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female psychologist

The saddest story

By 青木Published 3 months ago 12 min read

Female psychologist He Dun begins to suffer from serious illness.

In the morning, fever. Husband and assistant Bo Wanfu said: "Please call in sick."

He Dun said: "With whom? With yourself?"

Bai Wanfu said: "Follow me. I will arrange for the visitor to reschedule."

He Dun swallowed hard, and the saliva brushed his throat like a cut pepper. Said: "No. This is about our credibility."

Bai Wanfu retorted: "You can't become your own Zhou Papi."

He Dun said: "I can do it." After that, he took double the antipyretic medicine and got up to freshen up. In order to cover up the sallow complexion, special makeup was applied. After being renovated, it doesn't look too sickly. Bai Wanfu had no choice but to stop blocking him. He knew that He Dun was a person who valued his work more than his life.

Fortunately, the clinic is just downstairs and the transportation is convenient. He Dun's knees were so weak that he held on to the railing and moved from the fourth floor to the first floor. If you are crowded into a bus, it will be really fatal.

When I walked into the workroom, it was still early and the first visitor with an appointment had not yet arrived.

Freud's couch, covered with light blue cloth, lies quietly in the corner of the psychology room, like a brave animal that has sucked the secrets of countless people and is taking a nap. Legend has it that Pixiu is the patron saint of money. He has no anus and only eats but does not defecate, so his belly is as big as a drum. The Freudian couch in the psychology clinic devours psychic prey. There are stories everywhere in the psychology room, half of them are stuck to the legs of the sofa, and a quarter of them are stuck to the ceiling. The weirdest stories are hidden in the folds of the curtains. Once you flutter open the curtains in the evening, they escape, flying diagonally through the air with one wing drooped. There are also some of the most miserable stories, buried underground in the psychology room, like hidden corpses that burst into flames in the middle of the night.

Physiologists wear white coats, while psychiatrists have no overalls. He Dun thought this was unreasonable, and the clothes were like armor. On the battlefield of the soul, what should we do without corresponding protection? Her home is upstairs. How can she distinguish between her different roles without changing her outer clothing? So, she positioned several sets of regular clothes as her own work clothes. When you go to work, you feel like a samurai going into battle, choosing your armor according to your mood. Today, she was wearing a gray-blue sweater and gray-blue trousers. Whenever she wears gray and blue clothes, the conversation goes particularly smoothly. Like a sharp dagger, suitable for close combat. Perhaps, human subconsciousness is gray-blue, and our ancestors are fish and come from the ocean.

He Dun heard a noise in the waiting room outside. It was Wen Guo, the receptionist, who had arrived. He Dun asked: "Are there many people making appointments today?"

Feeling conflicted. As the person in charge of an independent psychological clinic and a psychologist, of course I hope to have as many visitors as possible, but as the workload increases dramatically, I sometimes look forward to a few days with no results and a legitimate rest.

"More." Wenguo unlocked the official document cabinet and took out a stack of forms and handed them to Hedun. "The first person's surname is Wu, and I want you to be treated by name."

"Wu what?" He Dun asked, names often reveal information.

"It's not Wu Tianwu, it's Wu who has nothing. Teacher Bai invited a visitor, but that person refused to give his name no matter what." Wen Guo smacked his lips.

One minute before the appointed time, a man walked in. "Psychologist Hedun is already here, right?" He said straight to the point.

"Yes. She is already waiting for you." Wen Guo replied. Bai Wanfu looked at the word "none" on the registration form and felt that it was inappropriate. He wanted to try to save it and said: "Please fill out your form accurately. This is also for your own good..."

The man interrupted him arrogantly and said: "I know better than you how to treat myself better. Your rules and regulations do not say that if you do not fill out the form completely, you will not receive visitors. If you feel that your system is appropriate Not rigorous enough..." The man tilted his ring finger towards the wall, where a "Visitor Instructions" notice hung. He continued: "...I can change it in the future so that people like me don't have any loopholes to take advantage of. This time, if you're sorry for the offence, I'll go directly to a psychologist." After saying that, Wenguo and Bai Wanfu didn't wait for their reactions. , strode into the psychology room.

He Dun sat on the sofa, panting slightly due to illness and weakness, and her intuition told her that the person who came was not a good person.

The man was tall, with a stern face, and was wearing a black suit, as if he had just returned from a funeral. He Dun stood up with a smile and said, "I'm He Dun. Hello."

