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Living Arc Angels part 3


By Timothy A RowlandPublished 9 months ago 34 min read
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They called the boys back into the room. Once they heard them stomping Christine yelled, “What do you two want for breakfast?” The only responses were a shrug and one “I don’t know.” Not much help exactly. So, they just figured they’d eat whatever was fixed. The four adults began to set about the task of trying to make something to eat, which wasn’t too easy since they had no idea where anything was. They split into teams. Eric and Tyler started looking for all the utensils needed, and the girls started looking for the food, yelling out what they had found so that the guys would know what they were after. They managed to scramble up eggs, bacon, and milk. As they all did their part in the cooking, the boys played in the living room. Tyler, Eric, Andrea, and Christine made sure to look in on them every so often. After all, they were young boys and liable to get into anything they could. The four of them began singing, partly to help the time pass and partly because they were just generally happy to be there.

Suddenly Eric shot his head up like he’d just heard a gun go off or something. He simply said, “The boys” and then walked out of the room rather quickly. Tyler followed, as did the girls. As they turned the corner to look in on the boys again, their hearts dropped to their stomachs. There was a man dressed in all black standing against the wall. His eyes were completely black. He gave a wicked grin and then extended his hand toward the two boys that were frozen in fear. Andrea and Christine yelled out, “No! Get away from them!” They ran toward the boys as fast as they could, or so they thought, and the man lifted his other hand toward them. Eric shouted and Tyler noticed a sudden burst of power shoot through him. Eric ran to and in a matter of only seconds was standing between the girls and the man’s hand. Tyler turned his body and in what seemed to be only the blink of an eye, rammed into him. That was only the first of surprises. Because then the man flew back and went straight through the wall. In fact, he flew through the next 4 walls as though they were made of paper. They heard a few curses come from his mouth and then saw a flash of black flames. After that he was gone. They all stood a moment. They knew that everyone was wondering how it was that they had just done what they had done. How they had moved as fast as they did. Only, no one had the answer and everyone also knew that too. Then finally Andrea spoke. “Well, Thomas said that we had power we didn’t even realize and that it was tied in with our emotions.” Then Eric added, “I think we just got a taste of that power.” Andrea gave a rather curious yet hopeful tone as she said, “Makes you wonder what else we can do.” Tyler thought about it and knew that he wondered too. But there was a fact to it that he didn’t like… so he warned. “Yeah, but I hate to think of how we are going to find out about them.”

They were so deep in thought and surprised by their own actions that it was just now that they started to realize that the two boys were in the corner of the room. They were looking at the four as though they were some sorts of super heroes. And then it occurred to them that…in a way… they were. They couldn’t be real sure of what all the youths said next. They were just bombarded with questions like, “Are you superman?” And “Can you show us how to do that?” Andrea just threw up her hand and said, “We are not super heroes and we don’t know how we did that. It must have been the rush of seeing you in danger. Let’s just get back to breakfast.” After that the boys went and started to eat their breakfast. Then, Andrea approached Tyler and rubbed his shoulder. “Are you okay? Does your shoulder hurt or anything?” He hadn’t even thought about it until she mentioned it. “Actually, I didn’t really even feel it. I felt the pressure of impact, but that’s about it.” Just as he finished talking, Eric and Christine came over to join them. Eric just said, “Any idea on what happens next?” No one bothered to answer that one. Mainly because they all knew that none of them were any closer to the answer than they had been to the others that had come up. Tyler wasn’t sure what was going through everyone else’s mind, but he was sure that to receive powers like that… there were major problems ahead of them for sure. However, he didn’t see the need to mention it to the others. Now was a time to be happy in spite of the events that had just taken place. And so he walked back toward the kitchen. He stopped a moment to look at Ricki as he ate. He had the feeling that there was something special to him. He was sure it was out of the love that he had developed for him. It was almost as though Ricki was his little brother. The little brother he had never had in life. As he passed by Eric he whispered, “When I catch up to that piece of shit that tried to hurt the boys… I’m going to make him regret the day he even saw my face.” Eric grabbed his shoulder and in a joking voice said, “Tyler, now is that any way for an angel to talk?” Tyler shot him a look, but there was no trace of humor in it. “Do you really think I care?”

