One Thing That Could Be Detrimental to Your Skincare Routine

Cutaneous Candidiasis, heard of it before?

One Thing That Could Be Detrimental to Your Skincare Routine

Cutaneous Candidiasis, heard of it before?

You do so much for your skin routine to keep it healthy and soft. So many men and women spend hours of their day putting ointments and cosmetic essentials on their bodies to keep fresh, healthy skin. This, sadly, can only do so much in certain circumstances.

When hives, rashes, or blisters appear on your skin, you might think that you’re just allergic to something you’re using. While this is definitely a common reaction from a dermal product having an adverse effect on your skin, there might be something deeper in your body that’s trying to come out.

Cutaneous Candidiasis is a form of candida yeast (fungus) that grows within the body. This particular form of candida infection is being cleansed from your body through the skin. So, while you might be thinking you’re having “just an allergic reaction”, you should be considering the potential of a bad bacteria growing in your body.

Candida yeast lives within the body in the gut. However, when candida is allowed to grow through various means, like excess sugar in your diet, it can result in rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and even herpes.

Women or men who are on a regular skincare routine and are experiencing a candida yeast infection should look to a candida cleanse program, which can also help with weight loss. We all want to have healthy skin that’s soft and moist, but you can’t just put a bandaid on everything. Candida awareness has been growing within the beauty community within the past several years to help women and men stay healthy and prevent this common bacteria growth.

How to Prevent Candida From Growing

To prevent candidiasis from growing in your body and affecting your skin’s beautiful complexion, use these tips.

Watch what you eat. Don’t eat loads of sugar and focus on consuming more green vegetables.

If you notice a rash, wear loose-fitted clothing so as not to agitate the skin area more.

Regularly change out your clothing on a daily basis to protect the skin from gathering bad bacteria.

Keep your immune system healthy and your gut flora filled with healthy bacteria.

Reduce your intake of antibiotics since this can lead to serious candida overgrowth.

When you notice your skin is getting rough or odd formations are appearing, it’s time to consider that candida yeast is growing. Candida overgrowth can only be diagnosed by a doctor, so don’t think rashly and start purchasing supplements without knowing what’s affecting your skin adversely.

Actually, your body’s way to rid itself of candida overgrowth is by pushing it out through the skin in various forms. Unfortunately, candida doesn’t stop with skin infections. You can also experience UTIs, low energy, brain fog, and so much more when candida is taking over in your body.

If you didn’t know about candidiasis before and you’re experiencing skin conditions that are related or exactly like the ones listed here, seek more information. There are plenty of natural ways to beat this infection, you just need to know which ones will work for you. The best way is to look at your diet since what you eat can also affect your skin!

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