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10 Things I’ve Learned Working In the Beauty Industry

Random Facts You Should Probably Know

By Tee DotPublished 7 years ago 6 min read

As an Esthetician and Sales Consultant, I’ve worked at M.A.C, Dior, Smashbox, Ulta, Nordstrom, and a couple med spas. I’ve tried countless different products and many different aesthetic treatments. I’ve learned a lot about the cosmetic industry and felt it was time to share some of these random facts with the world. Seeing as my cosmetic journey was all over the place, so will the layout of these facts, (sorry not sorry). Some of these facts pertain to the beginner beauties, some to the savvier beauties and others for the sake of make-up artists around the world! I highlighted the facts so read through the ones that catch your eye. Here we go, 10 Random Facts I learned working in the beauty industry!

1. This is more a PSA than anything but it needs to be said; we at the make-up counter clean the lipsticks RIGHT before you put them on, so please do not apply a lipstick right off the display….

So Gross

It happens way too fast and way too often, and is just gross. Story time! I met a lady who came to the counter and asked me how to sanitize every make-up product. She listened to me and wrote down everything I said. She had a rash all over her face and the note taking was starting to stress me out. I asked her if there is a reason why she is asking, she tells me she went to a make-up counter somewhere else, put on a lipstick and contracted a horrible virus. Now her doctor says she could spread it to her eyes and needs to sanitize all of her make-up. This poor woman! Moral of the story, please just ask the people at the counter to clean your lipstick!! Okay I feel better, moving on….

2. The workers at cosmetic counters are sales people first, make-up artist—hopefully—second.

Working for multiple lines, M.A.C is the only one who trains their employees in artistry. Even with that being said, M.A.C artists who work at counters are still sales people first and are given 30 minutes to slay your face. For this reason I am going to call out brides, and say a freelance artist is probably your best bet for both parties to be happy. Now there is another solution for this which is, drumroll please…. going to a freestanding M.A.C store where they charge for make-up application!!

3. Just because M.A.C has some of the best artists (it’s true because of the training, don’t get upset if you work at a different counter) it doesn’t mean M.A.C is the best make-up.

M.A.C wins in color hands down (fact not fiction!), but is very mediocre in skincare and foundations. Everyone who comes to M.A.C for full coverage foundation and tries Studio Fix after they’ve been using Double Ware by Estee Lauder, sticks to Double Ware. Also my favorite is Dior Airflash... just saying.

Sorry M.A.C

4. Quit worrying about the SPF 30 and SPF 50!

There is a 1% difference in sun protection between the two, look it up if you want, but you should be looking up the ingredients in your sunscreen instead!

Okay, there are going to be a lot of people who already know this, but I am doing this for the ones who don’t, you need titanium dioxide or zinc oxide! Captain obvious tip number 2: Sunblock also needs to be reapplied throughout the day if you are in the sun for long periods of time. Ladies here is where I save you because you don’t want to reapply on top of your already slayed face! Colorscience brush on sunscreen has both ingredients! Plus it's easy to throw in your purse, and tinted powder is available in 4-5 shades. My second favorite is Elta MD's tinted sunscreen. Seeing as physical blocks can be chalky and thick, Elta MD perfected the textures and color for all skin types.

Oh you put on SPF 100? Then tell me how you managed to get a sunburn?

5. Where I used to work people used to call Bareminerals, bare criminals.

Bareminerals contains Bismuth oxychloride, which may irritate the skin; especially skin that is already sensitive. You may have read this before but shortly after finding this out years ago, I met a gal who used the product for 3+ years and her skin became so sensitive and red she had to repair her barrier before putting any other make-up on it. I helped her with this, just saying.

6. Just because something has Vitamin C in it does not mean it’s great.

Vitamin C is known for its ability to brighten and improve the clarity of the skin and provide further protection from pollutants. What you don’t hear much about is that Vitamin C is one of the hardest ingredients to keep stable and effective with other ingredients.

7. Latisse is phenomenal, but also phenomenally scary.

I never questioned how Latisse worked, I just knew that it did and that my lashes looked amazing. Until one day a provider asked me, “Do you know how Latisse works?” Curiosity killed the cat my friend, and now I am about to share this terrible secret with you. Latisse makes your lashes longer, fuller, and darker because it puts all of your lash cycles in the active phase. If you are thinking, so what? Well, that means all of your lashes fall out after you stop using it! And Latisse plays that down saying, “If you stop using the product, your eyelashes will gradually return to their previous appearance…” Dr. Joel Cohen:

Gradually you say?

8. The worst things that can happen with laser hair removal are: burns, hypo-pigmentation, and stimulation of hair.

Laser hair removal has been around for about 20 years. It emits the same amount of radiation as your cellphone, TV, microwave... but the scariness lies in if the settings are too high or you lie about sun exposure (fake bake counts too), a burn may occur. Burns can lead to hypopigmentation and nobody wants that. Now another thing not as talked about is if someone uses too low of settings, it can cause more hair to grow!

Please Not Me

9. Laser hair removal is not about who does it, but the settings they do it and the laser they use.

If I had a dollar for everyone who said laser hair removal is ridiculously expensive….

It doesn’t matter if it’s an Esthetician, Medical Assistant, Registered Nurse, or Doctor doing the treatment. Laser hair removal is only efficient if it is a true laser (Candela Gentlepro), no IPLS! You will know it is a true laser if you go through a shedding phase and you will know if you are having this shedding phase because you will be able to pull out the root with your fingers! It's kind of fun doing this, just saying.

As far as settings go, no one will actually give those to you so you need to look at reviews. If most of the people are having hair still after 9 treatments, they clearly don’t know what settings to use effectively. Granted, some other factors can also affect the success rate. Just do your research on the credibility and results of the place. I should probably throw out there laser hair removal is permanent hair reduction, but most people need a touch up only every couple years unless there is a hormone imbalance.

10. Skincare never gets treatment results.

This is like when people said Kylie Jenner just overdrew her lips.

But really...

I don’t care what pictures they show and the patents they have, skincare is maintenance, not a miracle worker. Lastly, I'll end with treatments aren’t as scary as the media may make it out to seem... unless you are looking for the cheapest deal and somewhere that doesn't review contraindications. #yougetwhatyoupayfor.

These are just 10 things of many things I wanted to share but I thought I would start with this. Let me know if you want to hear more and if there is anything you’d like me to focus on more thoroughly let me know!



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