The morning meal and all that it in tales went off with out a hitch after that. The boys were still a little fidgety, but other than that it all went well. However, Tyler could not shake the face of the man whom had tried to hurt everyone. He could see only the look of the man’s eyes. He had to get these thoughts out of his head. And so, he stood up from the table where they all were gathered and announced, “Let’s go out somewhere!” Everyone looked him over a moment, but then agreed. And so they all got up and finished dressing so that they would be presentable for going out in public. They had no idea what was to behold outside, nor would they ever of had a way of guessing. After everyone was dressed and ready to head out, they filed toward the door. And then they gathered in the elevator. While in the elevator Eric and Tyler took turns thumping the boys’ ears from behind. Just to get the reaction from them. Having finally had enough of it, Nathan turned quickly and drew back his fist. He then gathered all the strength his little body could muster and laid into Eric’s stomach. A soft cracking noise came next. At the top of his little lungs Nathan began to scream, “Ahhhh! My hand… I hurt my hand!” His eyes filled with tears as he looked up at the four adults. Christine knelt down to him and took his little fractured hand in hers. “You poor little boy… you shouldn’t have tried to hit him.” Then she looked up at the others and added, “Of course, I don’t think that fracturing your hands is normal when you punch someone in the stomach.” Christine suddenly shot her stare to her hand… and then back up to the other three. They too were staring now. Inside her hand as she held Nathan’s, a white light was glowing. Then as quickly as it had come… it was gone. After that… Nathan said, “Hey, my hand feels better. Thank you Christine!” She just gave a stunned look and then a, “Sure. Glad I could help.” After what had happened in the living room that morning… the boys weren’t too surprised at this. The four adults, however, were in a little bit of shock once more.

They laughed lightly as they all walked out of the building. Until they began to look around. It was as if they had slipped into some hellish nightmare. Everything around them was in ruins. There were no people to be seen. There was no building but theirs left standing. Buildings, cars, telephone poles, all sorts of different things were fallen and crushed… and on fire. And then things became even stranger as they noticed that several things around them were unrecognizable. Not, that they were destroyed, which they were, but there were things that they had never seen before. There were cars with body styles that look to be much more advanced than anything that was around even when they stepped into the apartment building. There were even cars that had no wheels on them, but instead had downward pointing fire burners, like those on the back of jets. Eric turned back toward the door they had just exited from and saw a stack of newspapers. They were on fire, but only partially. He called the others’ attention to them. Upon looking at the paper, they saw the date and took a step back as they gasp for air. It read January 29, 3035. Andrea ran her fingers through her hair, stopping them on top of her head. “How has a thousand and twenty three years gone by overnight?” Tyler scanned around at all he could see. His mind drew a blank. He didn’t like what he saw. “Ricki! Come here, I want you to stay close to me from now on.” Just then a young man came up to him. He looked to be around age 13. His hair was black and reached down to his shoulders. He looked up at Tyler and rather meekly said, “Here I am. Look… I’ve gotten bigger.” Tyler took a moment and looked the young man over. “My God! Is that you Ricki?” The young man looked at him a moment. “Of course it’s me. Your little brother… don’t you recognize me?” Andrea placed her hand on his shoulder and then said, “Well, you’re not so little anymore.” Behind him Tyler heard Eric say, “I think that time is catching up with all of us.” He turned and saw Eric and Christine holding on to another young man. He was about the same age as Ricki. “Let me guess…” He pointed to the young man. “That’s Nathan?” Christine just nodded her head. Again Tyler went to say something, but his words were clipped off in his throat. Suddenly he felt a burst of energy much like he had felt that morning in the living room. Just as fast, though, it left him. He was slumped over from the energy burst. As he stood upright again he noticed a man standing 12 or so feet in front of them. He looked closer and saw the black eyes that had haunted him since that morning. However, he also quickly took notice that it was not the same man.

