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Among the three people, at least one told a lie

female psychologist

By 青木Published 3 months ago 36 min read

Not long ago, the Ford Psychology Institute specifically discussed Da Fang's case.

When a psychiatrist is confused, he needs guidance from an expert. It's like when a doctor who diagnoses and treats physical diseases gets sick, he has to go to the hospital to see another doctor. Psychiatrists perform high-intensity psychological work and are particularly vulnerable to injury. This kind of internal injury cannot be cured by ordinary people and requires a special doctor. This process is called supervision.

Hedun fought alone and had no superiors. It's like an auto repair shop. The director's surname is He. A locomotive with serious problems arrived, and the workers were helpless as they could not repair it. Someone was injured in the process of repairing the car, which made things even more complicated.

He Dun found the teacher who taught him psychological skills, but he didn't want him to be able to help him. It's like a graduated student who wants to go back to school and seek advice from professors of pharmacology, pathology, and anatomy when he encounters a difficult or complicated disease in the hospital. They all perform their own duties and cannot answer all the strange medical cases in the hospital.

There is no way to ask for help, so I have to save myself. The theme of the meeting in the institute is Da Fang.

Tang Xiaoxi occupied a prominent position. She now works in a library and takes psychology classes part-time, preparing to change her mind and become a psychologist in the future, and pays special attention to learning. Academic Sha Yin and Zhan Yong were sitting upright, as if attending an academic conference. Several guest psychologists lined up and whispered. Sitting in the corner was Bai Wanfu.

"The meeting is about to begin." He Dun announced.

Tang Xiaoxi said: "There are just a few of us? We don't have any authority or anything?"

"It's called peer mentoring," Hedun said.

Tang Xiaoxi said: "I don't understand. What is a peer? It seems that this title is only used when talking about Whampoa Military Academy."

He Dun said: "I didn't understand it at first, so I looked it up in the dictionary. There are only two words behind 'peers' - 'peers'."

Tang Xiaoxi burst out laughing and said, "I thought this word was so mysterious. We have been in trouble for a long time and we are accomplices. It refers to us, brothers in trouble!"

Sha Yin couldn't stand Tang Xiaoxi's lack of seriousness, so she said: "Today is an academic discussion, so there must be rules. Without anyone else to supervise, we must maintain a strong academic atmosphere."

He Dun did not want to get into a joking atmosphere at the beginning. In addition, Da Fang's treatment was his own subject, so he was even more worried. He said: "We can only overcome difficulties with collective wisdom. Everyone, pay attention. I will report the case first. The progress."

Tang Xiaoxi chuckled and said, "It's a bit like the Public Security Bureau solving a case."

Sha Yin said: "Be serious."

Tang Xiaoxi refused to accept it and said: "The Public Security Bureau is not serious anymore? Who is not afraid of the police uncle?"

He Dun ignored them and kept talking, and gradually everyone focused on Da Fang's case.

It was long, boring, and suffocating... He Dun became impatient and finally finished talking about the consultation that had just ended.

"Is it over?" Tang Xiaoxi asked.

He Dun replied: "It's over."

"Did you really return the money?" Tang Xiaoxi was very anxious.

"The money was ready, but she didn't take it. She said my last words were worth so much money," Heton said.

"That's good." Tang Xiaoxi breathed a sigh of relief, covered his mouth and smiled.

"You just remember money." Sha Yin was dissatisfied.

Zhan Yong said: "I think He Dun's last words were too strong of gunpowder? Did they interfere with the thinking of the person involved?"

Before Hedun could explain, Sha Yin couldn't help but said, "I think that's too easy! A woman who has been deceived, abandoned and teased by her legal husband over and over again, and forgiven over and over again, what does she get in return?" ? He was turned into an empty shell! This kind of family tragedy can never happen again. If it continues, it will not only be an extramarital affair with a third party, but also someone's life."

Tang Xiaoxi also ignored the past grudges: "I completely agree with Sha Yin's opinion. We must give the client strong support. In other words, be her natal family and help her speak! Speak out her bad breath! Support her! Let her cheer up. Courage, fight against bad elements like Lao Song! Judging from the reaction of the client, Da Fang, the support strategy is completely correct. She is tired of ordinary listening, and her request for a refund is proof. So in the future, we must change our strategy and become passive. initiative."

These words made He Dun dare not underestimate Tang Xiaoxi. After three days of separation, you should look at each other with admiration. He Dun said: "Xiao Xi, it seems you are a good student."

Tang Xiaoxi said embarrassedly: "The teacher always praised me for my good understanding. He also said that the profession of a psychologist has nothing to do with academic qualifications. It mainly depends on whether a person has the ability to understand others and his personality strength."

Zhan Yong, who graduated from graduate school, was not happy to hear this and said: "In foreign countries, to be a psychologist, you need to graduate with a doctorate and undergo a long period of clinical practice before you can work with a certificate. It's not like here. After a short period of study, you can become a psychologist after high school. If you go to a psychologist, no wonder the results are not good."

