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I promote the use of foods that might "slow down" the process of ageing the skin

Studies have shown it helps reduce skin ageing by lowering dryness and wrinkles.

By Jacob DamianPublished 23 days ago Updated 23 days ago 4 min read

Social media is continuously revealing new health trends that are currently trending. Collagen, on the other hand, is something that people have recognised for a long time to have positive effects on their health.

You can get more collagen into your body by taking supplements or eating foods that are high in collagen. There is a plethora of information available on how to do this. Considering that the number of people searching for "collagen-rich foods" has climbed by 123% over the course of the previous month, a nutrition expert from Protein Works explains why collagen is becoming more popular and how to include it into your diet. Searches on Google for the term "collagen" have reached an average of 1,220,000 every month. The number of searches for "collagen for women's health" has increased by 457%, while the number of searches for "collagen for men's health" has increased by 125%.

According to Kyle Crowley, a nutrition expert at Protein Works, the popularity of collagen on social media may be explained, as can the process of incorporating collagen into your diet. The bones, skin, muscles, and other parts of the body may all benefit from collagen's support, which is just one of its numerous advantages. Women who are wanting to enhance their skin health have been especially interested in the protein. This is due to the fact that as people get older, their bodies generate less collagen, which may result in the formation of wrinkles. It has been shown via research that collagen has the potential to slow down the ageing process of the skin by decreasing dryness and, therefore, the wrinkles that are caused by dryness.

  • Foods that are high in collagen

Broth made from bones

The use of bone broth as a health cure has been steadily increasing over the course of the last year, and it has emerged as one of the most significant trends in the field of wellness. Collagen, which is one of the primary proteins found in bone broth, is one of the simplest and most successful methods for individuals who are trying to boost their protein consumption and add probiotics to their diet. These individuals may achieve these goals by consuming bone broth.

Additionally, collagen is the protein that is present in bones, tendons, and ligaments; thus, when the broth is simmering, these components break down into gelatin that is generated from collagen, which is beneficial to the general health of the bones. Additionally, broth is helpful to gut health because it includes probiotics, which aid in the reconstruction of the gut lining by utilising the beneficial bacteria that are left behind from the gelatin that is found in the bones that have been cooked.

The chicken

Chicken is an excellent source of collagen since high levels of the protein can be found in both the skin and the connective tissues of the chicken. In addition to being an abundant source of collagen, poultry is also a simple method to include protein into your diet since it is a popular meat that is already consumed by a lot of people.

"Because chicken is a good source of protein, it is also beneficial for helping to promote muscle growth. Furthermore, because it is low in calories but high in protein, it is a popular choice for individuals who are looking to improve their overall health."

The fish

Unlike other meals, fish includes marine collagen, making it an excellent source of collagen. Fish is a wonderful source of collagen. Due to the fact that fish collagen is taken into the body up to 1.5 times more effectively than bovine collagen, which is sourced from cows, marine collagen has been gaining a lot of attention recently, particularly for its anti-aging qualities.

In the last month, there has been a 150% spike in the number of Google searches for the question "Why is marine collagen better than bovine?" as more and more individuals are looking to include it into their diet.

When it comes to vegetarian and vegan diets, collagen

Over the course of the last month, there was a one hundred percent rise in the number of searches for "collagen-rich foods for vegetarians" and of "vegan food with collagen."

There are a lot of collagen dietary sources that aren't suitable for vegetarians or vegans; but, if you do consume a diet that is devoid of meat and fish, there are things you can do to increase your body's natural capacity to generate more collagen.

To assist the body in producing collagen more effectively, it is essential to consume foods that are high in vitamin C. Some examples of such foods are berries, garlic, leafy greens, citrus fruits, beans, oranges, tomatoes, whole grains, and nuts. As a result of vitamin C's ability to stimulate collagen synthesis, the consumption of these foods may enhance the formation of collagen.

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