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Chapter 2: Elara from Goldkin Estate

From a girl to a woman

By Manisha DhalaniPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Chapter 2: Elara from Goldkin Estate
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Chapter 2:

As Elara stepped into her teenage years, the world around her began to blur.

There was a feeling, a whisper in her heart that things were not as they seemed. Then, like a sudden storm, her mother's words confirmed her worst fears: her father had strayed. He was seeing another woman. A woman she knew. A woman close to their world.

That's when she learned how to hate.

The news shattered Elara's dreams. The hero she had cherished had fallen, leaving her lost in a sea of confusion and hurt.

Seeking solace, she turned to the shadows, finding comfort in the embrace of the unfavourable, in the flicker of forbidden pleasures like cigarettes and aimless wandering. You could find her in the alleyways, talking to new strangers she met, cybercafes - where she should shoot imaginary humans on computer games, and even at pool cafes and every other place that was deemed unsavoury.

She found friendship in the bad and let go of all the things that made her, her.

With each passing day, her heart grew heavier, her spirit dimming like a fading star.

But amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope beckoned from afar. Her sister, a distant memory made real, offered a lifeline, a chance to escape the pain and start anew in a foreign land.

Graduation became her escape plan, a ticket to freedom from the prison of her past. She was told that she was going to live with her sister in the faraway land, to start her own chapter in life. Tertiary education, here she came.

Elara dreamed of leaving the shadows behind, of soaring into the unknown where new beginnings awaited, promising a future untainted by betrayal and filled with the possibility of redemption.

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  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock2 months ago

    Reading this I couldn't help but think of Professor Harold Hill & "Oh, We've Got Trouble" from "The Music Man". All those unsavory places. But tertiary education here we come, hoping third time's a charm.

  • Ugh, I freaking hate cheaters! I hope you kill off Elara's father in the next chapter, lol. And also the woman he's with hahahaha. I hope things get better for her once she starts staying with her sister!

  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Fantastic story! Great work!

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