By Christophe Van der waals on Unsplash

Mockingly the man spoke. “So, how do you like what the future holds? I think the master has done a great job improving this boring planet.” He then pointed to the young men and said through a low laugh, “I see that the young ones are already catching up with this time. Of course you do realize that since they are mortal, they will die of old age soon.” Then he gave a wicked grin and threw his head back in what he seemed to think was amusing laughter. Eric started to step toward the man, but was stopped by someone. He drew his attention to the arm, and the man to whom the arm belonged. It was Thomas. Thomas looked at the man and in his own smug tone retorted, “Yes, but you know as well, that the four of them will in deed catch up with this time too. In fact… I believe that they already have by now.” The black-eyed man was no longer amused. He simply screamed out, “Kill them all!” And then he was gone. Before there was time to wonder why or where the man had gone, they were surrounded by what looked to be at least 12 or so men and women. All of them had the black eyes. Thomas looked around and then laughing said, “Things just got interesting…wouldn’t you say?” Then he waved and again faded away in a display of white light. Tyler yelled into the air, “You could have at least stuck around long enough to help.” Then a big man with his fist drawn back, charged toward Tyler. In shock and defense, Tyler threw his hand out toward the man. He felt a rush of heat in his palm and then saw a cloud of pure white flames flow in a stream from his palm and striking the would be assailant. Just as the flames made contact the big man was reduced to statue of himself made of only ash.

He turned to inform the others, but having seen what had just happened they had already gotten the idea. They too were expelling streams of white flames from their palms. In only a matter of moments there only stood the 6 of them and 12 statues made of ash. Ricki quickly slipped from Tyler’s grasp and ran up to one of the statues. He let out a yell and then swung hard on it. His hand flew through the statue with no resistance. Then the statue grumbled. After his display of anger toward the statue Ricki ran out a few feet way and started to jump and down yelling, “Yes, we’re okay. They’re all dead now. You guys were awesome!” Tyler at first began to laugh and then suddenly saw a burst of black light appear only a few feet behind Ricki. “Ricki! Get over here! Look out!” As Tyler began to run for Ricki, an all too familiar face appeared where the black light had been. It was the same man from this morning. His eyes began to glow bright with that familiar black light and his face displayed his contempt as he yelled, “No one lives through a battle with me… no one!” Then he raised his palm again. But before any of them could even make it to guard the young man, a bright and searing stream of black flames shot from the man’s palm. The stream traveled through Ricki’s back and then out through his stomach. Tyler could only see the look of pain and horror streak across the face of a young man he had come to love as his own little brother. Though his body was now that of a 13 year old, Tyler could see the face of that little boy he had helped in the restaurant. He felt the heat from the streak of flames shoot only inches from him as he continued to run for Ricki.

He managed to catch him before he had even hit the ground. It seemed that he was only a second or two too late to stop him from being hit. The others rushed to him as well, and Christine put her hand onto the exit wound. She closed her eyes and tried to repeat what she had done with Nathan’s hand earlier. Sadly, she looked up at Tyler and in little more than a whisper said, “Tyler… it’s not working. It won’t heal him.” The bright light appeared, but there were no results. Tyler shot his gaze toward the man that stood there laughing. He leaned his head down toward them and through his laughter and in a mock sympathetic voice asks, “Awe… is the little rodent going to die? How very sweet that you care.” Then he allowed another burst of laughter to ring out. It echoed all through the streets and the piles of rubble that remained of the buildings. Eric, Andrea, and Christine looked at Tyler and began to feel a strange force building on the air. It was intense and they could all feel it. It didn’t take long for them to realize that it was coming from Tyler. Slowly, almost and even partly out of a small amount of fear of what would come next they all began to back away from him. Tyler stood staring at the man, but it seemed as though he were looking through him rather than at him. His muscles were tight and his eyes held a power, pain, and contempt that seemed to radiate through the air as well.

Then startling everyone, even the man whom was laughing so much he abruptly ended it; Tyler threw his head back violently and let out a screaming yell that barely sounded human. The others could only stare; their mouths gapped open in amazement at what they saw. Tyler’s pupils quickly dilated and then began to glow brightly white. His hair tripled in volume and grew in back down to just beneath his shoulders. Then like some grand finally white flames, much like those that came from their palms, radiated densely and brightly from his entire body. Thomas suddenly appeared behind them laughing softly. He scared them as he began to speak. “That, my dear angels, is what is known as an evolution. It’s an intense and powerful increase in power and abilities. It occurs when a living angel feels an emotion so intensely that he or she actually taps into the hidden power with in and also pulls power from Heaven itself.” No one could asks or even comment on any of it. It was all rather mind numbing. Then with another soft laugh he added, “That demon is in a whole lot of trouble and he doesn’t even know it yet. Killing Ricki after progressing time this far was about the dumbest thing he could have done. When his boss progressed time and then you all caught up your power was increased already…but by making Tyler this angry and feel the loss of someone he cared about so much… he has guaranteed his end.”