The offensive nature of these words made Sha Yin uneasy, and she quickly came out to smooth things over, saying: "We are mainly discussing the visitors today, and don't change the general direction. China's national conditions are different from those of foreign countries, just like the originally poor and white rural areas, which lacked There are few doctors and few medicines. It is a good thing that barefoot doctors are here. If you say this is not formal, then there is something wrong with it. Waiting for our universities to train PhDs in psychology to become psychiatrists is really out of reach and a drop in the bucket."

He Dun said calmly: "I also wish that we all have Ph.D.s, but it's a pity that we can't do it. Even if there are not so many Ph.D.s, do we still have to be helpful? Maybe one day in the future, people will laugh at today's naivety and primary stage. , will not laugh at our efforts. Peers are substitutes for mentors, we can only learn and discuss and improve in practice. The spirit should be carried forward, right?"

The words made everyone warm in their hearts. They felt the responsibility and sacred mission, and the atmosphere became harmonious.

Zhan Yong said: "I am the only male present, and I feel a bit lonely. Do you have any opinions on this case that I don't know whether to express or not?"

Before the women could speak, Bai Wanfu said, "Am I not considered a man?"

Zhan Yong said: "I'm sorry, I'm talking about a licensed counselor."

Bai Wanfu muttered: "I also participated in a training class and am studying."

Zhan Yong said: "But we are only two men, so we are still in the minority."

It turned out that no one noticed the gender ratio. When Zhan Yong said this, everyone looked around and admitted that what he said was the truth. Tang Xiaoxi said: "Does this have anything to do with the ratio of men to women?"

Zhan Yong said: "Of course it does matter. You are both female psychologists, and the visitor Da Fang is also a woman. What she is talking about is the emotional entanglement between men and women. It is easy for you to look at the problem from Da Fang's perspective." .”

Hedun said: "Well said. Keep talking."

Zhan Yong said: "No more."

Sha Yin said: "How come you swallowed back your words as soon as you started talking? You should be able to tell everything you know and finish it."

Zhan Yong said: "It is indeed gone. I just want to remind everyone to pay attention to such a trend. As for how it will be reflected in this case, I haven't thought about it yet."

Bai Wanfu said: "I'm not a psychologist. I wonder if I can tell you something?"

Everyone said: "Say it."

Bai Wanfu said: "As the saying goes, if you listen to both sides, you will be enlightened, but if you listen to one side, you will be dark. We are not a women's federation, and we are not a government office that vents women's anger."

Tang Xiaoxi said: "If you have anything to say, just tell me."

Bai Wanfu said: "What problem does Da Fang want to solve? To say she is miserable, she is quite miserable, but she is definitely not the most miserable woman in the world. At least she still lives in a bungalow, has a nanny, and is popular and drinks hot food. To say that Lao Song's betrayal is very abominable, but he can be fair to Da Fang. As the old saying goes, a person's life is betrayed by gambling, but Lao Song did not want to kill Da Fang..."

Several female psychologists started shouting and asked, "What are you talking about?" Isn’t Dafang in pain and dying? Does Da Fang want the situation to spread? Do you have to kill someone to help her?

Bai Wanfu raised his hands in surrender and said: "I also talk about whatever comes to my mind. Aren't you allowed to speak freely? I'll give you some advice."

The discussion went on for a long time, bricks were smashed on the floor, but Jade did not show up for a long time. He Dun said: "What is everyone's opinion? Dafang is coming for another consultation soon. What should I tell her?"

Sha Yin said: "Help her build confidence and not tie her life to an unfaithful man."

Tang Xiaoxi said: "We might as well encourage her to divorce. A man like Lao Song, no matter how high his status is or how good his stance is, is not trustworthy. Even marrying a butcher is better than this."

Zhan Yong said: "If the client has not filed for divorce, I think it is better not to take the initiative to mention this issue. Psychiatrists have a principle: you should never walk in front of the client, but follow him closely like a hound."

Bai Wanfu said: "I would rather demolish ten temples than break up one marriage. This is the collective unconsciousness of the Chinese people."

Tang Xiaoxi said: "It's amazing, everyone talks about collective unconsciousness. I admire it. However, I think this is not unconscious, but conscious."

Everyone discussed for a long time, and basically agreed: He Dun should give Da Fang "calcium supplement" to make her stronger. If Lao Song continues to be dishonest, he must take the initiative of his destiny into his own hands and not let the tragedy happen again.

After the peer discussion ended, Hedun was very happy. The long-standing confusion was solved by collective wisdom.

Unexpectedly, Da Fang committed suicide.

The conversation with Lao Song had come to an end, and Lao Song said: "Therapist Hedun, I will come again in the future."

He Dun wiped the cold sweat from his head and said, "I'm sorry. In the first half of this treatment, I almost didn't treat you as a visitor. There may be some irregularities. Please forgive me. Can I provide long-term treatment for you? We’ll make a decision later.”

