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Winger published soccer discrimination theory

Why South American Football Federation protests

By Wall BerryPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Winger published soccer discrimination theory
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On June 13, Beijing time, South American Football Federation (CHAFF) released an official statement to protest against some controversial comments made by FIFE senior official and former Arsenal manager Arlene Zenger.

The official statement of the South American Football Federation said: "Reject and condemn the inappropriate remarks of the senior FIFE official, Zenger had said: 'If Mapper had been born in Cameroon, then he would not be the striker he is today. Now, the map of world soccer is divided into European regions and other regions.'"

The SF said it was "resolute in combating racist or discriminatory comments and actions, whether they come from fans at the soccer stadium, players and coaches on the pitch, or leading figures who make inappropriate comments."

"Zenger's words show his ignorance of the contribution that African players make to world soccer, especially to European soccer, and also show a bias with a demeaning connotation that renders the efforts of those 'non-European' players and football associations invisible".

"What is most offensive is that these things happen so often and that these reprehensible prejudices are disguised as 'well-founded' and 'intelligent' acts of reflection."

"Like Africans, we in South America are very aware of and have personally felt this discrimination and prejudice. This attitude stems from the 'Afrocentric' idea that the talent, sacrifice and dedication to excellence of African as well as South American players should be valued and respected."

In fact, this statement of Professor Zenger will also sting and hurt the hearts of Asian footballers - but, probably because the level of soccer in Asia is more worthless compared to America and Africa, the Asian Football Confederation has not yet expressed its opinion and comment on Zenger's statement.

If we look at it from the perspective of objective facts, what Zenger said seems to be expressing a realistic situation: that is, European soccer is more advanced and developed, so it is impossible for African players to be as successful as Mapper if they are born or live in their homeland - which also seems to be more in line with the objective reality from the state of facts shown.

In fact, recently, including Mapper himself, also made a statement that "South American soccer is not as good as Europe" - this still has some basis in reality.

However, behind Zenger's statement that "the map of world soccer is now divided into European regions and other regions", it is easy to feel more uncomfortable, or may be considered to imply something other than a "factual judgment" "Value judgment" - that is, the value thinking of European soccer superiority theory and European soccer cultural advancement theory under economically developed and "culturally developed", seems to be hidden in it.

In the past years, like in Europe and the United States "white supremacy theory, Euro centrism", whether its so-called superiority of race, intellectual superiority, geographical superiority, economic superiority, cultural superiority, ideological superiority and other arguments, have long been exposed in all aspects, all-round.

The history of the invaded, enslaved Asian, African and Latin American people, it is clear that this will be very sensitive, like Zenger, the "European soccer superiority theory" thinking implicit in it, so that the American Football Federation publicly issued a statement to protest and reject, it is also very understandable!

Of course, it can not be denied that, indeed, including in soccer and other areas, such as economic, social, political, cultural - including the full range of sports culture, Europe still holds a dominant position, which is also the heart of Zenger's stream, still vaguely flow out of the "European superiority theory This is also the reality and psychological basis of the "European superiority theory" that still comes out from the heart of Zenger.

But Zenger should also be clear, "European superiority theory", and can not become the "European superiority theory" of the basis of reality! -- If there is no history of European and American developed countries on the invasion, subjugation and exploitation of the people of Asia, Africa and Latin America, how come today's so-called "European superiority"? Obviously, this disgusting "European superiority theory" is based on the sin of European aggression all over the world!

And in the field of soccer, although European soccer has always been more developed, but South American soccer is not bad, especially Argentina and Brazil as the representative of the South American style of soccer, but also enough to compete with European soccer, which is why the face of Zenger's "European soccer superiority theory", the American Football Federation seems to have more than the African and Asian Football Federation to refute This is an important reason why, in the face of Zenger's "European football superiority theory", the American Football Confederation seems to have a more powerful counter-argument than African and Asian football federations.

Obviously, including China, Asia, Africa and Latin America soccer, only under the important foundation of continuous economic development, so that the foundation of soccer, soccer professional system and cultural system continue to form, in order to really catch up or surpass European soccer, then Asia, Africa and Latin America soccer will have a real right to speak, so that discriminatory remarks like Zenger, from now on there is no market!


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