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12 green flags of dating

Relationship green flags💚

By Feven GPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 4 min read

Hi guys

Last week I shared with you 12 red flags of dating, and now I'm going to share with you, 12 green flags of dating. Since I am in a much healthier relationship now, these are 12 green flags of dating.

1. Communication is the key. When it comes to communication in a relationship, they make the effort to communicate clearly and without fear of repercussion. For example, having a partner who shares their feelings with you on any topic of your choice.

2. The relationship moves at a comfortable pace. What I mean by that is when your partner doesn't pressure you on anything, you take the relationship slow and focus on having fun, developing feelings for each other gradually. It is a green sign when your partner is willing to give you space to think and let you take your time in doing anything. There's never any pressure or attempts to forcibly escalate the intensity of the relationship before you're ready. That is known as love bombing if your partner pressures you before you are ready.

3. They're willing to be vulnerable. For example when it comes to being vulnerable in a relationship. The partner is willing to open up like a book basically and become closer to that person and willing to be candid about how they feel about you, to be open, caring and affectionate, they will let you in. to emotionally open up, be vulnerable with another person, and become close to others. Rather than holding their cards close to their chest, they are willing to be candid about how they feel about you, to be openly caring and affectionate, and to let you in.

4. Your partner is kind and caring. Your partner will listen and have you be open to them about things in their lives. They care about your feelings and well-being, and they put in the effort to treat you very well. For example, if you need to cancel plans, they are caring and understanding. When you guys are in a conflict, they become gentle and caring and won't escalate to a fight.

5. Healthy disputes. Everyone knows that fights or disagreements are normal in a relationship, but they won't be super intense fights. What I mean by healthy disagreements is that when your partner shows affection when you're having a conflict by touching your hands, holding your hands is a great way to diffuse the tension and tell them you are there for them and you are showing you care enough to stop the disagreements.

6. They listen to you. This is definitely a green flag when your partner makes an effort to listen to you about anything. You can share how your day went and if something is wrong, they will listen to what you have to say. Your partner would want to know your inner feelings and understand your partner's perspective.

7. No playing games - when your partner is being mature and adult about the relationship. Many people, unfortunately, love to play games and make the other person wonder if they are interested in them. If your partner doesn’t make you wonder whether they’ll respond to your messages, that’s a great green sign to look for.

8. They treat others very well. For example, they treat their parents, their friends, or even their exes really well. How they treat the other people in their lives is a reflection of how they eventually will treat you in the relationship. So that's a green sign to look out for.

9. Having your own life. For example, in a healthy relationship, your partner and yourself wouldn't be attached at the hip. You each have to know you have your own life. Couples who over-rely on each other run the risk of becoming codependent and too attached.

10. You feel really good around them. When it comes to a relationship and you feel like yourself about them, you don't have to act like someone else, you two enjoy each other's time.

11. They are engaged in the relationship. For example, they call you or text you back without ignoring you or ghosting you. There just invested in the relationship and make time and effort to be around you.

12. last but not least, they check up on you. When your partner puts you first or checks up on you to make sure you are okay, that is surely a sign of a green flag. For example, sending a simple text just in a way that shows they are thinking of you and want to see how you feel is great. Your partner shows there kind enough to do that, it shows you on their mind and thinking about you even when they are busy with other things. But one piece of advice, remember to do the same thing back to them.

So those are 12 green flags of dating. Thank you for reading. If I missed anything, leave a comment down below :)


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Hi, my name is Feven, and I am an Eritrean Canadian living in Toronto, Ontario. I am a creative individual who enjoys writing and creating content. If you want to know more about my experiences, I would be happy to share them with you. ☺️

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