After Lao Song left, He Dun fell into great confusion. She had heard all the despicable deeds about this man from Da Fang's mouth. Although the therapist should be neutral and not judge the value of the client, the therapist is not a clay sculpture, but a person with flesh and blood and warmth. He Dun has his own unswerving values and philosophy of life, and his position is clear and incompatible.

To be honest, He Dun was afraid of Lao Song. A shameless man, wearing a sanctimonious skin but full of vileness. He Dun even thought of a story in an ancient book, which said that a certain evil young man was very sexually interested, and all the female guests, guests, and even maids in the house "would have sex many times". He Dun was stunned to continue talking to such a villain.

He Dun refused to admit defeat. Dafang's case made her sleepless and uneasy. It was a maze of thinking. What happened between this woman and this man? What is the truth? Why did a treatment strategy adopted after careful peer supervision cause such a shocking and fatal change? Man, man, what kind of unbelievable logic do you have in such a sudden change?

Maybe, if you don’t enter the tiger’s den, how can you catch the tiger cub? Lao Song's suggestion is full of evil power.

When Bai Wanfu learned that the sanctimonious man was Lao Song, he fiercely opposed He Dun's further treatment.

"Ignore him! Stay away from him! The further away the better! A big villain! He made his wife lose her guts, took out her intestines, removed her kidneys, cut her stomach, pinched the tips of her lungs, and finally cut her wrists. This This thug is so heinous and irredeemable! You must not get entangled with this gangster!"

While we were eating, my mother-in-law was so frightened that she put down her bowl and said, "Heden, are you going to deal with gangsters?"

He Dun glanced at Bai Wanfu sickly: "Don't talk nonsense about work regardless of the occasion. It will make my mother worried."

The mother-in-law said: "I don't know who is coming and going in this place of yours. But I know what happened to the gangsters. They are absolutely not allowed to enter! After all, I am the landlord. If he comes, I will Block the door and blow him away with a broom!"

In my mother-in-law's life, the broom was the most powerful weapon.

Bai Wanfu said: "Mom, if I didn't tell you, would you know who the gangster was?"

The mother-in-law was not happy: "Looking at what you said, do you think I am so dim-sighted that I can't even recognize a gangster? It's not wrong for a fool to be idle with a smooth tongue and a shiny tongue!"

Bai Wanfu and He Dun looked at each other and smiled. Except for the shiny hair, the old pine and other features were unreliable.

A meeting was held again, and He Dun discussed with everyone.

The dignified Sha Yin said: "Oh my God! This devil is actually here. It's scary to death. He Dun, put away your curiosity quickly, this is a pervert! Keep him away! Otherwise, there will be endless troubles!"

Male psychologist Zhan Yong said: "He Dun, you are brave enough to deal with him for a long time. Be careful, he might rape you in the psychology room!"

He Dun hesitated and said, "Is it that creepy?"

Wen Guo, who was in charge of recording, stopped the pen in his hand and said, "Don't be afraid of ten thousand, just be afraid of the worst. If you must insist on interviewing him, I suggest adding a device in the corner of the sofa in the psychology room."

He Dun was puzzled and said, "What equipment?"

Wen Guo said: "Dagger."

He Dun said: "What's it for?"

Wen Guo said: "At the critical moment, if you don't succeed, you will be punished. To preserve the innocence of the female psychologist."

He Dun said: "I don't care about my reputation."

Bai Wanfu said: "Then you always care about the overall situation, right?"

He Dun was puzzled: "What is the overall situation?"

Tang Xiaoxi said: "Can't you hear this? It's your life!"

He Dun said slightly confused: "Do you think my life is threatened?"

Tang Xiaoxi spit out the shreds of meat embedded in her teeth during lunch and said, "Who knows whether you will die in the line of duty?"

Zhan Yong said thoughtfully: "Teacher Hedun, do you have any financial considerations in accepting this visitor? Having one more person to consult will, after all, bring a fixed income to the institute."

Hedun said: "There is no economic factor. You know there are many people waiting now, it is almost crowded!"

Zhan Yong said: "Then my opinion is not to take this case. Because, what do you want to achieve? I think this man has a personality defect and has an extremely stubborn and cold core deep in his heart. . And personality defects are the most difficult to cure. How much heat can you use to melt this ice core? With the same investment, we might as well help those who are easier to see changes."

This time the peer supervision was nothing more than nothing.

In desperation, He Dun went to the home of radio host Qian Kaiyi. Qian Kaiyi was very happy to see He Dun coming and said in a voice as cool as mint: "I've been waiting for you."

He Dun took off his shoes, sat down cross-legged on the Persian carpet in Qian Kaiyi's home, and said, "Wait for me to pay you back, right?"

Qian Kaiyi said: "You always think of people so badly."

Hedun said: "People are actually much worse than I thought."

Qian Kaiyi said: "I want to see you even more."

Horton began to take off his clothes and said, "This is what's worse than thinking about money."

Qian Kaiyi said: "Wrong. This is because of love."

