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Four misunderstandings of applying facial mask: many people have the last one, and this is the reason for poor skin.

Little knowledge of skin care

By jasonbmedi KhfPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

As we all know, facial masks can effectively moisturize and replenish water. Many female stars apply facial masks in their daily skin care work, which is a magic weapon for first aid. Many skin care experts use several masks every day.

For the skin of our ordinary people, it is not necessary to use it too frequently, because many female stars need to wear heavy makeup for a long time because of the requirements of their work, but for ordinary people, when applying the mask, it is necessary to use the correct method to make the mask play a better skin care effect.

Four misunderstandings of applying facial mask: many people have the last one, and this is the reason for poor skin.

Myth 1: no face washing before applying facial mask

The mask is affixed to the face, and the skin is in a closed state, which can better absorb the water and nutrition inside the mask. If you do not wash the face before applying the mask, the dust, grease and dirt on the face are easy to enter into the depths of the skin with the mask. Cause acne, shut up, blackhead and so on.

The right thing to do: clean your face with facial cleanser and dry it.

Before applying the mask, wash the face clean with facial cleanser. If you make up, you need to use makeup remover products to remove makeup. In addition, after washing with clean water, you should also wipe the moisture on the face dry, so that the essence inside the mask will not be diluted. Make the mask send back to a better skin care effect.

Myth 2: apply facial mask while taking a bath

Some girls like to apply a mask while bathing because it is convenient, which really affects the efficiency of the mask. The hot bath water, steam and the moisture sprinkled on the face when taking a bath will affect the effect of the mask.

The right thing to do: apply the mask after taking a bath, the effect is better

After taking a bath, the pores are in a state of opening. At this time, the facial mask can be applied to make the pores better absorb the nutrients inside the mask, which can have the effect of 1: 1 > 2, and the natural effect is better.

Myth 3: sleep with a mask

When watching TV dramas, I often see the heroine sleeping with a mask, which seems to be beautiful while sleeping can also protect the skin at the same time, but this is just to create a TV atmosphere. If you really sleep with a mask in this way, it will greatly affect your skin health. Applying the mask for too long will make the dry mask cloth absorb the moisture of the skin itself, and the more you apply it, the worse it will be.

Correct practice: apply the mask for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash it with clean water after applying the mask.

The correct application method of the mask is to clean the face after washing the face, then spread the mask and rest for 15 to 20 minutes, this time can provide sufficient moisture and nutrition for the skin, after applying the mask from the bottom up, gently pat to the essence absorption, and then wash it with clean water, follow up need to apply normal skin care products.

Myth 4: using inferior facial masks

There are many irregular inferior masks on the market, although the prices are very beautiful, but the use of inferior masks is not as good as not using them. Inferior mask contains more chemicals, seemingly viscous essence, may be thickening agent added more. Often use low-quality mask, simply can not play the role of moisturizing, but will make the skin worse and worse, and even allergic rotten face.

Correct approach: if you have the conditions to choose a big brand, if the conditions are not enough, use the regular mask of the regular manufacturer.

Many big-name masks basically vary from several to eleven, in which the content of ingredients and skin care effect are naturally particularly excellent, if there are conditions, it is recommended to choose a big brand, the conditions are not enough, but also to choose the regular mask of regular manufacturers.

In fact, as long as you work hard to find it, you can still find that the brand is trustworthy, and the composition and sense of use of the mask are excellent.


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