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12 Red Flags Of Dating

Relationship Red Flags

By Feven GPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 3 min read

Hi guys

So my experience with dating hasn't been the greatest. I have two ex-boyfriends and have been on a total of 4 dates. None of the dates and relationships worked out for me. My first boyfriend use bad mouth me, he wasn't mature, he fakes promises and doesn't deliver on the promises, just a lot of stuff happened. My second ex-boyfriend, we dated for one month and he basically used me by pretending he liked me when in reality he was using me. He left me for another girl, and that relationship messed me up real bad. He was clearly immature and wasn't ready for a serious relationship. But, I am so glad I moved on now. On the other 4 dates I went on, we didn't match, most of them were players and we weren't compatible in the end. So I learned a lot from dating and now I'm going to share with you, 12 red flag signs of dating.

1. Oversteps boundaries too quickly. When it comes to boundaries, everyone has different, mental, physical or sexual boundaries. When dating someone new, it's all about exploring these boundaries. Don't let anyone pressure you into bending your boundaries. and the worse part is when someone straight-up asks too many personal questions and does not respect your time. When someone doesn't respect your boundaries, it means they give no little about your feelings or even care enough to respect them.

2. The past comes back to haunt them, and that means crazy exes. If the guy you dating has crazy exes that's a huge red flag. When they talk about the past, they try to act like the victim and make it seem like their ex is crazy when in reality the crazy one is them. If you have nothing good to say about your ex, then keep your mouth closed because they have nothing good to say about you.

3. They bring you to their house or apartment on the first date. Like, if you guys are talking for a while, and the guy invites you to a movie and dinner at their house, that's a red flag. Especially on the first date, never go to their place on the first date. That is a big No, I learned.

4. Not introducing to family and friends. When it comes to dating someone, at one point, the guy would have to introduce you to family and friends. If they're not telling your family or friends about you then that's a red flag to watch out for.

5. When they start a relationship, and then three weeks later there talk about marriage, having kids and moving way too fast is a red flag

6. Getting angry for no reason. We all get frustrated from time to time, but if it gets too much and the person is getting angry on the road driving, having like road range and the anger gets worse, then that's a red flag.

7. He gives you a promise ring, and promises he'll marry you but in reality, he gives nothing and does nothing. Not showing any action, always lying and making false promises.

8. The relationship is one-sided, you're trying to make the relationship work and you're the only one trying, if that happens and you're the only one investing time and energy into the relationship then that is a major red flag.

9. When it comes to being intimate with each other, and the girl does not want to do it, the guy saying no to this, doesn't respect you or care about you at all.

10. This one is pretty obvious, if he cheats on you, or two-timing you, that's an obvious sign he doesn't love you or like you. What kind of guy cheats or girl cheats, cheating is wrong, and it should never happen in a relationship.

11.When it comes to the way you dress, he controls what you wear, like he makes you wear something sexual and makes you wear something of a respectful woman. All I am saying is no guy should tell you what to wear and how to dress. You can wear both things.

12. Last but not least, we have come to the last one, he makes fun of you over the littlest things, and doesn't support you. He should be cheering you on, not making fun of you.

So those are 12 red flag signs of dating. If I am missing something please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!


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Hi, my name is Feven, and I am an Eritrean Canadian living in Toronto, Ontario. I am a creative individual who enjoys writing and creating content. If you want to know more about my experiences, I would be happy to share them with you. ☺️

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