Tyler stood a moment allowing the power to rush through him. Then he lowered his head and stared intently at the man with the black eyes. “You are a demon aren’t you?” The man’s face was swept with a crooked smile. “Guess you’re not as dumb as I thought you were.” Tyler gave his own smile. “I’m also not as weak as you thought I was. And now, little demon… I’m going to send you back to Hell. I’m going to send you back so hard and fast, you will be likely to be driven right up Satan’s ass.” The man took a step toward Tyler, but before he could even take another step Tyler was already standing only a few feet away. The demon jumped back a little in shock. “I was going to just rush you and then kill you… but I wanted to make sure you knew it was me, and that you not only felt what I am going to do to you, but also knew it was coming.” The man struggled in speed to raise his hand toward Tyler. The familiar black flame gathered in his palm. The sight only infuriated Tyler further, seeing what had killed his young friend. Tyler yelled again, and as the black flame began to stream toward him, he matched it with the white flame from his own palm. When the two streams met, they resulted in an explosion, which sent the demon flying back a little ways. Tyler however did not move an inch. No longer able to take his time and control his anger, Tyler raised his palm again toward the demon, whom still was laid out on the ground, and released the anger through his palm. The result was a burst of white flame that had to have measured at least a foot in every direction. And then in one mighty and blinding blast the demon was nothing more than a pile of ashes that only somewhat resembled the shape of a man.

Behind the others, Thomas whispered, though they couldn’t be sure if he had even intended them to hear his words. “I have never seen a living angel that was so powerful in only their first evolved state.” The others saw no reason to comment on it or even ask the questions that were already plaguing their minds. Andrea started to approach Tyler as he made his way back to them. He was still in his evolved state. She figured that it was because he could not calm down. As she came to him, he stopped and looked deep into her eyes. She knew he was looking for the sense of peace that he always found there. She was suddenly afraid that she might not have it in her. Now when she could not fail him, she knew she might. The truth was she couldn’t keep her own pain and anger out of her eyes. She was certain that he could see it there. She noticed that his pupils weren’t glowing as brightly now, and thought that maybe that was a sign that he was beginning to calm down now. As he looked at her he softly asks, “As you look at me… do you see a man or a monster?” She felt tears begin to flood her again, but fought them off as best as she could. “I could never see anything more than the man I love when I look at you.” He seemed to take relief in her words. Just then, Eric said with a hint of fear and sorrow in his voice, “Up until now we’ve cremated all the ones we’ve lost. But maybe we should bury him.” Then a lightening bolt of fear shot through Andrea as she saw Tyler take a deep breath and his face showed signs of hurt and anger again. Once again his pupils glowed brighter and he raised his palm toward Ricki’s empty body, with out looking in that direction. His palm filled with the bright white flame in a circular pattern. Then, a blinding blast streamed out in a wide shot. Once the fire disappeared, there was nothing left of the young man’s body. Not even ashes remained. In response to the puzzled looks, Thomas said so that everyone could hear, “Only demons leave behind ashes.”

By Dalton Smith on Unsplash

Tyler walked over to greet Thomas and before he could say a word, Thomas told Tyler the same things that he had told the others just after Tyler had evolved. Tyler’s only response was, “Despite the power… it was not worth the cost.” Thomas lowered his head. “I told you that your power being connected to your emotions would be both a blessing… and a curse.” Christine put her hand on Thomas’ shoulder and asks, “Who was the demon that was here first… the one that manipulated the time?” Thomas turned and walked away a few feet and then turned to face them all. “His name is Vartoc.” Tyler interrupted trying to keep his anger from raging out. “He’s mine!” Just as he said the words, the flames that radiated from him grew larger and the glow of his pupils became brighter. And then it all went back to the way it had been before the comment. Thomas looked at him worriedly, “No! In truth you are all lucky that he left you to be destroyed by Tarvutis- the pile of ash on the ground. Even all four of you together are not ready to destroy him yet. He is an upper level demon.” There was a low wave of disapproving scowls, but no one spoke.

