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The Lab


By Lucy TorralbaPublished 2 months ago 12 min read
The Lab
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Doubt finally creeped into Anderson's eyes. She started to shiver as my hands reached for her temples. Making contact sent a jolt of electricity from me into her.

Entering her mind with Nightmare was a new exhilarating experience for both of us. Nightmare searched through her fears while I went through her memories. Finding the first one of meeting Armstrong I sifted through the rest carefully. Seeing everything that she had done throughout the years made me sick. By the time I reached the recent ones I knew where to go and what to do next.

Beginning to leave her mind Nightmare growled We should kill her now. Looking down at her unconscious drooling body I quickly drew my hands away. Overfilled with rage I smashed my fist into the wall to keep from hurting her. Replying to Nightmare Not yet, she needs to suffer for everything we just saw. Feeling their reluctant agreement I used the intercom for the main area, "Edgar come to the Maximum area's monitor room now!" I used Mat's commanding voice.

Hearing the sound of multiple people coming into the room I took in a deep breathe to collect myself. Mat came through the door first to ask, "How could you do that?" Before I could answer him Edgar came through the other door. Turning my attention to him I said using Mat's voice, "Take Anderson to the main area. Watch her like a hawk, if she tries to leave break her fingers. From now on until I say so she's under your care. She escapes and I'll tan your hide."

As he was about to pick her up I lifted a hand for him to stop while I whispered into her ear, "You are going to pay 10 fold for everything." Moving away I gave a nod for Edgar to lift Anderson over his shoulder to take her away.

Turning to see everyone stare at me in shock. I answered Mat's question, "Every time one of us was brought here the scientist would take a pint of our blood to run some tests. One of those being to inject Nightmare with our DNA. Anderson saw that when Nightmare is injected with some of our blood they gain and amplify our abilities."

The look of shock turned to fear again. "Why didn't you tell us before?", Ed asked. Looking up at him I said, "I wanted to give all of you some time before dropping that bomb." "You have all of our abilities?", Alexia asked. "Yes", I replied.

All of them waited for me to continue, "Before Nightmare merged with me it had tried to bond with over a 100 people. Even though they all died a part of them was left with Nightmare. Due to that Nightmare became stronger, faster, bigger. When they attacked me on that fateful night it split and left a part of themselves inside me. Earlier today they tried to consume me only to find that missing part to merge properly. I used Mat's voice on Edgar and Alexia's ability on Anderson just now."

Mat took a step forward to ask, "What do we do now?" I replied, "Before we do anything we all need to eat something." Everyone looked at each other and some people murmured in agreement. Ben had to ask, "Not that gruel right?" Stifling a chuckle I said, "I know where there's some real food and if I'm correct it's pizza day."

Ben had a spark in his eyes as he excitedly said, "Make a hole, make a hole." Everyone moved to either side of the wall for me to pass. As I walked through the threshold everyone followed behind. After exiting the main building I made a right to walk until seeing the double doors of the staff cafeteria. As I opened both doors everyone scattered inside to see and smell pizza for the first time in years.

It had somewhat of the same layout with the cafeteria we all got used to. Except instead of the dumbwaiter there was a display with small boxes that held personal sized pizzas under a heating lamp. Everyone went to open the small doors to pick a pizza. Some of them didn't even wait to sit down before devouring their food. Seeing them find a bit of joy even it was just from eating food brought a small smile to my lips.

I waited until everyone was seated before making my own selection. With a 3 meats in hand I made my way to eat outside. Feeling the tension in the air I knew they still needed some time and space away from me. While walking to the doors I caught Shelly looking at me with a kind sorrow.

Once outside I sat down against the wall away from the doors. Taking the first bite of pizza felt like Heaven. Nightmare asked What is this stuff? I can't get enough of it.

It's called pizza. Is this the first time you've had it?

Yes it is, never stop eating this stuff.

I Promise.

The door opened for someone to join me outside. Seeing that it was a guy from the Maximum security area looking down at me. He asked, "Mind if I sit next to you?" "Not at all", I responded. When he was seated he extended a hand to introduce himself, "Name's Ashe." Hesitating I wiped my hands with a napkin first before shaking his. "I'm Z and Nightmare, pronouns are they/them", I replied. "He/him for me", Ashe said. Taking a look at the others inside I asked Ashe, "Why are you out here with me?"

