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"The Spirit of Crow"


By Wall BerryPublished 2 years ago 8 min read
"The Spirit of Crow"
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C Lou seems to have pulled a lot of crotch on the field after entering this season.

For example, in the just concluded UFA Cup, under the tie that can enter the quarterfinals, C Lou's Portugal team was eliminated by Spain 0-1.

Portugal team manager Fernando Santos said after the match, "C Lou had 3 or 4 good chances, and two of them were very good, and usually he scores. But this time there was no score." -- In fact, this has been the harshest remark the veteran manager has ever made implicitly blaming Crosby for his declining form.

From the club to the national team, C Lou's form has fallen off a bit of a cliff this season.

In the national team, C Lou has failed to score in 3 consecutive games, and in the last 9 games for Portugal, he only scored 2 goals at home against Switzerland. Plus at Manchester United, C Lou has scored only 1 penalty in his last 11 games.

The famous website Sofa Score said that C Lou has missed 4 "big chances" in this year's UFA Europa League, and 1 "big chance" in 2 UFA Cup matches; in the 8 league matches of Manchester United, although C Lou was mostly a substitute, but surprisingly In the 8 league games at Manchester United, although C Lou is mostly a substitute, but surprisingly so far 1 goal has not scored, which for a striker to score goals as a vocation, apparently really a little bit to say the past.

So, what is the problem with C Lou? -- Why last season was the third in the Premier League scorer list, Manchester United's scorer king, this season how so quickly the status of the rapid decline?

On September 28, Beijing time, there is a news from the foreign media, or we can find some answers.

Jordan Peterson, a well-known clinical psychologist, talked about the details of Cairo inviting him to meet and talk about psychological problems during his appearance on the famous host Piers Morgan's talk show.

Peterson stated, "Well, he invited me to see him, he was having trouble in his life a few months ago ...... he read one of my books and found it helpful and wanted to talk to me. So I went to his house and we talked for about two hours."

"...... We talked mostly about what he wanted in the future and some of the obstacles he faced in pursuing that goal, so we had about a 90-minute strategic conversation about those topics."

"Maybe he did realize: he was missing a Ted Russo-type (the main character in the TV skit "Ted Russo") character in his life ......"

In the psychologist's words, it is not difficult to find two major points of interest.

One, although this psychologist perhaps should not expose the privacy of the person's psychological counseling, but people can see from it: C Lou apparently aware of their own psychological, there are still some problems, and not just the decline in form on the pitch itself.

Many people are saying that the root of C Lou's problem is age - almost 38 years old, which is indeed very reasonable; but C Lou suddenly decline in form so fast, or not quite normal, so the most understanding of their own C Lou himself, can go to talk to a psychologist, it means that he admits that he has some psychological problems.

Where is the crux of C Lou's psychological problems? We can try to find some clues.

One is that C Lou left June in a hurry and then suddenly returned to Manchester United, but not the most satisfactory home he wanted, which will have a certain impact on his psychology.

C Lou left June very suddenly - originally publicly promised not to leave, but after the start of Eerie A, but unexpectedly announced that he was leaving, which may indicate: June's new manager at the time, Allegra, probably rearranged the position of C Lou, he may no longer be possible to become the "old woman The first core of the "Old Lady"!

And at that time C Lou left June's main goal, it seems more like the day-old Manchester City, but Guardian does not want C Lou, which has Manchester United to welcome the return of the wanderer's play appeared.

But in recent years in the difficult situation of Manchester United, after the return of C Lou, even changed four managers, but still lost the Champions League qualification, which is nearly the end of his career, and high-minded, fame and fortune of C Lou, really can not accept. So, there is a "return to the sentiment" when the temperature is not dissipated, he has to leave Manchester United again the farce produced.

But C Lou took the equivalent of "strike" - not to participate in Manchester United's per-season training and per-season games, and finally ended up in the embarrassing situation of no one to take over, which is obviously a big failure of C Lou and his team.

Not only did it "offend" the new manager Ting Haas, making himself an ironclad replacement for Manchester United, and for Cairo's own state maintenance, and psychological smoothness, peace, have great damage, which is likely to be the main psychological reason for Cairo's decline in form on the pitch.