Before they knew it they were all back in the apartment again. Thomas explained that since they had left the apartment, time had caught up in there as well. Tyler’s pupils were now only lightly glowing white and the flames that radiated around him were only a low glow holding tight to his body. Andrea walked to him and reached for his face. It was the first she had tried to touch him since he had evolved. “Be careful, we can’t know if the flames will hurt you.” She smiled at him and stretched her hand out the rest of the way as she said, “I’ll take my chances.” He smiled and she touched his face gently. Then she leaned up and tenderly kissed his lips. “I miss him too, but we can’t bring him back. Plus, he wasn’t ours anyway; he’s back with his parents now.” With that, Tyler leaned down and returned her kiss. She flung herself against him and held tight to him. “I love you, Honey.” She whispered. As he returned with, “I love you to” the flames went away and his pupils then turned back to normal. Thomas laughed a little and exasperated, “There you go… glad to see that you’ve calmed yourself enough now.” Andrea pulled away from him a little and then let out a chuckle. “What is it?” She first pointed and then reached behind his head. She took a good bit of the hair that was in back and pulled it around to his shoulder. “I guess not all the effects go away.” He smiled a bit. “Guess you’ll have to get used to me having long hair now.” She crinkled up her nose a little and then just nodded. In a hurt filled voice Eric, who was standing in the corner with his arms folded against his chest, interrupted. “I have been thinking. I think that Nathan should go somewhere away from us and stay, before he ends up…” After that he trailed off, unable to finish his thoughts. There was no need, however, and with the thought everyone shuttered. There was a silent agreement among them. Finally, Thomas said, “I can take him, but it is up to the four of you as to where he will go. Choose wisely.” Tyler looked to Eric and Christine. “You two have been the main influence in his life so far, I think it should be up to you two where he goes.” They did not except nor deny the choice. Eric after a little thought made his suggestion, “How about California?” Thomas lowered his head and blankly stated, “There is no California anymore. It is a waist land now… has been since 2187.” Finally Christine said, “We should send him somewhere! What about Florida?” Everyone looked at Thomas and he said nothing. Then he looked as though he suddenly knew something that no one else did. And in truth he did. At that moment, he lowered his head and stood in the middle of the gathered four. “I am afraid that this choice is no longer in your hands. I am sorry both to have tell you this and also that you will see this.” In some strange way the four around him knew what he was going to say before he said it. “As I said, the time here has caught up, just like everything else has. Nathan was mortal… and so he caught up to the time as well.” Before he could go on Eric said, “He’s dead.” Thomas just put his hand on his shoulder and gave a quick, “Yes. Old age.” Everyone started to cry, but for some reason did not. Then Thomas added, “If you win the war… he and everyone else will be reborn.”

Andrea could feel the power once again gather around Tyler and she grabbed him tight. “No, calm down. Getting upset and angry won’t help or bring anyone back.” Again he kissed her and said, “Yeah, you’re right.” Out of nowhere Andrea’s head flew forward into her hands. “Honey, are you alright? What’s wrong?” She raised her head and then through a partially hidden smile she softly said, “Nothing. I just had what I think are memories… but…” She didn’t finish. Thomas laughed a little and explained for them all. “I was going to tell you about that. Since time has passed and you are all catching up, memories of what have happened since your old time will start to come to you.” After that Thomas waved and announced he had to leave, but would see them again. Then he was gone in his usual fashion. “Andrea, what was the memory?” She coyly replied, “Nothing, Dear. I’m sure you’ll remember it too anyway.” Then she kissed him passionately, so passionately it took him by surprise. “I’m going to go lay down a while, okay.” He could barely get his “ok” out before she left him toward the room. The others went about talking and keeping busy, while Andrea walk back to the room she and Tyler had been in and laid down with a smile on her face as she started to replay the memory of making love to her husband slowly in her mind, like a story… no, a fairy tale:

With out warning, she was jolted from her estranged memory, by a deep sense that struck at her like the claws of a wild animal. She quickly jumped out of bed and ran to the living room. The others were standing in the middle of the room in a semi-circle. “Did you guys feel that?” Tyler walked to her and then pulled her tight to him. “Yeah, but what was it?” Then Thomas again appeared a few feet away. He jokingly said, “See, I told you I’d be back soon.” He told everyone to sit down, which they did. “First you should know that it is once again 2012. The demon that you first encountered in front of the building, Vartoc, has the ability to manipulate time, as you know. Well, so long as he still lives time will continue to change at random. Once he is killed the time will return to normal. However, note that no matter what time you go back to, those who have died in any other time will not return. The events that occur in one time will remain true in the next, even if it is before the event occurred. Also, time will begin to overlap itself as well. Don’t be surprised if you see a horse drawn carriage moving down the street in the year 2200 or something of the sort.” The four tried their best to understand everything that this meant and also to prepare themselves mentally for what they may see. However there was no real way to do that and they accepted that. Tyler then asks, “Does that mean that our power will carry over to each new point in time?” Thomas then nodded in his direction in a dignified manner.

