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Does the frequency of male shaving have anything to do with longevity?

What does it mean for men to shave more often

By GonzagaPublished 6 months ago 5 min read
Does the frequency of male shaving have anything to do with longevity?
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Some women like men to grow a beard and find it attractive, but others feel that too much beard is not very hygienic and can easily hide bacteria inside and should be shaved every day. Is it possible to just shave your beard? Why does the older generation say that shaving is related to life expectancy? Is there any truth to this?

Long life-like beard in the end handsome or not, there is no charm, all depends on personal preferences and aesthetics, and does not indicate that a person is healthy, but from the life-like to see, or often shave people more health, life is more careful. As for whether shaving and life expectancy are linked, we'll talk later.

The beard that looks clean has a lot of bacteria in it?

Looks very clean in the beard there are many bacteria.

Men's beard and dog hair, which one do you think is dirtier?

Some researchers have done related experiments, they find people with beards and dozens of dogs, respectively, in the beard and dog hair sampling, the results found that 76% of the dogs detected microorganisms, while the male beard all detected microorganisms, and there are many disease-causing bacteria.

In other words, men's beards are dirtier than dog hair. The study was published in European Radiology and later reported by the American media, probably because many men in the United States like to grow big beards.

You may say, I wash my face every day, and sometimes use a facial cleanser, how can it be so dirty? Because men have more facial oil, their beards will be covered with rice scraps when they eat, plus sweating, outdoor dust, sweating, and other factors the beard is particularly dirty inside, even if you wash your face every day, there will be a lot of bacteria inside.

Beard sores, a skin problem that grows in the beard, remind men to pay attention to

The fact is that you'll be able to find out if you've got any kind of puss inside your beard or near your mouth and nose, and it's very painful to touch.

Many people think that this is a pimple on the face, but it is probably a beard sore.

The hair follicle is infected by Staphylococcus aureus or other bacteria, and when the skin barrier is lowered, the bacteria will enter it and cause small bumps. If your skin is greasy and you stay up late and strain a lot, the small bumps will tend to go back and forth for a long time. So, people who think their beards are attractive should probably reconsider their beards to stay.

Because it will not only grow on the face, but also on the cheeks, scalp, and other parts of the extension, multiple bumps together, leaving scars, to facial skin damage, even if we are used to rough men do not care about the one or two acne, but also to pay attention to the beard shave a shave, pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene.

Beard sores, a skin problem that grows in the beard, are a reminder to men

The number of shaving, and beard growth hard, indicating strong sexual ability?

The number of beards and hard and soft, and sexual ability is not very related

The longer the beard is, the softer it is in your hand, and the harder the beard is when you just shave it off, the more you can say that the growth stage of the beard is different, and there is no relationship with sexual ability.

This is a bit like shaving a child's fetal hair, thinking that the hair will grow better in the future, but think about it, if this trick works, do hair loss people still use hair transplants and wear wigs? No matter how you shave your beard or cut your hair, all that changes is its length, not the hair follicles inside, nor the hormone levels.

However, people with more beards tend to be more androgenic, which is good for the development of reproductive organs, but sexuality is often also affected by other factors, so we should look at it rationally.

People, who shave frequently have a shorter life expectancy.

-- It does not affect the life span, but rather makes the skin cleaner

In ancient times, people took hair very seriously, believing that harming hair is damaging their yang, fortune, and life expectancy, but nowadays, they are not as careful and often have to shave their beards for work. Married men, with women around to supervise, are not allowed to be unkempt every day and will shave off their beards when they get a little longer.

On the contrary, if a man is now single, he may not be concerned about his appearance, and no one cares if he shaves his beard or not, and no one is around to know and care.

However, be careful when shaving, avoiding bumps, if the beard sore is cut may produce a wound to trigger infection. In addition, frequent shaving razors also need to pay attention to razor hygiene, the metal material may rust, and there may be beard scum inside, to clean up frequently.

The best time to shave is before you take a shower.

The most suitable time to shave is before taking a shower.

--Before the shower is not suitable for shaving

See this question may not be understood by many people, shaving is still divided into time? If you want to scrape it, just scrape a shower, the face is also fresh, and the body is also fresh, perhaps a lot of people are usually in the shower before scraping, however, being accustomed to practice does not mean that this practice is correct.

Usually, the skin on the face is relatively dry, shaving skin is easy to be cut, wound healing takes some time if this time anxious to take a bath, by the hot water a bubble wound will become larger, if you then wash your hair bath using soap and other items, the wound will sting, and even let bacteria into.

Some people have a very dirty rosette at home, never cleaned, and spilled water also has a lot of bacteria inside, these bacteria are usually blocked up by the skin barrier, but now there is damage to the skin, and hair follicles are also very fragile. Therefore, it is best to wait until after the shower before shaving.

There's nothing wrong with keeping a beard, but keep it clean and take care of it often. It's not enough to just rinse with water, the oil inside has to be washed away with soap or cleanser. Don't leave your beard too long and trim it properly to avoid too many bacteria inside.


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