The two of them lingered on the carpet, He Dun didn't feel happy, and the all-pervasive coldness in his body never subsided at all. Fortunately, a kind of relaxation that is full of fatigue is also longing for.

Qian Kaiyi hugged He Dun and said, "Why didn't you marry me in the first place?"

He Dun said: "If I marry you, I won't be able to realize my dreams. I am a person who values dreams more than love."

Qian Kaiyi said: "So absolute?"

He Dun said: "Let's not talk about this. I want to ask you a question, if there is such a visitor, should I accept it or not?"

He Dun briefly told the story of Da Fang and Lao Song. Of course, many specific characteristics were ignored, so that even if Qian Kaiyi met Da Fang and Lao Song in the crowd, he would not be able to identify them.

After Qian Kaiyi finished listening, he remained silent for a long time. Hedun said:"You can't make up your mind? If you want to object, stop talking. I've heard enough objections."

Qian Kaiyi said: "For example?"

"Be careful he rapes you in the psychology room!"

Qian Kaiyi said: "That's not the case, right?"

Hedun said: "I am also afraid that the interview process will be unpredictable."

Qian Kaiyi said: "Is it that serious? I think since he came to you for consultation, it means that he is also looking for answers and changes. If he wants to rape and kill you, he will do it by hiding in a corner, so why show up? In broad daylight, I still have to pay you a consultation fee. Are there such murderers in the world?"

He Dun said: "I understand what you mean." After saying that, he put on his clothes, took out his wallet, and started to give Qian Kaiyi some money.

Qian Kaiyi said: "Is this a consulting fee paid to me? I gave you guidance and you got something for your work. In your jargon, this seems to be called supervision."

He Dun said: "This is not a labor fee, it is the principal and interest of the debt owed to you. If it happens two more times, we will settle everything."

Qian Kaiyi stretched and said, "Do you have a second phase of the project? Or a sequel?"

He Dun said: "What do you mean?"

Qian Kaiyi said: "I will continue to invest. Otherwise, I am afraid that you will ignore me after paying off the loan."

He Dun said: "Whether what you say is true or not, I am willing to hear what you say."

He Dun overcame all objections and made an appointment with Lao Song for another interview.

Lao Song and his wife are very similar in that they are both very punctual. Appear in front of Ford's gate before the specified time. Looking at the watch, it was still early, so I struck up a conversation with an old man with gray hair who was watching the street warily and holding a long broom in his hand. He smiled and asked: "Do you live here?"

The old man said: "Yes. We are old neighbors."

Old Song said: "Baking in the sun?"

The old man said: "Standing guard."

Lao Song couldn't help but laugh. Who would such a frail old lady serve as a guard? Like a dried yellow onion, although the shape still remains suspiciously round, the skin is so thin and crisp that it breaks at the touch and falls over.

Lao Song joked: "Protect against fire and theft?"

The old man said: "No. Beware of gangsters."

Lao Song said: "Are there many gangsters here?"

The old man said: "There weren't many in the past, but recently I heard they were coming."

"Why?" Lao Song wondered, there was nothing interesting to say here.

"My daughter-in-law brought it all on." The old man curled his lips.

Lao Song thought to himself that although the building was inconspicuous, it still contained the beauty and fragrance of the country. He said to the old lady: "My daughter-in-law is beautiful, and it will not be ugly to have a grandson."

The old lady said: "Ugly. He still refuses to have grandchildren."

When Lao Song saw that the words were unreasonable, he quickly changed direction and said, "If the gangsters come, you are no match for your body."

The old lady waved her broom and said, "If I don't fight him, I'll just run away."

Lao Song looked at his watch and saw that it was almost time, so he said, "Please take care, I'm leaving."

The old man said: "Where are you going?"

Lao Song said: "Buddha."

The old man said: "I'll tell you how to go, enter the door, go to..."

Lao Song said: "Thank you, I've been here before, I know you."

The old man said: "You are a good person, well-educated and sensible, please walk slowly." Then he still guarded obsessively.

Lao Song, whose hair was shining with steel-blue luster due to the high-grade mousse, entered the psychology room. He Dun was already sitting upright and said, "Let's get started."

Old Song said: "Where do we start?"

"You can start with any topic," Hetton said.

Lao Song said: "Others start from a blank paper, but I start from a piece of waste paper smeared with colorful colors, or maybe a piece of shit paper smeared with filth."

He Dun said: "It's not waste paper, it's a piece of paper that has been flipped over. If you insist that this piece of paper does not exist, I don't think you will believe it. We still start from a blank piece of paper."

Lao Song said: "It doesn't matter whether it's white paper or black paper, as long as you listen carefully to my story."

He Dun said: "Okay. Let's start with you throwing those candy wrappers wrapped with stones into the pond."

Lao Song was stunned for a moment and said, "Do you know this?"

Hedun said: "Yes, I know."

Old Song sighed sadly and said, "How can she say that? Those are real candies, sweet and fragrant, not rocks wrapped in sugar paper."

