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10 Sports Movies

Here is a part two to my other list 10 Great Sport Movies

By Rich BurtonPublished 9 months ago 4 min read

The media of film always tells the cliff notes version of the actual story, but the story in itself tells of inspiration and enduring to the finish line. Even though we don’t see the story in real life we are able to be a part of it and see the triumph of these amazing individuals!

Cool Runnings

This story is probably one of the most inspiring on this list. For a country that has never seen snow, four Jamaican’s want to start a bobsledding team. They have help from a former sled rider, desperate to redeem himself, who will help them get to Olympic selection and push forward to standing on a podium!


Some people don’t consider racing a sport, but as someone who grew up with a father as a mechanic and classic car guy, I beg to differ! But this show is about the racing relationship between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. They drive in Formula 1 racing testing their physical and mental health just to try and beat one another. But the relationship they have keeps them pushing themselves to be better and maybe crazier than they want too.

Ford v Ferrari

Another car movie on the list! The reason I out this one on the list is because during the biggest race scene the men who are racing are expending so much energy, time, and skill. What athlete doesn’t do that?

But this movie is about Ford creating a racing car to compete in one of the biggest races in the world, Le Mans! Ford doesn’t have a racing car in their garage so they get Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles to create one for them. With ups and downs in the political world of car racing, will the new Ford racing car be able to keep up with Europeans finest?

Space Jam

Honestly, I don’t even want to see the new one. I just don’t think it’ll compare. I might be wrong and you can think otherwise, but this is such a great show. The Looney Tunes are in need of help to win a basketball match and their livelihood, so they ask for the aid of Michael Jordan. A hilarious show!

I, Tonya

This is the only movie on this list that I haven’t seen, but I can’t wait to watch it. Margot Robbie stars as Tonya. It’s about her skating career and her association with an infamous scandal. She was an Olympic hopeful, but her dreams were dashed when her ex-husband conspires to seriously injure her competition. She has to withdraw from national and her dreams from becoming an Olympian.

We Are Marshall

The jingle, “We Are Farmers” pops into my head every time I begin to say the title!

But this show starts off with a tragedy with 75 members of the football team, coaches, boosters, etc. being in a plane crash killing many. The newest football coach tries to rally the town and create a new football team the town can be proud of!

Blind Side

Now I’ve heard that this story is kind of a “tunnel-vision” version of the story, but honestly the movie is inspirational and tells a great story.

I’m sure everyone knows this story by heart, but it’s about a troubled black teenager, named Michael, who gets noticed by a woman who takes him in and ends up adopting him him. The newest family members welcome him with open arms. Michael is learning how to play football and learning how to be a better student, but under a looking glass someone is watching to make sure his adoption is actually legit.

Fighting with my Family

I really enjoyed this movie and it was an unconventional hero, not something we usually see.

WWE is a sport that apparently isn’t as fake as we all assume it is. This movie really showed me that to be honest. A family who is all about the wrestling gets an opportunity to audition to be pro wrestlers. Brother and sister both go for it, but only the sister gets to the next step. We now follow her journey to belmcing a pro wrestler and becoming a performer for the world to see and win her very own title.

King Richard

The Williams sisters have taken the tennis world by storm and now we get to see the training and fresh start behind their success. Their father, Richard, is the man who taught them everything they knew in the beginning and fought for their career and also their young minds in the new, competitive, and dog eat dog world of professional tennis. It was a story I never knew and one I am glad the world was able to see.

American Underdog

I recently just watched this show and it was inspiring yet also really emotional. It’s about a man named Kurt Warner who tries his hardest to become the best football player. With the encouragement of his family, Warner becomes a two-time NFL MVP, Super Bowl champion, and Hall of Fame quarterback. this movie shows his tough journey to get there and that dreams aren’t always won with talent, but hardwork.

There are so many other good sports movies that I haven’t mentioned from my two lists, like Coach Carter, Moneyball, Bears, The Natural, The Rookie, Goon, The Greatest Game Ever Played, Glory Road, Eddie the Eagle, Pride and many more. Sports movies come in plenty, but they all have one thing in common, even the funny ones, they are inspirational.

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