"I thought you could use some company."

"You're not scared of me?"

"Not really."

"Why not?"

"You haven't done me wrong and the only time I've seen you going all scary is when you're angry."

"You don't think I'm an angry person?"

"Nope. If you were, you'd be upset that I'm here disturbing you."

"Point taken."

"Why are you out here?"

"You could cut the tension in there with a knife. Plus I needed some time alone."

"You did look like you had a thousand mile stare going on, even with the sunglasses."

"I was talking with Nightmare."

"That's what you're going to call it?"

"That's their chosen name."

"Alright, how do I know I'm talking to Z?"

"For one I'm keeping my original human form, two if you can see the red glint through my sunglasses those are my irises, three Nightmare takes on a male look with emerald eyes, plus their voice is deeper than mine."

"Why does Nightmare sound like a singer in a metal band?"

"Nightmare sifted through my memories until it found a look that they liked."

"Cool. Can you make yourself look like anyone else?"

"I can, by one of two ways either by consuming some else's blood or by standing in their shadow."

"Does it hurt when you do that?"

"It did the first time."

"Damn that's intense."

"I've become numb to pain."

"Is that why you haven't lost your mind yet?"

"I don't have the time."

"Z what are your thoughts on what to do from here on out?"

"I've got a plan although I'm going to wait for the others to come out first."

"Got it", he said. Ashe stood to exhale slowly into the palm of his hand to create a mini tornado. Before he blew Ashe looked down with an open extended hand for me to take. Placing my hand in his Ashe lifted me to my feet with one strong pull. He rubbed his thumb along my knuckles before mumbling something under his breathe. "What was that?", I asked. Ashe quickly replied, "Nothing." Hearing Nightmare say He said you've got strong hands for someone so little. I replied You heard all that? He's touching us, I need to be alert at all times. After blowing the mini tornado Ashe said, "Y'all come out."

As everyone started coming out I made eye contact with each and every one of them. Still seeing fear in all of their eyes I didn't take any offense. Taking in a deep breathe I straighten my back before asking, "How is everyone feeling so far?" They said 'all good' or 'better now'. "Alright, I'm going to need everyone to follow me down to the lab that's under the main building. There's a good chance that Armstrong may be on land by now. From what I saw in Anderson's mind there is a room with supercomputers that has all the data the scientist took of us, along with all the information that was put into the facilities and more. I'm going to need Anya there to unlock any firewalls and absorb all the information that can be used against Armstrong and the investors." Anya stepped forward to nod. "There are about 10 in total since the beginning. When Armstrong contacts us and he will, we'll need to show him that non of us will be confined again. This island will become ours and if any of them ever try coming back to take it from us or try to take us back again we will not only fight back we'll expose them for everything that has happened here. Including the inhumane tests they did on orphans." Everyone gasped at the last word I said. Having a brief moment of silence I continued, "Shelly I know you can make people hallucinate I'll need you to create a holographic version of me. Eric you're a bit of a telepath, I'm going to need you to help us keep in contact with everyone. Dean you'll create portals if we need to rescue others like us from different locations. Hannah I'll need you to run faster than you ever have before in place to conduct enough power to be spread to everyone." Shelly and Eric held hands as they stepped forward followed by Dean and Hannah. "Once we go down there I'll attach a type of rope to everyone to keep us all connected. It'll be for safety and a distribution of power. Everyone who isn't Shelly, Eric, Anya, Dean, or Hannah will be paired up if we need to go to another place for a rescue mission."

Letting my speech sink in I asked, "Before anything happens will you all follow me?" Everyone needed a moment to think. "I will", Ashe said first. "You got me", Ed and Mat said together. The rest either said 'I will' or 'Yes'. Even Hannah and Ben agreed to follow me.

"Let's go then", I said turning to lead everyone. We all made our way to the main building in silence. Ignoring the anxiety trying to creep in Nightmare said We're going to make them all pay. I brought everyone to Anderson's office, against the wall stood a bookcase. On the right side there was a sconce with a candle on top of it. I had to keep myself from smiling at the obvious reference to one of her favorite movies she showed to me as a kid.