He Dun was surprised: "Is it really candy?"

Lao Song said very definitely: "Of course it is sugar, White Rabbit toffee. Later, I often went to drink the water from that pond, thinking that the pond water with so much toffee dissolved must be sweet, right?" Lao Song said these words When I was there, there were sincere memories and nostalgia in my expression.

He Dun was confused and said, "But Dafang said you admitted that those were all fake. They were the pebbles you wrapped in candy wrappers."

Lao Song said: "It can be seen that what we are facing is not a blank sheet of paper. You say you can flip it over, but in fact you can't."

Hedun said: "Please forgive me. However, I hope to make this matter clear."

Lao Song said: "I believe this is what Dafang said to you personally. She is such a person who will make some of her imagination look like the truth. She has asked me many times to admit that those candies are fake, otherwise I will She refused to give up. I said, if I said those candies were fake, you would stop pestering me like this? She said, yes. I had to say what she wanted."

He Dun fell into a fog. This is a small thing, just an insignificant detail in the entire Bagua Array. But it's a very disturbing sign. Like a cornerstone on which the entire building is built. Now, the pebble slides.

He Dun quickly organizes his thoughts and will surely gain wisdom. She should not check everything Da Fang said with Lao Song one by one. She should abide by professional ethics. But she must get as close to the truth as possible. Without the truth, all discussions and changes in the parties are just building towers on sand.

Even though she didn't like Old Pine, and even though re-listening to the story was a very tedious and torturous process, she had to start from here.

Once the determination and direction were determined, He Dun became quiet. She said to Lao Song sincerely: "Everything should be according to the true description in your memory."

Lao Song said: "Thank you!"

In the days that followed, Hedun entered the process of splitting. She was looking forward to Lao Song's arrival, but she also instinctively avoided this day. Lao Song is very talkative, has an extraordinary IQ, is very logical, and has an excellent memory. His detailed descriptions are thoughtful and make you feel like you are at the scene. He and Da Fang were talking about the same thing, but their descriptions were completely different.

Questions are like the croaking of frogs before a rainstorm, one after another. He Dun couldn't speak or ask, she could only listen. Listening for a long time left her confused and crossed. Just like when you are faced with a vessel that has turned into powder, someone will tell you categorically that it is black, and then someone will tell you categorically that it is white. Swinging in the vortex of black and white, you'll have to be dizzy to see a ghost!

He Dun rarely took notes before. She believed that the psychologist's head should be the best tape recorder. If it's important, you'll remember it. If it's not important, you'll forget about it. The human brain is a natural sieve. There are endless benefits, benefits, and benefits. Any artificial records are unnecessary.

Now, she had to suspect that her brain had been gnawed by worms, leaking out everywhere. Return to tradition: A good memory is worse than a bad writing. Step by step, I wrote down Lao Song's words and compared them with Da Fang's memories.

The narrative spans the ages, and the love between children is trivial and complicated. He Dun can still tolerate these things, but who asked her to do this job? Those who strike iron must have strong arms, and those who dive into the sea to pick up pearls must be able to hold their breath. People who are psychologists have learned a skill - listening to people talk.

What's confusing is that the truth is so confusing that it's even more confusing than the actual murder. There is a crime scene, and there is blood or a murder weapon. There will always be clues, witnesses and evidence left behind. You can launch large-scale investigations and rewards, and you can use all high-tech detection and deciphering techniques. For a psychiatrist, all the equipment is a pair of ears, two eyes, and, of course, a heart. The description you heard, the time is the same, the characters are the same, but the motivations are different, the details are different, and the conclusions are different...

In all his narratives, Laosong describes himself as a family man. He strives to be clean in his political performance and takes great care of his wife in life. If there is anything he cannot take care of, it is because he is too busy with work and is definitely not distracted. Regarding his wife's repeated illnesses and surgeries, Lao Song explained that she was physically fragile and had been recuperating at home all year round. Her exposure to people and things was relatively narrow, so she was sensitive and could easily have wild imaginations.

He Dun looked at this man like a zen. A high-quality, well-fitting pure woolen tweed suit is a very pure gray called high-grade gray. It has no flash or dark patterns and represents simple and noble cultivation and style. When he talked about key points, he would make light but powerful gestures with small amplitudes, which made his hands often wave in front of He Dun. He Dun noticed that Lao Song's nails were trimmed very roundly, and there was not a trace of dirt in the gaps. Only middle-aged men with extremely balanced nutrition and basically indifferent to grains and limbs can have such baby-pink nails. Those gestures are like powerful footnotes, embedded in Lao Song's narrative, making people dare not question their accuracy. Lao Song's eyes were looking at He Dun candidly. When he met He Dun's eyes, he didn't avoid them. He just raised them politely, brushed past the tips of He Dun's hair and then lowered them, appropriately and appropriately. All of this shows that he is a positive person with a dignified appearance.

