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New Boxycharm sucks (Ipsy)

This company is failing

By Queen anonymous Published 10 months ago 3 min read
New Boxycharm sucks (Ipsy)
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Recently I had to cancel my boxycharm subscription. Even worse it’s my birthday month and I was really looking forward to cool new brands that I will like and makeup products, instead I ended up canceling. I still have to get this months box because payment already went through unfortunately, it feels like I’m throwing away my money. I will elaborate on the problem.

I have been a loyal boxycharm customer since 2020. I am really upset about all this because time and time again I am disappointed with the new changes ever since Ipsy took over. I kept holding on hoping it will get better but only for it to get worse. At first the problem was the prices going up and the shitty packaging that just falls apart, to the overwhelming navigation on their website. There is just way too much going on in that website, it’s confusing.

Now I have an even bigger problem. I’m more heartbroken than anything because I’m not even celebrating my birthday and this was going to be my present to myself. Boy was I wrong. The problem is lately they have been sending me more skin care than makeup, and on their quiz I made it known I wanted more makeup than skin care. I don’t really use skin care, I have nice skin and I don’t like a lot of buttery or sticky products sitting on my face. To make things worse I don’t like the 2 products they curated for me, again they are skin care, and one of them I have already received in the past and I wasn’t happy with the brand in general. I have received 2 items from this brand throughout my time with boxycharm and I dislike them, they have dyes. I don’t think that’s healthy for my skin.

There’s more, the 3 choices for this month suck, mostly skin care, so again I’m very disappointed. I can’t even choose something I will like for myself. It’s great that they have 3 choices now, but what is the point if none of them are worth picking.

You may be thinking, well maybe you can contact them about these issues and they can help you. Well, no because they have a robot system that doesn’t work for issues like mine. There is no other contact information that I can see on their website that could help me reach out to Ipsy about my disapproval.

It’s really sad I used to really love boxycharm, it was something I always looked forward to, and I have to let it go now. This was the last straw, I hope the company begins improvements soon because they will start loosing more customers at this rate.

I don’t even think they have points for reviews on their website anymore, and if they do I can’t even find them. Either way this is just too much. The points for reviews were great because after reviewing an item you recieve points. Those points add up and you can redeem them for items.

They recently announced they will start making better boxes, which is a great thing, but there is so much more that needs improvement if they want to keep their customers in the long run.

Boxycharm used to be quality, and simple, now it’s cheap and complicated. I might sign up for a different subscription in the near future or none at all but it’s something I have been thinking about. If things improve for boxycharm I might jump back in, but for the mean time I will be subscriptionless.

Check out my last article on Boxycharm here :

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