Lifting the candle off the sconce for the bookcase to move away from the wall I placed the candle on the table before descending down the staircase. Lights overhead turned on to illuminate the way down. By the end of the hall there was a dark door with the word 'Lab' written on it. A keypad and retinal scan to the right of it, hovering my hand over the pin pad I knew the code due to peeking into Anderson's memory. For the retinal scan I closed my eyes to reshape them to look like hers. Taking my glasses off I opened my eyes to see color for the first time since that night. Moving all my attention to keeping the shape and look of her eyes I leveled my head to the scanner. When the door opened I let out the breathe I had been holding as a heavy sigh.

Before setting foot on the other side of the door I put my sunglasses back on. The lights immediately came on to show a fully functioning lab on either side of us. As we all made our way down I saw another key pad before placing my hand over it I said over my shoulders, "Those of you with sensitive stomach keep yours eyes down no matter what you hear." The door opened and I continued to lead the way only to hear some gasps along with a few 'Oh my god'. They were looking at the translucent human sized test tubes with what used to be children in them. There was nothing even resembling human about them anymore, the scientist made sure of that. I made time to take a look at each and every one of them. All these lives destroyed in the name of greed need to be avenged I thought. Nightmare spoke angrily And they have the gall to call us monsters.

Reaching the first door that needs a keycard I used my shadows to transform my hand to the size of one. Short circuiting the door to open I gave a little to enter. A door to the left had 'Server Room' written on it. Opening it to see the supercomputer I turned around to say, "Anya you're up." As she came into my line of view I said, "Before you get started I'm going to need your hand." She lifted her hand freely. Wrapping both of mine around her wrist I used our shadows to form a chain that linked us together. "If you need help or have important information give a pull", I told her taking my hands away. She examined the shadow chain before saying, "I can work with this". Anya let the door close behind her.

Moving ahead I stopped at a door to the right that ready 'Nurse Ratchet'. "Alexia", I called. Everyone moved out of the way for her to step forward. She reluctantly dragged her feet in front of me. "Why?" she asked. "While in Anderson's mind I saw that you and her were close for a time. Anderson later on made a deal with Nurse Ratchet to leave you alone as long as she interrogates every trouble maker they send her way", I told Alexia calmly. As she gave me her hand I thought I hope this works. Nightmare replied I'll keep an eye on her. Looking back up at Alexia I said in good faith, "We've got your back." Using the same keycard method I held the door open until Alexia went through.

Turning to the others I said, "Eric, Shelly, Hannah and Dean I need you four to stay directly behind me." Everyone stepped aside for them to come to the front. All their eyes on me with lifted wrists I did the same for them as I did for Anya and Alexia. Once they all had a chain linking to me I moved past them to ask the others, "Who's next?" Ashe stood in front of everyone with his wrist ready as I laid my hands on top and beneath his. He touched the top of my hand gently as I created the chain. Ashe let go when I said, "Next." Ben was the last one to be linked. I turned back around to lead them all to the last door at the end of the hall. Not caring if there was a silent alarm attached to it, I kicked the door with such force that it fell of it's hinges. Hearing Ashe behind me say, "Noice." I felt some blood reach my cheek while my lips turned upward.

Walking into the room to see a couple of chairs smack dab in the middle I moved them both out of the way. Using the shadows to create a barrier separating us from the monitor I turned to Shelly, "I need you to make an exact replica of me to be seen by everyone on the other side of this wall." She nodded her head before touching my shoulder to create a replica. Turning around to see Eric I began creating a ball that attached all of our chains. I told him, "I need you to hold this to keep everyone in open communication." With the ball in his hands I turned to Dean, "I need you to make a portal big enough for the others to go and come through when the time comes." He went to the wall to place his hand on to and nodded. Hovering my hand over the ball in Eric's hands I told the others that didn't have a task, "Get ready and remember to pull if you're in danger." Finally turning to Hannah I said, "You have to be ready to put in 110% today. I can't have you freezing when Armstrong starts talking." Hannah just nodded her head in response as she laid her hand on my other shoulder.

A familiar voice spoke, "You're making a big mistake Tamara."

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