Secondly, C Lou in its inherent character, under the mentality, how to cope with the situation on and off the field, has also been a problem.

After C Lou's return to Manchester United, there were incidents of bad influence such as him kicking his opponent even on the pitch; dropping the armband several times; leaving the field alone; dropping the cell phone of an autistic child and injuring him.

At the same time, like C Lou just returned to the Premier League, its first game, the sky, there are feminist signs, condemned C Lou in the United States "rape incident"; and C Lou's twin children miscarried one, his psychological impact is obviously great.

The imbalance of C Lou's mentality can be seen from one thing: when Mess got his 7th Gallon d'Or, C Lou, who was only ranked 6th, even took it upon himself to praise his fans online for calling "Mess stole Levine's Gallon d'Or" a "fact". --The company's "true nature" actually makes Crow's character and image lose too many points, and highlights its narrow-minded personality and paranoid psychological problems.

Second, the psychologist said after talking to Crow, "Maybe he does realize: he is missing a Ted Russo-type protagonist) character in his life ......", which is obviously an important clue to the psychological problem.

The more recent popular TV sketch "Ted Russo" is about an American soccer coach, Ted Russo, who, with no experience in English soccer coaching, accepts an offer to become the manager of a Premier League team and, despite everyone's disapproval, ends up leading the team on the right track.

In the drama, Ted Russo faces various extremely bad coaching environment, but seems very positive and inspirational. However, while he struggles for soccer, he also encounters a lot of troubles or pains, but in the end, he is guided by the optimistic spirit, but still in this unknown field to success.

But Ted Lao faced all kinds of questions, criticism and hostility, but still eventually overcame all kinds of difficulties, with his "American optimism" to achieve their own success, and become the final success.

"Everyone is a slave to their own character" - and so it is for Crosby.

How can C Lou enjoy his career and life more happily, and achieve the higher level of success and recognition he wants, perhaps this psychologist cited the main character of this TV series, is exactly the kind of enlightenment C Lou needs most at the moment.

Like the comparison between C Lou and Mess, people mostly like to say: Mess is a genius, is the achievement of talent Mess; while for C Lou, talent or weaker than Mess, but he is through the acquired self-discipline, tenacity, hard work and the spirit of defiance, finally can be compared with Mess, become the so-called "absolute double pride of the More era" in one.

At this point, it is also an important factor that some players appreciate C Lou, as well as C Lou's fans are "all over the world". Obviously, it is this kind of character, this kind of people called "C Lou spirit", the achievement of C Lou's career and the ceiling of life!

But still, it must be said, C Lou in the comprehensive image and recognition, there are still a lot of words and criticism - this also shows that C Lou in its character, defeat also lies in its character, his character and its resulting psychological, spiritual deficiencies, but also pulled down the scale of the lower limit of C Lou's life!

Because, C Lou's character and spiritual dimension, there is obviously another side: too arrogant, too no one in the eyes, it will cause too selfish side.

Such as his "I am the first, second and third in the world"; "I am the best ever" remarks and perceptions, will not allow themselves to have a decline and regression, mental perceptions and reality will produce a gap; and "C Lou eyes Only Mess, Mess eyes only soccer" in a certain degree of the fact exists, which makes him in the shadow of Mess, career actually live is not comfortable and happy.

Of course, there is still a problem of how to look at fame and fortune - although some people say: "you a bricklayer, what qualification to talk about a superstar who earns hundreds of millions of dollars a year", but the fact is that, as C Lu such a star of fame and fortune, he is also But the fact is that, like C Lou, he is still a human being, and ordinary people will have troubles and psychological and mental problems, because, whether it is C Lou or Mess, apart from soccer, they are not really omnipotent "gods".

For God, we can talk about or do not believe, for a star of C Lou, ordinary people can certainly talk about it - everyone really do not talk about him, C Lou or Mess will even cry no tears! Because, the value of the commercial star, precisely thanks to you and I his talk in the appreciation and realization it!

Of course, life in the world, anyone will have difficulties and shortcomings - everyone will have "disease", especially psychological disease, but the most important thing is that they have to be clear and understand, in order to prescribe the right medicine, just like C Lou now, aware of the problem, and find Psychiatrist, no taboo, is the beginning of the road to mental health!


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