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The airport adventures of the flying talent

by Thu Hà Khương 4 months ago in face
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I wrote my will once, on a dirty cigarette paper.

I wrote my will once, on a dirty cigarette paper.

I flew to Beijing and Shanghai almost once or twice a week during the rush years. As new listings pile up, lawyers and investment bankers are flying soft. Once, as I was idly flicking through a magazine, the plane suddenly shook violently. After the captain gabbled a lot of words, the stewardess began to hand out paper. "You...... What do you mean?" I took the paper, tongue-tied.

This is too absurd. I was young, I was pretty, I was home, I was everywhere. Why would God want me dead? But see beside broad too cry so desolate, can not help but add a few minutes of reality for this matter. Shit, coffee spilled on white paper! I dabbled with a paper towel, my mind blank. Then I remembered that I had a friend at The Grand Hyatt for wagyu tomorrow and I had to wait three weeks for a reservation... Damn! Why do you want to eat when you're dying?

It was only after nearly dying for my firm that I discovered that law is a "high-risk" profession. Death is lighter than a feather and weightier than Mount tai. Dying for a prospectus that no one reads is not only less than a feather, it is downright boring. But during those bull market years, we still risked our lives in business cabins to fulfill the aspirations of Chinese companies to list in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Andy Lau, Tony Leung chiu-wai, Leon Lai, Joey Yung, Jacky Cheung, Maggie Cheung... In the airport waiting room to see too many so-called "star", has already seen numbness.

Airports are strange places. The identity of a nation is encapsulated in a tiny airport. The immigration clerks at the Paris airport, for instance, exemplify the idle, casual character of a whole nation; The staff at Osaka Airport are hard-working but stupid. There were two immigration counters for Japanese residents and two for foreign tourists, but there were five more foreign tourists in line than Japanese residents. The Japanese know that two and two make four, but not that three and one make four; If you repeat the word "government" ten times, an immigration officer will tap you on the shoulder and release you. Moroccans adore government agencies and take the word very kindly. But don't let me warn you, don't go around the world with a code word. Chanting "government" in Iceland during the financial crisis, for example, would not have gone down well, if not dragged into the back alley.

Every time I go to Australia, I get a kick out of landing because there is a "senior skinny-running expert" who has been skinny-running in airports around the world for 35 years. He would fly to various Australian cities, dash into the washroom before landing, strip naked, and run down the stairs to the runway as soon as the plane landed. At the age of 68, he is ready to retire and return to his hometown for a "farewell naked run", which he will use as a charity calendar. Do you believe it? The world is full of surprises that people would consider running naked their career.

I do not know when the beginning, airports all over the world have become the same appearance -- Paris, Nagoya, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, ningbo, Nanjing airports, all are gray, large glass walls with reinforced strips, think that such a design is called "modern", really no character! Since the opening of Building 3 at Beijing Capital International Airport, the word "big" has made me feel more like hiking than flying. Check in half an hour before your previous flight and, after begging, the clerk will usually let you in. How about now? If you can't check in one hour before departure, even if you are Liu Xiang, you may not have time to get on the plane!

The sparrows are small but have a lot of character, only the former Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong. I was traveling through Europe once, and I passed the time on the train talking nonsense to an Irish teenager. I danced and told him, "The old Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong, wow! Right in the middle of a bunch of buildings, planes coming straight out of the sky, but not with those buildings in sight! What a time!" He was incredulous and dumbfounded.

I miss Kai Tak so much. Miss that a little crowded departure hall, so that parting in the crowd become very close and far; Miss that too simple reception hall, reunion is simple at all; Also miss the plane landing in the attitude of the building group, the journey of life's last stop is often the most thrilling.


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