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by Shefali 2 years ago in skincare
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Your skin deserves the best

Growing up, and even past my teenage years, I never had to worry about my skin. It was clear, soft, supple, and although I had a baby face until I was 19, I was relatively happy with the way my skin looked and felt. I thought that, since I hadn't dealt with skin issues or acne while going through puberty or my teenage years, I was in the clear. Oh, no. In my early 20s, my skin started to freak out. I started seeing small bumps and acne and random redness on my skin; I had never dealt with any of that. I was just used to throwing on a light moisturizer every day as my skincare "routine." I had to start looking for something to remedy my skin. For years, I tried different brands and products, but they only seemed to worsen the situation. Back in January, I went to an event for artists/actors/singers, and left with a gift bag. In it was the Luvanya Exfoliating Elixir. Changed my life! Let me tell you all the reasons why Luvanya is incredible, and what sets it apart from other products.

What is Luvanya's Exfoliating Elixir?

I'll give it to you straight from the source! Or click here

A multi-functional anti-aging nighttime face serum which is a Moisturizer + Toner + Exfoliater all in 1. Glycolic Acid & Fruit Enzyme Complex gently and effectively exfoliates skin and reduces appearance of age spots and pore size

Peptide Syn-Ake minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera & Algae Extract provides superior moisture and hydration

Guava Fruit Extract, Broccoli Seed Oil and Mushroom Extracts improve tone and texture of skin, while brightening and combatting signs of premature aging from environmental stressors

Apply 1-2 pumps of serum to clean, dry skin and gently massage onto face and neck daily before bed. Use Luvanya's High Performance Hydrator for added hydration.


Now, we always hear about the dos and don'ts of skincare chemicals and ingredients. But from the research I've done, there are a lot of loopholes and ways in which big brand skincare companies can hide chemicals within the ingredients, toxic ingredients that haven't technically been banned by the United States. The team at Luvanya is proactive! Their full and entire ingredient list appears on their website, and they have avoided using 1300+ chemicals banned in Europe, but not the U.S. They use all natural, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients, so you know exactly what you're using on your skin.

How it feels

The exfoliating elixir delivers a fresh, clean, comforting feeling to my face every single time I use it. I put it on before bed, and in the morning, I can tell there's a significant glow to my skin, the redness has faded, my acne scars have started to disappear, and my skin just looks and feels so healthy. It is amazing to get all of that from just one product. Woohoo!

The packaging!

I'M OBSESSED with their packaging. It is this sleek, blue bottle with a cute little leaf as a stopper, and a silver pump that's easy to use and control. Not only that, but it comes in this gorgeous box that looks like it holds a perfume bottle. Elegant, beautiful, and high-class meets environmentally conscious? Sign me up!


Listen, I'm not a doctor, and I don't know what they had to do to make it smell so good, but half the relaxation that comes with using the elixir is in the way it smells. It. Is. Incredible. I go about my routine feeling fresh and clean, not only because of the way my skin feels, but because of how great my face smells. Yasssss, honey!

The team

What do you get when you combine the effort of two doctors, a business executive, and a celebrity makeup artist? One incredible skincare brand. I love that Luvanya's founding team is not only diverse, but experts in their individual crafts. When I received the product in my gift bag, I didn't know anything about the CEO & founder. I used the product first, loved it, and then researched the team. It is really exciting to see South Asian-owned and operated small businesses, because as a young South Asian-American singer/songwriter + actress + entrepreneur myself, I love seeing diversity and representation in every field. Watching Luvanya's growth is really exciting, because I genuinely believe in their products, and I know they can bring positive skincare results to people everywhere, just like they did for me.

Have I convinced you yet?

Be sure to visit for more information, and/or follow them on IG @luvanyabeauty. I promise, you will not be disappointed!


About the author


Shefali is a pop artist with hip hop and R&B flares, as well as a multi-genre songwriter. She is also a commercial/on-camera actress with a background in musical theatre.

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