Just then they felt the same inner sense they had felt a moment ago. In a rather whiney voice Christine exclaimed, “time is changing again!” Just then a bright and blinding flash of light burst through the room, and as the four opened their eyes; they were now sitting on a rock in the middle of a dessert. Eric looked around at the distant mountains and the sea of sand and then through his hands into the air. “Well, this is different.” Slowly, trees and various plants began to grow up around them. Then before long, vegetation and giant trees surrounded them. An eerie sound shrieked from the sky, and as they looked up they saw a giant bird that blocked the sun light from them entirely as it flew past. Andrea put her hand to her head and slowly said, “Oh, boy! That’s a pterodactyl… a flying dinosaur.” The trees behind them rustled a bit and then were flattened by a huge foot. With out even looking up they knew that they were now in front of a tyrannosaurus. Out of mostly fear and partly reaction, the four simultaneously raised their arms and let out a unified and blinding stream of white flames from the palm of their hands. The result was the earth-shaking thud of the huge beast hitting the ground. It was burnt all the way through and parts of it were still on fire. “Wow! That really stinks!” Eric muffled through covering his nose. Tyler smiled a little and said, “Yeah, but I bet it taste just like chicken.” Andrea broke in with, “Should we try to walk somewhere and see what we can find, or take shelter or something?” Everyone thought about it. Then Eric said, “Well, I’m thinking we are just going to find more trees and big beast…maybe we should wait here for the time to change again.” It seemed logical, so they all agreed.

By Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash

Six hours later:

Eric stood and said, “Well, I got to go.” He stood and turned around while undoing his pants. He began to relieve himself when again they all had the familiar sense. Then sure enough, the bright light once again shot through. When the light disappeared and they all opened their eyes, they were now standing in the middle of a dirt street, surrounded by buildings made of only wood. Didn’t take a genius to figure out that they were now in a western looking town. Tyler laughed a little and then said, “Well two things are obvious. First of all, we are now in the 1800’s. And second… Eric you are pissing on a horse’s foot.” Eric jumped back, “Sorry, Fella.” He redid his clothes and then they all set out down the street. The town was deserted, only the horses lined the street. “Well, maybe everyone’s inside.” So, one by one they all checked the different establishments. There was no one to be found. Until they walked through the swinging doors of the local saloon. There at the bar, stood a man with a cowboy hat turned down over his face. Andrea scoffed at the man and matter-of-factly stated, “You might as well look up, Demon. We know it’s you. There are no humans left here.” Laughing, the man raised his head and hat. When the four caught site of the jet black eyes, a primal rage built with in them. However, it was not Vartoc. It was another demon. He stood over six feet tall and had long blonde hair. Strange color for a demon’s hair they thought, but his eyes told well enough what he was.

