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Branded for mercy

He opens his eyes, not knowing what to expect. But what he really didn't expect is a woman standing over him, "claiming" to be his wife.

Chapter One

I open my eyes, as I look at a young girl and a woman kneeling beside the bed. “ who are you?” I could tell they were suprised. “ Oh good, you're awake” I sit up as I see her grab some newspapers out of her bag. I said, once more “ who are you?”. The woman smiled probaly thinking I was joking . Is she crazy? I looked over at the little girl hiding behind the woman, she had dark brown hair and was wearing a beautiful sunflower dress. The woman finally got the newspaper and handed me the head line.

Christian Collins coming back in the game!

It had a picture of me beside the headline. I was confused, “Is that me??” I ask rashly “Yes silly” she said as she hit my arm. At the bottom of the page was another picture that looked like it was me with the woman that’s with me right now and the brown haired girl. “ Who are you?” I said more confidently. She laughed. A moment later her face froze when she realized I wasn’t joking. “ I’m Charlotte, your wife” she said uneasily. I tried to play it off like I was joking, but I guess she called my bluff. Damn I thought I was a better actress than that. She ran out of the room for a few moments. She came back with a doctor. He looked at a few things before giving me a needle. I stared at Charlotte as my eyes faded into the darkness..

I woke up again and to my surprise the strange woman was still there. The doctor hurriedly came in “ Mind if I borrow Ms.Collins?” I nodded. I could see them talking outside, I’m kinda good at lip reading but I couldn’t read out what he was saying. At one moment Ms. Collins bursts into tears. I wondered about something that she said earlier, was she really my wife?

They came back into the room, and the doctor decided to break the news to me.

“ Mr. Collins, I am very sorry to tell you this, but you have amnesia.” “What?!’

“ How? “ was all I could manage to say right now.


After a few days the doctor said I could go home. Charlotte came to pick me up. She drove me in a small black sedan. After a while Charlotte broke the silence. “ So, how are you feeling?” “Fine”. I didn’t feel like talking right now. We got to the house a few minutes later.

The house was not what I was expecting. I expected a normal, adverge house but this house is like...our own mansion?

We went in and it was even more astonishing on the inside. The first thing I saw was a beautiful fountain in the middle of the house, the white hardwood floor and even more beautiful was the layout of the house. The little girl from the hospital came gushing at me. “ DADDY!!” “what’s up kiddo?” I say picking her up and swirling her around. She laughed and pulled me into a hug. “I missed you.” was all she said before Charlotte Interrupted “Ciara, how about you go play with your toys and give your father some space” She ran up the stairs smiling. Charlotte suggested giving me a tour.

We walked through the long hallway, she told me what was every door for, door after door after door. I zoned out. After a while I found a door with the initials C+C. I asked Charlotte what it means “ Oh, That’s our bedroom” I heard a noise in the room, I opened the door. The window was open with the wind rushing in, I rushed to the window and closed it..


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