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What Aloe Vera Does To Your Skin...

Benefits of this natural gem

By mimiPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Aloe vera !!! not only contains healthy plant components but is a rich source of antioxidants and a rich source of vitamins especially vitamin C which is great not only for your internal health but also for your external too.

It fights free radicals, reduces stress in your body, and also fights chronic diseases and many more benefits when consumed but what it does to your skin is top tear

Not only deals with internal diseases such as constipation, lowering blood sugar levels, cancerous diseases, burns, wounds, and many more. As it has healing properties it heals your skin when applied directly in the form of gel. Here is a list of benefits that this plant might bring to you :

1. It treats burns: As our skin goes under a lot of pressure from the atmospheric environment like sunburn and skin tan Aloe vera has the potential to become one's friend who might be going through challenges regarding their skin...

Burn is a major problem with sunburn and the burn from hot wax on the face. You can directly apply aloe vera gel on such burned areas after applying moisturizer, especially before bed, as the repairing process fastens at night. Hot wax also sometimes causes small skin tears due to harsh pulling and aloe vera can rescue you, marks left by such activities can be removed by aloe vera and the redness caused can also be treated well.

2. It treats hyperpigmentation and discolored skin: It treats irregular skin and hyperpigmentation especially near the mouth and under the eyes. Of course, it does not remove it overnight but using it with the consistency of 3-4 months can show some drastic changes.

3. It brightens your skin: It brightens and whitens your skin. One thing that you would notice is the betterment of your complexion. It brightens your skin as it reduces hyperpigmentation and reduces melanin production.

4. It treats pimples and acne scars: Adulthood is the time every person goes through changes, for girls especially, skin problems like pimples are major among them. Aloe vera helps in this regard as it has antibacterial properties and also treats pimple scars. This makes it a powerful warrior in this major and important subject.

5. It evens skin texture: After using aloe vera gel, you might notice soft and even skin. Small bumps can be treated with it, and as a result, it clears out skin texture too and smooths it down.

6. Precautions: If a person has dry skin they must apply moisturizer before the application of aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel can cause some dryness. Even with other skin types (oily skin and combination skin) if a person applies moisturizer before the application of aloe vera gel the speed of recovery fastens.

How do you think you could use it? One should prefer a thicker coat of aloe vera gel on top of the face, you can apply it on the required area to be treated on some part of the face or all over the face according to your preferences. This should be the last step of your skincare and you should sleep afterward. Its cooling sensation refreshes your skin. In the morning if the layer is much thicker, the layer may peel off of your skin and your skin will feel alive. Other than the face you can apply it on any area of interest you can let it air dry or you can cover it with a piece of light cloth.

I hope you find this blog informational and learn something new. See you guys in the next one.


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