer look. However, I made it clear that I was not using my natural eyes, but rather my inner eyes to observe.

As I gazed into it, he inquired about what I saw and what was present there. I replied, informing him that it was fire, a multitude of flames that I could see. He then explained that the fire I witnessed was the type that consumes fire. It resembled an extraordinary furnace, encircling the entire congregation and extending for several meters in diameter.

The flames reached skyward indefinitely. The demon informed me that he could not proceed any further. In response, I rebuked him, questioning why he, being fire himself, was afraid of fire. He insisted that it was not as simple as that, repeating his earlier statement about the fire being the type that consumes fire. Frustrated, I shouted at him, commanding him to depart immediately.

I then summoned another demon to carry out the task, but he responded with a question, asking how he could go when someone before him had failed. I dismissed him as well and proceeded to call upon Belial, the fourth of the superior spirits in Satan's government. It is said that wherever you witness a gathering of people, be it a meeting or a dance party, that later escalates into a violent altercation where chairs, benches, or slippers are used as weapons, and individuals harm each other with knives or broken bottles, it is the spirit of Belial, the demonic spirit, who has visited them.

It is his own role within the satanic organization to incite conflicts and chaos, whether it be within a family, among friends, or even in the community. I then instructed Belial to proceed, manipulate them, and provoke them into fighting. I thought to myself that when they, who call themselves revivalists, begin to physically harm each other with benches, wires, and more, the newspapers will report it as a headline the next day, stating that the Revival has turned into a chaotic brawl. "Continue, go on," I ordered the demon. He took a few steps forward but suddenly halted. "What's the matter now?" I asked.

He requested me to come closer and see for myself. As I approached, I no longer saw fire, but instead, I saw blood. The entire scene resembled a place where countless animals had just been slaughtered. It seemed as though all the people were completely submerged in a river of blood. He inquired, "What do you see there?" I responded, "Blood, blood everywhere, it appears to be blood." He then explained to me that it was the blood of the Lamb of God. Since I did not comprehend his words, I sarcastically asked him, "Are you suggesting that God owns a sheep, slaughtered it, and now its blood is terrifying you? Is that what you're implying?"

I also have a sheep at my residence that I plan to sacrifice for you later, allowing you to consume its blood. However, the individual in question firmly stated that the blood belonged to the Lamb of God, who absolves the sins of the world. He adamantly refused to comply, and I proceeded to shave him as well. Despite my attempts to use native charms to fulfill my objectives, the Evangelist remained unharmed. After reciting a potent incantation, I commanded the Evangelist to fall dead, but he instead rose joyfully and urged the congregation to shout "hallelujah." This pattern continued, leading me to believe the Evangelist was either insane or immune to my charms. As his sermon began to affect me deeply, the Evangelist seemingly sensed my presence and called for prayers to dispel the dark power surrounding us. Following a collective prayer, a bright light emanated from the Evangelist and ascended into the heavens.

Upon my return, I found myself surrounded by various weapons of war, all advancing towards me. In addition, I was encompassed by an intense brightness that surpassed even the midday sun. Although I was the sole witness to these occurrences, it felt as though everyone in the congregation was fixated on me, observing every wicked action I had committed in the darkness outside.

Then, something almost unimaginable happened. For the first time, fear gripped me as those weapons drew nearer. I fled for my life, causing anyone who witnessed my frantic escape that night to question the reason behind my actions.

However, I knew exactly what was pursuing me. When I could no longer sense the presence of those dreadful weapons of war and the soldiers, I turned back and returned to the Crusade ground. I was convinced that the evangelist, without a doubt, would meet his demise that day.

Yet, upon my arrival, the sermon had concluded, and the crowd had dispersed. The evangelist and his colleagues were busy packing up their equipment. I approached him directly and extended my hand, but my true intention was to inflict a withering curse upon him. In those days, I only shook hands with my enemies.

I greeted him in the Yoruba language, saying "ekoise olagua," which translates to "wishing you more grease to your elbow in the work of God." Then, I confronted him, stating that he was not fulfilling the desires of my mother. This phrase held a hidden meaning, suggesting that he was defying the wishes of the witchcraft and showing no respect or homage towards them.

Face to face, I began to recite incantations, pouring them upon him. When I had finished, I commanded him to fall into a deep sleep.

In other words, if he were to fall asleep, he would be considered dead. When I instructed him to start sleeping, he calmly responded, "Gentlemen, Jesus neither sleeps nor slumbers." In response, I gave him a slap on his face, demanding him to sleep. I was taken aback by his peaceful demeanor, as he stated once again, "You are an instrument for God's use." Despite my attempts to provoke him, his gentle nature prevailed. Overwhelmed, I left him, still echoing his words in my mind, and went home, reflecting on what had transpired - my first encounter with Jesus.

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