"I'm not good enough, that's why I came to you." The man replied coldly, his eyes filled with murderous intent as he sat down by himself.

He Dun also sat down and said, "How should I call you?"

"Just call me X." The man's voice still had no warmth.

"Sir, you are special." Hedun said. She didn't want to call him "X", like an unknown letter in a calculation. There was no one else in the room, so the word "sir" became the pronoun.

"Special" is a neutral word that can refer to excellence or alternative. In Hetton's experience, this is a safe haven, and most people will embellish the word according to their own understanding.

"I'm nothing special. You are special." Mr. X was not fooled and retorted.

Hedun did not want to enter into a confrontation at the beginning of the conversation, so he dropped the topic and started another chapter. "You are here, do you have anything to discuss?"

"No." The man simply blocked this direction.

He Dun persisted and said: "If there is nothing to discuss, why did you come here so early in the morning? Moreover, these hours are all charged. I don't think you are a philanthropist who comes here specifically to give us alms. Right?" He Dun didn't like this atmosphere of hidden secrets, so he simply took it lightly and made a joke.

The man's face relaxed slightly and said, "I have nothing to discuss with you. What I want to talk about is another person's matter."

Hedun said: "The psychological interview must be done in person."

The man said, "She can't come."

He Dun said: "Who is this person to you?"

The man said, "You'll know when you see it." After that, he took out a few photos from the briefcase he carried with him.

The photo shows a woman dressed as a village girl, holding a willow branch in her hand and smiling cautiously.

"I don't know." He Dun looked at it carefully and replied.

"Where's this one?" The man's eyes were intense and he handed over another photo.

At a glance, there are thousands of red rays of light, and a thick white embankment stands incongruously across the red light, like a sunrise on the sea. Looking closely, the red is a pool of blood, the white is the pale and drooping arm, and in the middle is a deep trench-like cut.

"This is..." Fine beads of sweat appeared on He Dun's head, which was partly the effect of the antipyretic medicine and partly the result of severe shock. This is obviously a suicide scene. No head or face appears at all, and it is impossible to identify who it is.

"Cut your wrists." The man's tone was as cold as ice.

"What's your purpose for letting me see these?" He Dun fought back desperately. She couldn't let this man pull out photos one by one like a monkey hunting for treasure, catching her off guard.

"Don't be anxious. You'll understand soon." The man said, handing over the third photo. "Do you know this woman?"

He Dun took a look. With just one glance, she recognized her.

"I know him." He Dun reported truthfully.

"What I am discussing with you today is her problem. After she consulted with you, she divorced me when she returned home. After that, she cut her wrists and committed suicide..." The man said one word Said after a pause.

He Dun covered his mouth with his fingers. Even a well-informed psychiatrist cannot control his desire to scream. The airflow between his fingers lifted up his forehead and pointed it straight at the ceiling, basically giving him the effect of being furious. Not out of anger, but out of fear. Fortunately, long-term practice allowed her to compress the second half of the scream into an egg-sized air ball and forcefully swallowed it. Her stomach immediately began to ache.

"I came to you today just to know what you said to her?" The man's eyes were filled with anger.

That woman is Da Fang.

He Dun felt nauseous. She didn't know whether it was the return of the high fever or the news that made her mentally confused. No matter what the reason was, she had to persist. This not only involves reputation, but also human life.

She adjusted her mentality and said, "Are you too old?"

Lao Song was stunned for a moment and said, "Is this what she called me to you? Okay, I'll use the name she gave me, Lao Song."

He Dun said: "Old Song, I'm very sorry. I can't tell you what your wife said to me."

Lao Song gritted his teeth: "The blood is flowing like a river, and you are still so stubborn!"

He Dun calmly said: "If the Public Security Bureau comes to see me, I will report the truth, but you can't. You are just an ordinary visitor. I can't tell you the situation of another visitor. It is my professional ethics to keep silent."

Lao Song said: "I must know what you said to my wife, telling her to live or die!"

He Dun said: "In my case, please give up your illusions. If you want to achieve your goal, there is another good way."

Lao Song was puzzled: "What method?"

He Dun said: "It's very simple, you can just ask your wife."

Lao Song said: "She didn't tell me!"

He Dun said: "As a couple, you have one of the closest relationships in the world. She would rather die than tell you what's in her heart. Why do you ask an outsider what happened? This is a paradox in itself! Maybe , what you should ask yourself most is what happened to you!"