If you are an ordinary person, you will definitely be deceived by Laosong. However, He Dun is not an ordinary person. Or to be more precise, He Dun was originally an ordinary person, but she was armed with the science of psychology, coupled with unremitting work and hard work, which gave her a certain degree of piercing eyes. She could see Lao Song's fierce look and inner embarrassment. Like those gestures. When President Clinton was questioned by the justices, he made a similar gesture forcefully. He once told the American public word for word: "I have not had sexual relations with Miss Lewinsky..." Between these words, Clinton made a firm gesture like a knife or an ax, but what is the truth? Woolen cloth? Clinton lied. Unfortunately, He Dun's kung fu is far from perfect. Her thinking is sometimes clear and sometimes chaotic. Most of the time, she becomes Da Fang and Lao Song's public trash can, messy and unclean.

If it is an interrogation, you can string together the confessions of several people and analyze them, and use your spear and attack your shield to bluff, bluff, and get to the bottom of things. As a psychologist, these are not allowed.

Hedun was driven crazy by the mystery of the truth. She decided to throw out some materials to see Laosong's reaction.

"Miss Tea, do you know her?"

"Which tea lady?" Lao Song looked like he was thinking about the memory. His eyes glanced upward to the left, which showed that he had really entered into the process of searching and was not just perfunctory.

"I don't remember." Lao Song replied.

"Didn't you have skin-to-skin contact with her?" Without stopping, Heton simply opened the lid.

"With a little girl selling tea? This is absolutely impossible!" Lao Song denied.

"So, have you always known Afeng?" He Dun decided to check the facts to a limited extent without betraying Da Fang. This was definitely not the best way, but at least it was the only way she could think of at the moment.

"Are you talking about an office director I used to work for a long time ago? Of course I know him. It is impossible for an official not to know his office director. Not only do I know her, but everyone in the entire agency knows her. Because the office Our job is for all functional departments. Is there anything strange about this?" Lao Song opened his innocent eyes wide.

"Have you ever had a relationship with Afeng that goes beyond the ordinary superior-subordinate relationship?" When He Dun asked this question, he felt like a cadre of the disciplinary inspection department.

"No." Lao Song denied.

He Dun didn't know what to say for a moment. If it is a reconnaissance interrogation, you can say lightly, "Do you need me to remind you, it is in the guest room of your house, the time is..."

She was not qualified to say this, but she would not retreat lightly. Hedun continued according to his own policy.

"So, you know Yi Wan, right?"

"I don't know him." This time, Lao Song's eyes did not turn in any direction and he simply denied it.

"Yi Wan is a female doctor." He Dun inspired, emphasizing the word "doctor".

"Due to my work, I know many female PhDs. In the past, female PhDs were relatively rare, but now they are as common as cucumbers and tomatoes." Lao Song also emphasized the word "doctor" tit for tat.

He Dun was dumbfounded.

If the story of Miss Cha and Afeng may have been forgotten by Lao Song because of the passage of time, the story of Dr. Yi Wan is so close at hand that it seems like it was the other day. How can we deny it?

Bai Wanfu was also very interested in Lao Song. He asked several times how it was going, but He Dun always said: "Keep it secret."

Why keep it secret? Because I can't figure it out at all. For the same thing, you hear different descriptions, which are completely different. So, who could possibly be true? For other visitors, when Heton closed the file, he also isolated his worries and sorrows in airtight plastic bags. Before your next visit, take it out and review it, and you will be able to attack and defend with ease when entering the situation. Horton dug a firebreak between the fate of these people and his own life. It is a barren land where neither sympathy nor thinking can grow, so as to maintain one's moral neutrality and spiritual peace. This time, the flames burned through the wall and smoke billowed into Hetton's life.

Who is real? Who is fake? Is the guidance for Dafang correct? Are the outcomes of peer supervision positive or negative? What exactly happened between this couple? Should they divorce? Is Da Fang a schizophrenic masochist? Question marks tortured He Dun. When she was desperate, she asked Lao Song in a desperate move: "Have you really never had sexual relations with other women?"

Lao Song said angrily: "No! If your idea came from my wife, I can tell you very responsibly that she made it up out of thin air! She put poison in your place, and I will come and disinfect it!"

Lao Song, Da Fang, and He Dun himself. One of the three must have lied! Maybe two! The most terrifying ones may be three! He Dun began to doubt his memory.

He Dun felt like he had turned into a huge bacterial petri dish, full of toxins. She began to suffer from insomnia and kept turning the turbine of "Real? Fake? Who is real? Who is fake?" until her body was in severe pain. When she woke up in the morning, she was in a daze and could not read or study step by step. Even when writing the records of other patients, I can't help but include the stories of Lao Song and Da Fang. The most terrible thing is that when she was consulting other visitors, she wandered off in a daze, wondering how Da Fang's condition was. Will she commit suicide again? Did his psychological assistance help them or destroy them?