The four took a step toward him, but before another step could be taken, strange blurs began to appear all around the bar and the inside of the building. Then before long, there were people there. They seemed unaware that anyone out of place was there. They were drinking and playing card games. Laughing and going about their day. “Watch this you little rodents.” The demon raised his arms sideways, with out looking where he was pointing it, and a stream of black flames came shooting from his hand. The fire struck three people who then simply melted away. One was a child. He began to speak, but through an air of disgust for the four before him. “I am Vargus, and it is my job to kill.” He let out a wicked and evil laugh as Tyler then, no longer able to withstand it burst into his evolved form. He quickly charged the demon. Andrea looked over to Christine and with a tone of girlish delight said, “You know, I’m starting to kind of like it when he does that.” Christine laughed and then the girls preceded by Eric joined in charging the demon. With both arms raised in a flash, the demon expelled the black flames from his hands toward the four living angels, throwing them back thru the swinging doors and onto the middle of the street. Before Tyler could get to his feet, the demon rushed out the door in another flash and was holding him up by the throat. “As I said, it is my job to kill, and you will be a pleasure to get rid of.” Then Tyler suddenly saw fear and surprise on the demons face. He looked down, as did the demon. Andrea stood with her hand pressed against the demon’s chest. “You’re fired!” Then with a coy little smile the light from the white flames shone brightly between her hand and the demon’s chest. He flew back screaming, and while still in mid air, burned and turned to ash, which then scattered on the wind. Christine picked herself off the ground and brushed herself off. “I need some rest.” They all nodded to the notion. They walked, couples hand in hand, down the dirt street and came across a little boy. As they looked closely they realized that he looked a great deal like Ricki. Beside him stood another little boy who looked just as closely like Nathan. One of the little boy’s spoke, and just as Ricki and Nathan had, they both began to speak in exclamations. “Hey, that was great, Mister.” “Mam, can you do that again?” The four laughed happily. Then as one stopped talking the question came out loud and clear. “What are ya‘ll… like, Phantoms or something?” The four looked at each other with an approving look. Then Tyler finally said, “Yeah, kid. We’re the, Phantom Four.” The other little boy just said, “That’s neat, mister. Hey, there’s a hotel over there if you’d like to stay a while.” Eric jokingly said, “Well, sounds good, but we have no idea how long we’ll be staying anywhere we go.” He looked to the others and they all tried to hide their smiles. Taking the kids advice though, they all headed toward the hotel.

As they neared the hotel, Tyler stopped suddenly. “Does anyone realize how often we’ve needed or wanted to rest? I mean, to us, the time is going by that much between resting.” They all thought about it a moment, until Eric said, “I guess maybe the time travel thing is effecting us a little more than we thought.” They exchanged a look and then all at once turned around slowly to head back the way they came. They were all muttering things like, “Yeah, we don’t need a break right now.” And “I’m good.” Trying to hide the embarrassment they felt for feeling somewhat lazy. As they walked away Andrea mentioned, though under her breathe a little, “Of course. Only we would get time travel jet-lag.” Then she grabbed hold of Tyler tight. As they look ahead of them and gazed upon the shops and dirt streets with the horses and carriages parked in front, they began to question their sanity. Not because they were now standing in the middle of a western movie surrounding, but because a little off in the distance they could see what was clearly a 21st century convenience store. Then slowly more and more they started appearing… buildings and all sorts of things from their own time. They appeared around everything, and then began to replace things. Christine, half in awe with the others softly said, “My God, the time change has slowed down a little now, I think.” And then everything around them, even the air it seemed, began to shift in every direction. The bright light that they had become all too familiar with shot through them once again.

As they all opened their eyes, they realized that they were back in their apartment. However, they were not together. Each one began to call out to the other. Then came the unified sigh of relief as each person answered. They were merely in separate rooms. Most likely because of the shift, they had landed back the last place they had been when the time changed. However, because of the walls and random items that sat in various locations, they were moved. After all, two objects of matter cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Tyler sat upon the bed and propped his leg up onto the dresser. It was good to be home… even if it wasn’t over. He pulled off everything but his jeans. He decided to change clothes while they were there for him. Before he went any further with that though, he just sat there taking a strange comfort in being back in the apartment and back in their own time. Even if it was only for a short while, it was something to be thankful for, for sure.


Andrea apparently came to the same conclusion about changing clothes that I had, because she showed up in the doorway of the room. She came in smiling at me, and closed the door behind her. “Honey, I have to change clothes while we are here. Who knows when we will get the chance again?” She walked over to me and kissed me softly. The tapping on my foot told me that she needed to get into the dresser. She crossed her arms and took hold of the bottom of her shirt. Then she lifted it up over her head so that she could start to change. I quickly grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to me. I gently kissed her stomach as I lightly ran my hands up and down the sides of her body. She smiled again and lightly put her hands on my shoulders. I undid her belt as I kissed her exposed body. Then, snap- her pants were unbuttoned, and then unzipped. I laid kisses just above the triangle below her waistline. I saw her reach back and unhook her bra. She grabbed the shoulder straps, but my hands quickly fell onto hers as I stood up.