Lao Song was magically frightened by these words. It took him a while to regain his composure and said, "You will never tell me the truth?"

He Dun said: "Yes. If the purpose of your coming here today is to find out what your wife has said to me, then you can leave. I will inform the staff that this is not a consultation and refund your fee. . Is there anything else?" He Dun stood up and supported the sofa to resist the sudden dizziness.

Unexpectedly, after hearing such categorical words, Lao Song became calmer and said, "Do you understand me through the conversation with my wife?"

He Dun paused, thinking about how to answer. Say "I don't understand"? Obviously not true. Did she say "very understanding"? All she heard was one-sided words. Hedun cautiously asked, "Why did you ask this question?" Rhetorical questions are a good strategy, which not only buys time for oneself, but also forces the other party to further explain their motives. It is the basic skill of a psychologist to pick up flowers, smile, and fly leaves to test, and to hide things between talking and laughing.

The scheming Lao Song was fooled. "No one in this world can understand me," he said.

He Dun spoke concisely and to the point: "You are very lonely."

Lao Song's heart was pounding. No one had ever spoken to him like this. Men must be strong and strong. He said: "How do you know? How can you understand this state of mind at such a young age?"

"I'm not as young as you think. I'm very old," Hetton said.

One sentence caused smile lines to appear on the corners of Laosong's mouth, and he said: "How old are you? Are you older than me?"

He Dun said without hesitation: "Of course he is older than you."

Lao Song was puzzled and said: "I won't inquire about the details of your conversation, but I believe you must know how old she is. I am three years older than her."

Hedun said: "I'm not talking about physical age, but psychological age."

Lao Song said: "People want to be mentally young, so how can you wish you were old?"

He Dun said: "The work of a psychologist has brought me many changes. So many people have told me their stories, which resonate with me and are closely related. It allows me to have a glimpse of the richness and mystery of life, the uncertainty of life and death, and the harshness of the world. I have really come a long way. The road he travels seems to be three thousand years old. The growth rings in his heart are full of vicissitudes, like an old demon."

Lao Song looked at this short woman who was not beautiful in surprise. He had been walking in officialdom for many years and had seen and heard a lot. Such emotion is unheard of.

He Dun was also a little strange. She was usually very strict with her mouth, so how could she express her true feelings today - at an inappropriate time, in an inappropriate place, facing an inappropriate person! Maybe it was the high fever and Da Fang's fate that made her upset. End it quickly! She made a gesture of seeing off guests.

I didn't want Laosong to sit firmly on the sofa and not get up, and said: "I am a visitor, you can't drive me away."

He Dun said: "I'm sorry, you are not."

Lao Song said: "It wasn't before. Now, it is."

He Dun said: "I can't tell you what you want to ask."

Lao Song said: "I know you won't tell me, so I won't ask. Now I want to ask new questions."

He Dun said: "If you want to use this method to gather useful information, I advise you to give up the idea. I am very vigilant and very principled."

Lao Song said: "Psychologist Hedun, you underestimate me. Since I have already said that I will give up prying into the conversations you have had, I will never break my promise. Don't think that it is your principles that make me give up. , No. As long as I want to know it from your mouth, I can know it. Didn’t you just say that when facing people from the Public Security Bureau, you must recruit them from the actual situation? This is not difficult for me. To be honest, it’s you The words hurt me. You said it is a shame for a couple to know what the other person said from others. One day I will know from Da Fang what you have said! "

He Dun said: "How is Dafang now?"

"Fortunately, he was discovered in time and is resting in the hospital. His life is not in danger."

He Dun breathed a sigh of relief and said, "The days are long. I feel a little relieved."

Lao Song said: "So, I decided to continue talking to you."

Hedun said: "I'm afraid this won't work."

Lao Song said: "What's the reason?"

He Dun said: "I already know that you and Da Fang are husband and wife. I cannot act as a psychologist for both of you at the same time. This is an established rule in our industry."

Lao Song said: "Dafang will not come for consultation. She is frail and sick and will not be able to leave the hospital in the near future. If one day she comes for consultation, I will leave. How about it?"

To be honest, He Dun really didn't want to accept this visitor. She had been exhausted both physically and mentally by the unexpected changes. During hesitation, Lao Song said: "You have the opportunity to hear different versions of the same story. Isn't this a rare challenge for a psychologist?"

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