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Best Curling Irons That Won't Damage Your Hair

In the market for a new styling tool? The best curling irons that won't damage your hair are calling your name.

By April DemarcoPublished 7 years ago 4 min read
Top Story - November 2017

Every girl has a love-hate relationship with their curling iron. They love the finished product, but hate the way it feels after continuous use of heat on dead ends. Sure, there are products that say they can save your hair from damage, but who has the time or money to be working so hard, just for mediocre hair?

These 10 curling irons that won't damage your hair will give you beautiful, bouncy spirals and waves with only the best technology and effortless styling. They are definitely a must-have in the beauty industry and will ensure long, healthy hair, without being boring!

Pearl ceramic ionic technology and gentle infrared heat reduce both damage and frizz. Your journey to shiny and healthy hair starts here. As one of most unique curling irons that won't damage your hair, the instawave traps moisture to leaves you with the most natural looking curls for around the same that you'd pay for a night out.

The barrel also spins for you, wrapping the hair with zero tangles. It also comes with multiple heat settings, the highest being 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

Something different than your typical barrel curling iron, this xtava tool comes with five interchangeable inserts. Wearing the same looking curls can get old. Why not buy a hot tool that can change up your look for just $40? Imagine buying five different curling irons for that price — unheard of!

Ceramic tourmaline technology allows for safe styling, as well as nine different heat settings. The set even comes with a glove to protect yourself from burning your fingers, because who doesn't hate that. As one of the best curling irons that won't damage your hair, this set is sure to boost your self-esteem.

Not your typical curling iron, the Curl Secret takes a section of hair inside its circular chamber for only a second, and in return, you get a perfect curl! The Curl Secret promises to cut your hair prep time in half for $99.

There is tourmaline ceramic inside the 3/4 inch chamber, which entails much less damage. This is great for both beginners and pros who want to cut back on the heat. There are two heat settings, and can reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds. It also comes with a six-inch swivel cord.

Another iron with tourmaline and ceramic technologies to ensure smooth and shy looking styles, this curling iron is a top seller at Ulta. With it's adorable pink appearance and quick heat up, you can't go wrong with this simple addition to your hair tools.

Plus, it's only $25! With a personalized dial, you can pick and choose the temperature your hair will endure, making this one of the best curling irons that won't damage your hair.

This option has a built-in negative ion generator as well as a nano-ceramic coating to ensure the least amount of heat to reach the hair you took so long to grow. The DSHOW curling iron doesn't even give you the option to put extreme heat on your hair, even if you wanted. There are five temperature setting that range from 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 220.

This seafoam green option has an eight-inch barrel that is perfect for those of you who have longer hair, but can still be used on short. It also shuts off after being left on for an hour for the forgetful girls like myself. Even better, it's only $35.99.

Ever tried straightening your hair while holding a brush to your hair to make sure the heat reaches each individual strand? That tactic is not so easy when you're curling. That's why this thermal hot brush is perfect for bouncy, even, curls.

Retailing at $49.99, this Hot Tools brush is worth switching up your curling routine.

Only $20, the Bed Head Curlipops curling wand has the same technology as high-end brands, and even comes with a matching heat protectant glove. With no tricks or confusing design, this classic one-inch wand is perfect for even curls with outstanding volume!

Looking for a more romantic, beachy look? This Nume wand will give you perfect waves in a matter of minutes. Heating up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit in seconds, the curling wand makes styling easy for anyone.

The gemstone tourmaline-infused ceramic coated barrel has negative ions disbursed evenly, resulting in zero heat damage. At $69, this wand is a perfect upgrade for your beauty routine.

Last, but certainly not least, this product is definitely one of the most expensive curling wands we have ever seen; but it is also one of the most luxurious. With three curling wands in one, the wand comes with three barrels, and in return, countless amounts of style options. This ranges from loose, playful waves, to perfected spirals, and everything in between.

Retailing at $270, the whirl trio wand has a microchip that measures the temperature that is distributed across the barrel to ensure consistent heat and accurate styling. The barrel sizes range from a 1-inch straight barrel, a tapered 1.25-inch to .75-inch width, and a 1.5-inch straight barrel, all with tourmaline and ceramic infrared technology.

Looking for the ultimate curling iron that will last you a lifetime? Look no further than the T3 Whirl Styling Wand.


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