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By david terryPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

The Dragon Boat Festival, there must be zongzi! Today, my sister is teaching me to make zongzi! You see. Make zongzi must be prepared. Originally, the sister has been ready to soak the glutinous rice for 3 hours, but also bought reed leaves, so ready to let me be surprised. I put the rice in the leaves, but all the rice on the table, I was very angry. My sister said to me, "You should make the leaves into a triangle shape and then put the rice in it!" So, I said in accordance with the steps of my sister made again, pressed on the rice, Yi next to the middle of the plate is what is the original meat oh! I dug a small hole in the middle of the glutinous rice, made the meat into a round shape, stuffed into the glutinous rice, let it also join the ranks of the glutinous rice. But how? I looked at my sister, and I understood. I pushed down one of the upturned leaves and tied it tightly with a rope. Success! I followed the previous' method 'and packed several. Now it's time to boil the water and then put the zongzi down. After a while, the zongzi was cooked. The four of us sat at the table and ate zongzi. I untied the string and was trying to take the leaf off, but when I touched it, it burned. Sister saw, ha ha laughed. I blew and blew the heat away. Again, I carefully opened the leaves and ate the delicious zongzi made by my own hands - white fat glutinous rice middle, wrapped in a group of delicious fresh meat, into the mouth, not greasy, and chewy, feeling too good! The Dragon Boat Festival is so past, eating his own hand dumplings, thinking of the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu wrote a poem: palace clothes is also famous, the Dragon Boat Festival was grace. The wind is soft, and the snow is light. Since the day is wet, when the summer comes to clear. Meaning said length, life of the sacred love. This is really a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

Yesterday, I stopped by a friend's house for afternoon tea. I walked over to the sofa and sat down casually. Just then, my friend put a pot of cake and a pot of flowers on the table and said, "Try it!" I ate a bite of cake, said: "really delicious, hey, what is this flower ah! It's beautiful." "It's from the seeds of a mimosa plant. Take some of them, if you like." thank you When I received it, I left in a hurry. When I got home, I immediately found a small transparent pot that I didn't use. From Grandpa's room, I found several bags of dirt for Grandma Wang. I poured them all into the pot. Seeds into the soil, and then poured a little water, went to read. After about four or five days (which I watered regularly), I went out on the balcony to water the seeds again. Only to find that the seeds have sprouted. I was pleasantly surprised. He thought, "My God! It's sprouting earlier than I thought it would. I need to get a good look at it. I crouched down and looked at it curiously. It turned out that its leaves were as tender and fragile as the face of a newborn baby, but also very lovely. I smiled happily when I thought of it." After a few days, I have been careful to take care of the germination of small seeds. Sure enough, hard work pays off. On Wednesday morning, I walked over to the flowerpot in my nightdress, looked at it in disbelief, and said, "Really? It was growing so fast that the young leaves were already coming out. Its head gradually became tall, color also changed from light green to dark green, like a real small tree. Just then, a gust of wind blew, mimosa gently shaking in the wind. It's like someone is dancing. After reading mimosa I went to school. After a few days, a small yellow hairy flower had grown on the branch. In the sunshine, it looks very attractive. Just like the fireworks in the Spring Festival. I think the mimosa at this time is also its most beautiful moment.

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