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Lush Melusine Bath Bomb Review

Underwater experience or a beached whale?

By Nichole RileyPublished 28 days ago 3 min read
Not quite the promised apperance

Hello all, are you like me mad for Lush to create an atmosphere that allows you to close your eyes and let your mind play out a new adventure? Melusine wasn't without its floors but certainly did that.

I normally love the sea based smells but my high exceptions of this particular product wasn't matched. The product arrived with half of it crumbled away and missing. I understand that they aren't the most solid but was still shocked. This hasn't be taken into my final score as it is the first time it has happened to me. Although, the crumbling meant it was hard to see the visual as easily. The patterns I could see was very beautiful and gives a mystical feel.

Also glitter warning for you all while it makes the water look amazing it is very fine which means it a bit of a pain to shower out the bath after.

I loved the idea of the salts association with the sea paired with the seaweed in the product for that herby richness. Plus seaweed is full of minerals which allows your hair to really soften and shine. should be be surprised when its listed as 'Shimmering Mermaid Water' after all we always depict mermaid with either amazingly clear skin or flawless hair. I would love to see slightly bigger chunks of seaweed explode out as the bath bomb dissolved as this would really enrich the imagination of swimming in the waters as the moonlight hits the water. After all who doesn't love the idea of swimming around with some island creatures. The salt is also a great way to add an exfoliating factor to the bath bomb. The zesty element was a nice idea which reminds me of lemon grass almost but is actually created by the Litsea Cubeba.

Part of the reason I was disappointed by the experience was its description. Lush describes it as 'scented like avocado co-wash, with a pinch of carrageenan.' This made me imagine a more island getaway, exotic silky avocado smell hugging you. Meanwhile, the refreshing smell of the sea breeze clearing your mind. I think the idea of the silky expected feel was missing from the experience which was disappointing as there are a lot of the bath bombs you physically feel like your skin is almost fluffy towel soft when you get out the water.

The one thing I love about Lush is almost surprises me the amount of knowledge I gain from it's use of natural ingredients where possible. It has led me to learn a lot more about my skin and when it is feeling dry or dull what ingredients to keep an eye out off. For example, I brought this product because the seaweed intrigued me. However, this bath bomb allowed me to discover the ingredient Litsea Cubeba from China which before on first impression I found lemon grass was in the product. The oil is often used for its antiseptic and toning properties that help balance the skin. The antiseptic property in particular works great when you are an accident prone or thanks to the collection of four legged family member always having cut, scratch, or bruise of some description. Let me know in the comments below if you have any fun facts to share about the ingredients, after all you are never too old to learn something new.

I would rate this bath bomb a 3 out of 5 as it was a pleasant enough to enjoy a soak with. The experience its self was nice enough but I feel for a higher rating it just needed to be a bit more of a wow and exciting for the price of £5.95. The glitter floating reminds me of the moonlight hitting the water which is I personally feel is romantic. It holds plenty of ingredients with calming properties and the idea of an exfoliating factor is a great idea. It is especially useful for those on their feet all day or need to smooth their skin before shaving. I don't know about yourselves but my hair growth genetics are not kind to me! I need a good skin softer and exfoliator.

If this review makes you want to give it a try or you have had it before an just love this particular bath bomb the link is available below. The price is £5.95 for the 200g bath bomb. (All prices, ingredients and weights are subjected to time of review.)

If you have tried out the product(s) mentioned in this review I would love to hear your thoughts on them in the comments below.

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