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10 Great Sports Movies

Here are some great classic sport movies that will keep you interested from start to finish!

By Rich BurtonPublished 11 months ago 5 min read

Sports movies are a dime a dozen! There are so many sport type movie because there are so many sports and activities! There are also many fun, inspirational, and engaging kinds of sport movies!

Some are based on a true story and some aren’t, but the want to succeed and to be better are real. Enjoy the list and check out my part two for more!

Happy Gilmore

This is one of the funnier movies on this list. If you haven’t seen this though you have been missing out on some prime Adam Sandler gold! He plays an angry hockey player who never gets the chance to be on his team because he is just too angry (reminds me of Goon). While releasing his anger, a golf coach finds him and wants to get him to learn how to golf! And he is pretty good! And if you’ve Adam Sandler movies, you know that there won’t be an easy rode to being the pro-golfer people believe he could be. One of the best lines in the show, “I eat shit like you for breakfast.” “You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?” HA!


Before Sean Astin was Samwise Gamgee, he was Rudy. Wanting to play football for the University of Notre Dame, Rudy has almost nothing going for him except for the desire to be better. He rises up from his struggles and generational family job to get at least into Notre Dame. Now he has to rise up to get on the football and become something of himself.

A League of Their Own

I had the pleasure of rewatching this movie recently, thank you IMDB! And it is such a classic dealing with feminism, sports, and trying to be the best. It tells of the time when the men were being called off to fight in World War 2, and the baseball ball league needed players. So, the Midwest created a league of women players. We follow the story of two sisters and their rise to becoming some of the best ball players. Big names like Madonna, Geena Davis, and Rosie O’Donnell star in this movie.

Mighty Ducks

One of the best sports movies that will remain legendary! I am sure you have all heard this movie referenced at least one time! A lawyer, after a drunk driving citation, must now coach a young hockey team for his deeds. His history with the ice is rough, but this new team helps him get back to himself and he helps them get past their weaknesses and builds up their teamwork and strengths. Here’s some hilarious one liners:

“Don’t be careless, but don’t be too careful either”


“You’re not a has-been. You’re a never was.”

The Cutting Edge

There are so many Cutting Edge movies, but the one pictured above is my favorite. Watched Christy Carlson Romano since Even Steven’s and she is the best! Anyway, this show is about two unlikely skaters, one an ice princess the other a Hockey Jock, who come together to skate doubles and to win competitions or the Olympics. It’s fun, witty, and there’s a budding romance of enemies-to-lovers included!

If you’re looking for an ice skating show that’s similar to this try Netflix’s Spinning Out.

The Sandlot

Now this one is a classic. “You play ball like a girl,” is the line I usually think of most of the time. Even though that phrase is out-dated and woman can definitely throw as well as a man it definitely applies to me. I am so uncoordinated I play like a loser. But anyway, this movie is about a boy who finds friendship and camaraderie in a misfit baseball team. They grow and experience boyhood together trying to figure out life while playing the greatest game.


This movie hit me so hard in the feels I cried the whole time. A boxer whose life gets flipped after his wife gets murdered right in front of him has to start facing reality of life without her. They have a little girl who is also struggling during this time and gets the bad end of the situation because dad can’t handle the major trauma in their life. We watch as he tries to become a better dad and create a life for him and his daughter to live with one another again and be happy. It’s a long road, but family is the most important. I cried hard tears because you want to see them get back together and be a happy family again.


In 1946, Jackie Robinson was scouted out to play for the Dodgers. During this time, black people were not permitted to play baseball. Robinson faces rascism on both sides of the field. From the fans, the opposing players, and the players on his team. Robinson faced these hurdles with showing the world his talent and his prowess on the field and with kindness outside the field. With his infamous number of 42, he shows that anyone no matter what color your skin if you can play you have the right to play.


“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” One of the funniest sports movies in history! This movie is about a national dodgeball tournament that affects two gyms. One is going out of business and the other is trying to buy it out. We watch as these two teams try to make it into the championship and hit each other with giant red balls! Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn are hilarious and there are so many good one liners!

Whip It

Whip it. Whip it real good! This is about a girl who is involved in beauty pageants because her mother is forcing her to do them. She just wants to become an individual and finds skating. She is tired of conforming and finds the roller derby team, Hurl Scouts. She auditions and wins the open slot! Now she has to practice and earn her right to skate with this team, while trying to tell her mother about her true self.

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