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Keratin Shampoo in India

by Vijay Jagtap 2 years ago in product review
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Benefits of the Keratin treatment.

• It is a unisex treatment: Yes even men can enjoy the benefits of keratin treatment and experiment with different styles.

• Relaxers use harsh chemicals to change the texture and break the bonds in your hair. While Keratin softens, and makes your hair manageable without even touching the cortex.

• Removes bad chemicals from your hair (hard water, shampoo residues)

• Retains moisture: Your hair retains moisture after getting this treatment and thus looks no more dull.

• Cuts down styling and blow drying time: You don’t have to spend an hour to blow dry your hair.

• No more frizz: Keratin treatments helps to reduce the frizziness in hair.

• Gets rid of split ends: Frizzy hair can lead to split ends and your hair won’t grow so keratin treatment can eliminate the frizziness.

• It replenishes the hair’s natural keratin protein.

• It makes hair color look more natural. You can see that in the picture that it makes your hair looks natural and less frizzy.

• No hair breakage: Keratin treatment does not break your hair

• Smooth hair: It gives you smooth hair and looks healthier.

• Different styles: Smooth hair can be styled wavy or straight. Whatever you prefer.

• Glossy shiny hair: Keratin treatment enhances the shine and gloss of the hair.

• Prevents and repairs hair cuticle damage.

• Reduces frizz and unwanted volume for better manageability.

• Can be used over any other chemical service i.e. Color, highlights, relaxers. This was quite surprising for me because I told that person that I want highlights as well and he said you should get it done right now and then on the top you can get the keratin treatment done as it will tame the frizz.

• Suitable for all hair types: Universal treatments that can be used on all hair types.

• Temporary: Unlike relaxers or straighteners, results are temporary so you can change it later.Cost effective: The treatment is cheaper. I got it done in 6k (INR 6000) for my hair length.

• Takes less time to perform: Who likes to sit for an entire day anyway?

• No harsh chemicals involved. There are no harsh chemicals that break your bonds in the keratin treatment process.

• Less heat damage to your hair: A flat iron is used only once unlike those rebonding treatment where it is done twice and intensely.

• Low cost on maintenance: Less maintenance is required for keratin treated hair.

• Keeps your hair volume intact: In my case, it created more volume.

• Enjoy luxurious texture and intense shine.

• Argan oil benefits:Moisturizes your hair with Argan oil.

Keratin Specific Shampoos

Keratin treatments help put back into your hair what the environment and chemicals take out. Using a keratin based shampoo can be a great asset. Not only do these shampoos have wonderful conditioning benefits, but what they leave behind will benefit you for a long time.

The keratin in the shampoo deposits onto the hairshaft to fill in missing pieces, leaving your hair feeling healthier and more alive. Over time, this benefit becomes greater and greater. If you are the user of a keratin treatment, these shampoos help to extend the life of your treatment by replacing the keratin that gets washed away.

Whether or not your hair is damaged or in perfect condition, keratin based shampoos will help to put back what everyday life takes away.

You should purchase what goes with the treatment to keep the treatment in your hair. You spent money to have it done and want it to last…using improper products will strip the treatment out of your hair sooner then necessary. You need a sulfate free shampoo and the conditioner will not have sulfates so that is not as important to have the brand from the treatment. If you invested in the treatment….invest in the proper maintenance products.

Buy Keratin shampoo specific to your treatments from

And preserve your precious time and investment.

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