If what Dafang said is false, she may be the most admirable civilian writer since Shakespeare and Cao Xueqin. She can outline a thing that is fictitious and watertight, she can create many plots and details that can be real, and she can make the succession, transformation and structure of things smooth and smooth, which is amazing. is it possible? This is impossible! If this is the case, He Dun is the stupidest psychologist in the world, or in other words, He Dun cannot be considered a qualified psychologist at all. She was completely deceived and ignorant. He Dun, He Dun, are you still planning to save others?As for people, let’s save your brain, which is in a mess from mud and sand!

Maybe, no one is sick, but He Dun himself is sick. She wanted so much to save others from suffering, but ended up drowning herself until her eyes turned white and her belly was swollen...

There was also the no-nonsense peer supervision. He Dun faithfully followed the spirit of his peers in his subsequent treatment, but why did he end up getting divorced and committing suicide? No matter who is right or wrong, a huge family tragedy has occurred, and a life is already walking on the edge of the cliff... This is the only thing that is absolutely true!

He Dun fell into deep fear and confusion. If a psychiatrist cannot save people, he or she will harm them. There is not even a gray area in between, it is either black or white. Because the opinions and concepts you give may have immeasurable consequences for the parties involved. A woodpecker's beak hammered into the trunk of a tree. Either catch the bugs or damage the trunk.

what to do? Desperate. She became very depressed and absent-minded. The story of Da Fang and Lao Song haunted her like a nightmare, keeping her awake at night and unable to eat or sleep well. She felt like burned out incense, standing there upright, relying only on inertia. There is no heat, no energy, and no fragrance, just dry ashes. Maybe when a breeze passes by, it will collapse and disappear.

Work efficiency drops sharply. Of course, others couldn't tell. Only my mother-in-law said, "I see you don't eat much these days. Are you unhappy?"

He Dun said calmly: "It's not happiness, it's illness."

"What's the disease? Go and have a look quickly, don't turn a minor illness into cancer." The mother-in-law was worried.

Bai Wanfu said: "Cancer is not dragged out. If it is, it will be from the beginning."

Having said that, when there were two people left at the dinner table, Bai Wanfu said: "I think something is wrong with you."

He Dun said lazily: "I also know something is wrong."

Bai Wanfu said: "Is it depression?"

He Dun said: "If I were really depressed, I would go to the neurology department immediately to get medicine. But, I am not."

Bai Wanfu said: "What is that?"

"I'm really worried about this case, and I think it's career draining," Hetton said.

Bai Wanfu said: "What should we do?"

He Dun said: "It doesn't matter. I will take care of myself, and maybe it will be fine after a while."

Time passed, but He Dun's depression did not ease. A fear grew deep in her heart and she began to doubt her entire life and career. This kind of mental AIDS is spreading crazily, like a demonic mist. You don't know where it is generated, nor where it will drift.

On this day, He Dun packed up and said to Bo Wanfu: "There are no visitors waiting for treatment in the afternoon. I'm going out. If you need anything, call my mobile phone."

Bo Wanfu usually didn't ask anything about He Dun's whereabouts, but He Dun was in a bad mood during this period, so he paid special attention to him: "Where are you going?"

"See a doctor." After He Dun finished speaking, he walked out of the room and said, "I won't be back for dinner."

He Dun went to find Qian Kaiyi. Qian Kaiyi was taking a rest when he saw He Dun and said, "I didn't expect you to come."

He Dun said: "What is this? Don't I come here often?"

Qian Kaiyi said: "Because you have already paid back my money. So, I think you don't have to come."

He Dun said: "If that's the case, I don't know whether you are despicable or I am despicable. I will come when the money is not repaid. I will not come after the money is repaid. If that is the case, I should not repay the money."

Qian Kaiyi said: "If that were the case, I would not lend you money."

He Dun said: "When we had a financial relationship with each other, we didn't talk about money. Now that we finally have no money relationship, why do we still talk about money?"

After saying that, he threw himself limply into Qian Kaiyi's generous chest like a cotton doll in frustration.

Qian Kaiyi said: "How long can you stay here with me today?"

He Dun said: "Why did you ask me when I was leaving when I first arrived? Do you have any other girlfriends coming to your place?"

Qian Kaiyi said: "You abandoned me and started a family. Why do you care so much about me?"

"This is respect for you and respect for myself," Hetton said.

Qian Kaiyi said: "No one is coming, I just hope you can stay here longer."

He Dun said: "Don't worry, I can stay as long as I want today."

Qian Kaiyi said: "Is your clinic full of people?"

He Dun said: "How do you say this?"

Qian Kaiyi said: "If it weren't for the empty house, why would you, a psychologist, come to my house in broad daylight?"

Hedun said: "Anchor Qian is well-informed, but this time he is not only a crow's mouth, but also completely wrong. Our place is getting prosperous day by day, and people's demand for psychological clinics is becoming more and more urgent. After a while, I'm afraid there will be more We’re opening a branch!”

Qian Kaiyi said: "Good news, then why are you frowning?"

He Dun said: "This is exactly why I came to you. Can you help me untie my knot?"