She released the straps, and then cradled my face with her hands as she kissed me deeply. As our kiss grew more intense, I rubbed her stomach tenderly. My hands began to glide up her body to just below her breast. I broke our kiss and moved my kisses to the left side of her neck. Then I pulled the strap back and kissed her shoulder softly… then again… and again. The next kiss fell onto the right side of her neck. Then the right strap was pulled off, and soft kisses fell onto her right shoulder. My hands slid under her bra, and then caressed her breast ever so gently. I used my thumbs to slide over her hardened nipples, back and forth. I brought my hands back down her body and her bra fell to the floor. I looked into her eyes deeply and whispered, “You truly are an angelic sight, my love.” She leaned into me with an erotic wiggle of her body as she sat me back down onto the bed. She put her hands on each side of my face, and then kissed me deeply once more. With out even breaking the kiss, she moved her hands down and pushed her pants to the floor. A whispering whisk was made as they fell. Then, she pushed me onto my back, allowing herself to fall onto me, our kiss still not broken. As we went back higher onto the bed, she stepped out of her jeans. I softly laughed as she looked down at my jeans and belt and then at me with a silly girlish face. I softly ran my hand up and down her back’s soft skin- how I love the feel of her skin- as she undid my belt and then my jeans. She removed them both so slowly and with a devilish grin, both, which drove me crazy with passion, frustration, and anticipation all at once. First, my belt, sounding like a rattling chain was slipped out of the loops. And then, my pants were pushed down until they came to rest upon my feet. I used my feet to kick them off. She slowly straddled me, placing her knees to each side of my waist. I sat up and took a gentle yet tight hold of her. Once again, our lips tenderly met in a kiss.

Her nails traced my back, and her head rested softly on my shoulder. I kissed her neck and savored her womanly taste with my lips barely touching the skin. I could hear faint moans escape between each of her heavy drawn breathes, which only served to heighten my desire for her. Slowly and ever so tenderly my fingertips traced their way down the sides of her body. I stopped at the waistline of her only remaining clothing. I pulled them easily down as she lifted to allow them to be removed. She assisted in removing them, then reached down and took a hold of mine. In only an instant, we were both flesh to flesh. The heat from our bodies caused us to become more enchanted in the moment. She giggled as she started to feel me grow against her. She lifted up and then took hold of it. I moved my tongue around her nipples and in between, as she positioned me to meet her desires. Slowly and delicately, she lowered herself onto my awaiting point of pleasure. Her head fell back as our bodies started to rock in unison. Soft moans filled the air in the room, as our speed increased… but, only slightly. We moved slow, making each stroke tender and loving. One more so than the last. She leaned her head back up, smiled at me, and then put her hands on my shoulders. I met her in the middle as she leaned down for another kiss. As we kissed, I could feel the vibrations in her throat that were muffled moans of pleasure. We pulled only inches apart. She was a little surprised when I lifted us only inches from the bed and turn her onto her back, setting her delicate body down gently upon the cool blanket. With her knees drawn up on each side of me, our slow, passionate, tender, and loving pace of lovemaking continued. Pleasure moved through our bodies like waves in a gentle breeze. We both felt as though we were making love on a cushion of air. As she continued to moan softly in my ear, I kissed her neck and chest, muffling my own soft moans.

Suddenly, she gripped me tighter, and pushed her mouth into my neck as she screamed out a powerful orgasm. I could feel her body erupt and convulse against me as the waves of electricity shot through her body. Her internal grip began to release me little by little as her orgasm started to subside. Once that grip was weakened enough I continued our previous movements for a few more seconds, and then pulled her up, so that she sat on my legs off the bed. I held her tight as she held me even tighter. Our movements were just as rhythmic, but a bit faster now. We made love with an intense hunger for one another. With only an inch or two between us, and our lips pressed together, our lovemaking once again took control of our bodies and minds. Our thoughts were only on the one we held in our arms. Then, with a sudden burst of pleasure and release, we orgasm simultaneously. We had once again taken a lover’s grip on each other as we rode the rapid and strong waves of ecstasy driven love and total release. She slid back onto the bed and then onto her back. I laid myself beside her, and she then slipped her head onto my shoulder. Our bodies close, and glistening with sweat, we laid in silence a moment. We knew that we were saving our words for when our minds were done swimming in a pool of ecstasy, and our hearts were once again at their normal pace.

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