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Cosmetic Surgery & Me

by Chloe Calder about a year ago in body

Put your negative thoughts about cosmetic surgery aside to read my own personal reasons for getting it done, then decide whether your opinion is valid or not.

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I know what you're thinking, another story about a girl that enchances her features just to keep up with societies social norms. But for once let's take away all the bad connotations that beauty enhancements have and not jump to conclusions that include "she's just doing this because it's trendy" because i am just as bored of hearing these type of statements than you probably are of hearing about another young girl getting cosmetic surgeries. But tell me this, if "everyone" wasnt enhancing their beauty would the rest of the world still be judgemental to those few that do go through with these procedures? My point is, because cosmetic surgery and enhancements have became a global trend it is now looked down upon as if when you go and get something done you automatically become less of a person in the eyes of other people that perhaps dont understand why you would want it.

When i got cosmetic surgery i did it for myself, because i had my own insecurities about my body, i didnt go through with it because it was trendy and i wanted to fit in, i did it to make myself happy and today i am happy with what i see when i look in the mirror, last year on a night out i was told by a guy that i will never be happy with myself now that i've had surgery because will just want more and more and eventually "ruin" myself

. To break it down for you i have had a breast augmentation, lip fillers and botox and i am not ashamed nor am i closed off about talking about. Do i really need to go through my reasons for each procedure? No, actually i dont but for the point of this article i will. All the women in my family have naturally big breasts and for some unfair reason i did not inherit that gene, instead i was a B cup until i was 21 and i hated it i felt like a little boy and i was so self conscious wearing bikini's and low cut tops purely because i could barely fill them out. If you're reading this and have small breasts please note i am not saying that having small breasts makes you less of a woman, if you are happy with what nature gave you and you love yourself and your small breasts then i am happy that you are comfortable with what you see in the mirror and you enjoy the way your breasts look. However i was not and decided to make a change for myself. I got botox last year in my jaw to slim my face down. Like every other child in the world i had very chubby cheeks, but unlike my fellow peers my baby fat never went away on my face, so when i grew up and was fully developed i had a slim build and a massive chubby face which understandably was not amazing for the good old self esteem, and before you make the point of saying "why dont you just contour?" i do contour when i wear make up and it made a difference but when i took my make up off at night my chubby face came back and i was miserable again. Plus why should I be using make up to cover up my flaws when i could do something that would fix it and not disappear when i used a make up wipe? And finally, the lip filler. Long story short i had no top lip and no real shape to my lips hence the lip enhancement.

So there you have it, my cosmetic surgery story. Do you think i'm still trying to keep up with society after reading my reasons behind my procedures? Do you think of me as a shallow person? Do you judge me? Do you agree with that guy that told me i am never going to be happy now? Whatever your answer may be in the politest way possible, i do not care. I am happy with myself and i hopeyou are too whether you have undergone any procedures or not. There is such a stigma about cosmetic surgery and it is so unfair to be judged just because of an insecurity that i had fixed. Everyone one on this earth has things they dont like about themselves so why is it such a bad thing when people fix the things they arent happy with? Whats wrong with people doing something that will make them a happier person?

Chloe Calder
Chloe Calder
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Chloe Calder
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