Qian Kaiyi waved his hands repeatedly and said, "I'm going to break it! You are a genuine psychologist, I'm just an ordinary person. How can I untie your knot?"

He Dun said distressedly: "I encountered a big problem in the clinic, what should I do?"

Qian Kaiyi said: "Psychologists are troubled by the world's troubles and hurt by the world's injuries. Let's put it in order, take a rest and relax first, and then discuss how to solve the problems in the clinic. Okay?"

He Dun said: "Not good."

Qian Kaiyi said: "What's wrong?"

He Dun knew that what Qian Kaiyi said was rest and relaxation, and he was not interested at all at the moment, but he was looking for money to make a breakthrough, and if they broke up unhappy, where would he spend his long time? She said perfunctorily: "Always in your room with the curtains drawn in broad daylight, it's like a mouse burrowing. It's so boring."

Qian Kaiyi suddenly realized and said: "You mean not to draw the curtains, in broad daylight?"

He Dun said: "That's not what I meant at all. I remember Shen Yanbing said in his novel that that would offend Grandma Sun."

Qian Kaiyi said: "Okay. Let's go to a place where Grandma Sun can't find us."

The two people went out and arrived at a nearby four-star hotel. It has just opened, all the equipment is new, and it looks more majestic than an old five-star hotel. There is an exquisite cafe next to the splendid lobby. The lady is wearing a Victorian apron, which makes people feel like they are in Europe. The two sat down, Qian Kaiyi ordered cappuccino, and He Dun ordered black coffee, and chatted slowly.

"I don't know who has the problem?" He Dun couldn't wait to start chatting.

"It's them again..." Qian Kaiyi slowly stirred the foam with a small spoon, as if crushing a nightmare.

"What's the key?" Qian Kaiyi was confused. He was not particularly interested in the case, but in order to appease his girlfriend, he could only listen quietly and study it slowly.

"The key is - who is true? Who is false? If they are all false, what is the truth?" He Dun asked a series of questions.

Qian Kaiyi said: "Then let them confront each other. Whether it is true or false will be revealed in broad daylight!"

He Dun took a sip of coffee bitterly, regardless of whether it was a lady or not. He wiped the bitterness on his lips with a napkin and said, "Why don't I want to! But before, Da Fang had already cut his wrists and committed suicide. If there was an accident at the scene, , there’s no way to deal with it. So, it’s inappropriate.”

Qian Kaiyi said: "If you feel that it is not safe to gong and drum in front of each other, then you can record what one of you said and play it to the other party. When you play it, you can watch the words and expressions. Wouldn't this make things clear?"

He Dun said: "Besides this confrontation method, do you have any other tricks?"

Qian Kaiyi said: "No more. Think about it, other than face to face or back to back, any other way is just scratching the surface."

He Dun said: "I have thought about these tricks of yours, but they won't work. The risk is too great. I have been full of despair recently. Listening to the sound of my own heartbeat, it is extremely slow, as if it is about to stop. Between heartbeats The pause was so long, it seemed like a hundred years. Everything was black in front of me, and the miners buried in the coal seam after the explosion of the small coal kiln were nothing more than that. Alas, do you have a better way? "

Qian Kaiyi said: "There may still be a better way, but you need to change the place to radiate enthusiasm."

He Dun saw his wolfish ambition and said helplessly: "Okay."

The two of them checked into a hotel room and acted recklessly. He Dun was still half cold, but Qian Kaiyi had the effect of an enlightenment. After the situation calmed down, Qian Kaiyi said: "I have a solution."

He Dun sat up: "Speak quickly!"

"There is an authority in psychology in this city, named Ji Mincong. The old man is highly respected and knowledgeable. For the difficulties you are encountering now, it is better to seek advice from this expert directly. If he is willing to give you advice, everything will be easily solved."

He Dun said: "I have also heard about this Teacher Ji. It is said that he makes the final decision on the papers for the psychologist examination, and he sticks to his word. Because of this relationship, he avoids all requests for advice on psychological problems. He lives in seclusion. , how can ordinary people see it! What you said is almost as good as not saying it."

Qian Kaiyi also sat up and said: "There is a difference between telling and not telling. At least the air vibrated due to the sound waves I sent out. If I find him and convince him to accept your inquiry, won't you jump out? A sea of suffering?"

He Dun put on his clothes and said, "Of course that's great. It's better to hurry up, because it's the day when Lao Song will receive treatment soon, and I don't know how to face him." There was another sentence that she was embarrassed to say, and she also About to collapse. "The sooner the better!" she warned again and again. Not only to save the couple, but also to save myself.

"I'll keep it in mind." Qian Kaiyi tied his tie and considered it in front of the full-length mirror. He opened the chain on the hotel door lock and walked out of the room until Yushu was facing the wind.

He Dun followed Qian Kaiyi. She heard Qian Kaiyi ask in surprise: "Who are you looking for?"

Because of the angle, before He Dun had time to see the person's face, he heard the person's words: "I'm waiting for your female companion."

This is the voice of her husband, Bai Wanfu.

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